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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Empathy Pangs

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Empathy Pangs

You’re not even my daughter

Yet I can hear those noxious thoughts

Bashing about in your brain

My head pounds in unison

Like the eternal drum

Of mother earth

Worry overcomes me

I have absorbed

Your pain into each pore

Of my body

Up until the wee hours

Scouring each inch

Of my fifty two year history

In search of a quick

Effective solution

There is none

You are near the cliff

Of my old life

The uncertainty

Rooms thick

with toxic air

of distrust


from your old life

A ruse of yourself

If there were an inkling

Would you have plunged?

Would you have continued

to sabotage impeccable virtue

And success to sustain another?

It’s done, but what will you do?

If I could help you

Not sure that I would

Knowing what I know now

Feeding the monster

Of codependence

Was my old vice

I’m done with that

I no longer stand as sturdy

Able to hold up another

With a wobbly knee
and dire need for peace

It’s me who needs a steady arm

Should I retire the tranquility

of avoiding strife

You'd be first in line to be rescued

Unfortunately you are alone

With this

Just you ….. god

And your therapist


paisley said...

bravo!!!! oh this was wonderful!!! and for a fully unquenchable codependent like myself to read this was so refreshing... i know i am not alone,,, but sometimes it feels like everyone else in this world can make normal relationship choices except me...... bravo!!!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

If love grew on trees I'd plant a grove in the backyard. Good job, you are such a creative writer.

Flor Larios Art said...

I love your daily quotes.
Your tree is very cool! I just painted one which I titled "Love Grows". Please come and see it at my blog.

Lilly said...

great piece. Love the art work.

Lucy said...

if there is a friend out there in need, I know you WILL find the strength, wobbly knee or not, to help her out as overwhelming as it may be. You may not know HOW to help her, but like you, she will come around to know her existence in this relationship is toxic and You will give her a loving shoulder to fall onto.
ThAT is Your makeup my sweet friend.
btw.. half way through 'the secret' OMG
u were so right about this! xo

Tammy said...

I have missed you my friend and your loving words. XXOO

Mimi Lenox said...

Just wonderful.

forgetfulone said...

Well done!

Lilly said...

Me again. Sunshine was gracious enough to pass the lemonade award to me, and I'm passing it on to you, because you have such a beautiful blog.

gel said...

OMG, Giggles, this is superb.
Not only that, but the red blood color of the poem evokes many images in my mind. Plus, I've lived something that might be similar and am living it, so thank you for this poem. I wish you were not struggling with it. Letting go is the hardest. That I know all to well.


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