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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunday Scribblings Regrets

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Sunday Scribblings "Regrets"

Got any? Things you wish you'd done differently?
Things you wish you'd said or not said?
Things you want to be sure to do and say now
so that you don't end up with regrets?

"Regrets I’ve had a few"

Lyrics from ”My Way”

Not catching the weight

Before it escalated out of control

Feeling that youthful angst

to be loved

Chasing dead end dreams

Harboring intimate feelings for one,

While with another

Loving men too much in my youth

And too little now

Not marrying a man who dances

Staying married too long

To a grumpy man

Not having more kids

Not understanding my mother

Before I became wise

Giggling during funerals

and other uncomfortable moments

Being too blunt, too submissive, too undecided

Not finding the artist within much sooner

Breaking connections with certain friends

Wasting energy in the pursuit of being right

Being less physical,

Coveting things with no substance

Striving for perfection

Making petty judgments

Keeping and having too much stuff

with no sentiment of love

Not plucking my eyebrows sooner

Ever using a credit card!


John Tran said...

I enjoyed reading this post. Quite a list of regrets you have there! This is funny and not funny at the same time: "Giggling during funerals". Also, I think you might find this to be not a regret at the end of the day: "Striving for perfection".

paisley said...

before i even read on i have to tell you that that song is exactly what comes to mind first every time i hear that word!!!!

if you have the time and read thru some of the ss entries you will find that guys seem to have the ability to say,, "hey,, if i didn't have the regrets i have,,, i'd have other ones..."

i really liked that theory... i am owning it .....

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Phew Giggles, this is candid and confessional, love the bit about giggling during funerals, whoops!

Patois said...

Although my six-word post seems to indicate otherwise, I'm so not one to regret a thing. I hope you don't actually regret all of these so much as acknowledge, yeah, some of it happened.

Nicely done, putting it to that song.

danni said...

how well you've grabbed some universal regrets --- great list which shows me how connected we all are at some level --- reassuring in an odd sort of way!!!

Tumblewords: said...

I think I've had these, too. You've written such an honest look at regret - I love it... And the 'I'm no angel' angel is adorable...

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

regrets? there are some people I wish I had been nicer to over the years!

Jennifer Hicks said...

beautiful reminder of possibility....

Lucy said...

awww giggling at funerals is one of the things i love about u!!
great look back but i know you don't let these get u down! and that's doing it
Your way!
love that song!

Tammy said...

What a great choice! XXOO

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