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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen HHH

Thursday Thirteen HHH words inspired by Forgetfulone!

Happy that my friend came through her operation safely with wonderful results!

Hearts are one of my favorite shapes; all the people I surround myself with have huge hearts!

Had it all once upon a time, but now that it’s gone, I actually have more!

Help is something I rarely asked for in the past, but now I do!

Haven is what my homes is, a perfect place to induce creativity for all! Not all places are!

Heavenly is an intimate conversation with a friend, or loved one, wild laughter that makes my stomach hurt or a curry dinner!

Harsh is how I feel about war or any kind of violence!

Handy I have always been a Jane of all trades master of none, now I relinquish that to the kids!

Hardly think about what’s missing in my life, instead I focus on things to be grateful for!

Hurdles are cemented in my way, unable to jump them, I look beyond and focus on the long slow road around them.

Half full is how I see my glass…

Hone is one of my favorite words, not quite sure why! Maybe because I need to hone my skills better!


Hope sustains me, always, how about you?


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I've not done TT for ages. I like how you did this one.

Have a terrific day honing. Big hug. :)

Lucy said...

so happy your friend is doing well!
this was a good idea! leave it to that forgetfulone to be so clever! great answers Sherrie!
i haven't done a TT in way too long.
or many other prompts!
you seem to be on a blogging roll, which makes blog world such a happier place! xox

Mary Timme said...

I think hone is such a neat word too, because it about paring to the bone. Getting to the meat of the matter! It's a great word.

Patois said...

So many wonderful handy, happy happenings.

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