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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Love story

Two Hearts Meld

Hotel rooms all alone

So much time to ponder

She missed his kiss, tender hugs

The two became much fonder

There was a secret brewing

In the previous fall

No one knew the covert plan

Just her mother, that was all

Hunting for a red dress

Could have been purple too

To emulate the forties

Tradition being her taboo

On a quiet mission

Shopping trips to town

To find perfect outfits

Matching suit and gown

Bubbles of excitement

Filled January air

With the plan in motion

Only a few weeks to prepare

Hushed it stayed for that time

Only very few were told

Knowing the discernment

Certain to unfold

He painted their boudoir

Assembled a new bed

Soon home from London

She’d wear her dress of red

In the dead of winter

He carried her away

To a glitzy destination

For their special day

When they got there

A trade fair to attend

Then a special celebration

Honoring a future blend

Girl’s spa date after breakfast

Dressing at a hurried pace

Limo waited patiently

They almost lost their space

Walking in together

Nervous coughs did occur

In the Graceland Chapel

Their love to confer

They said their vows consciously

With a giggle or two

Solidified the last five years

With yes, I will, I do!

She's his Valentine Wife

Happy One year Anniversary darlings.....
I love you and hope you are having a fabulous time in Nova Scotia!
You are so blessed to have each other, being married has enhanced your lives!
You are so fortunate to have found a person to meld so comfortably with!
Many people search a lifetime to find what you have!
Enjoy the day, enjoy the year, enjoy the rest of your lives as best friends
and great lovers!
All my love Mom


Pam Aries said...

Wohoo! How cute they look and what fun!

forgetfulone said...

I love that she wore red, 40's style attire! She looked fabulous in it. Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple with such a sweet love story. Aren't they lucky to have found one another?

Lucy said...

aww So so special and they are both so lucky! ( and SO darn cute too!!)
You've put together a beautiful tribute for their anniversary and to celebrate their love.
your blog would be a wonderful book to print and hand pepper one day! xox

Tammy said...

What a special couple! Kleenex please. XXOO

Anonymous said...

thanks momma!! that was nice!

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