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Monday, May 04, 2009

I remember a day

I can't say I haven't fallen prey to desires of new things. I still do, only I'm fiscally restricted. Everything in my life has been a trade off! Letting go of one thing to acquire another. Just so happens Peace was more important for a time, than money. So I lived on mothers love, creativity and friendship. However I do remember a different day, when life was much simpler. I've filtered a few photos from a goddess gathering into this post for no particular reason, except to break the monotony of the words.

I Remember a Day

I remember a day

When a greeting at the supermarket

Was authentic, and the cashier knew you

When a deal was really a fair price

Not a loss leader, a way to suck you into

Buying something even grander

I remember a day

When employees were devoted

Worked hard, were respected

Even thanked for a decent days work

Then came a fiscal surplus

Companies became greedy

Cutting hours to a minimum

Making it impossible for employees to

meet the needs of administration, or consumers

Rendering customer service a commodity

I remember a day

when retail workers

Smiled because they were happy

Not because of a warning

Or pep talk at the beginning of their shift

But because they were loyal to their company

Grateful for their jobs,

and had a few extra moments to giggle with

and form an honest bond with customers

I remember a day

When people knew each other more intimately

Were less concerned about what to acquire next

Where to travel, and who had the most

But were more concerned about what friends, family

Neighbors and coworkers needed and felt

A time when sharing food, chatter, love and fun

Was elevated above material consumption

I remember a day

when birthday parties

Were simple gatherings of children playing

Topped off with balloons, games and cake

I remember a day when kids connected to

Build, create, sing, run, bike , invent , play

Games, laugh , roller skate run through the sprinkler

and no one worried whether they were having fun

Because most of the time, they were

I remember a time

When homes were sparse and

neighbors had pretty much the same

Girls graduating high school

either borrowed a dress, made it

or bought it at the local sweet sixteen

parents didn’t have to re mortgage their

house to pay for graduation celebrations

weddings and college

goody bags didn’t cost more than the birthday gift,

because there were no goody bags

I remember a day

when green

Was the color of grass

And we automatically turned off

Anything electric, never

left a door open too long unless it was summer.

Were cautious about opening the fridge too often

Poured only a few inches of water

Into the tub, then shared a bath

One sibling after the other

Helped take the clothes off the line

Picked fruit off trees and

Ate fresh produce out of the

garden all summer long

I remember a day

When less, was enough!

So was one car per household

Two pair of shoes a year

Play clothes and good clothes

A time when parents felt safe

Letting kids walk the street alone

I remember a day when a child

Would help a neighbor they didn’t know

And a neighbor would help a child

Without fearing them

I remember a day

When people seemed more accountable

Honesty was at a premium

I remember a simpler time

Where Ethics were a priority

I do, I really do!


Sandee said...

How beautiful. I remember that day too.

Have a terrific day honey. :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

You have always been wealthy with friends.

Gabe said...

I remember those days too. I miss them...so let's bring them back!

Lucy said...

oh how I remember those better days too.. YOU so Had me with this down to earth poem until..... TWO pairs of shoes a year???
are You CRAZY WOMAN!!!
great job Sherrie! love the photos!

Mary Timme said...

One of my favorite prays contains this nugget: Please set me free from the false security that comes from having more of anything than I need.

Is that part of what you are trying to say.

Donna Childree Gotlib said...

Just dropping by to leave a hug and a big thank you.
Elizabeth left us at 5:44 on Thursday, April 30. It was her 83rd birthday. She was peacefully listening to Rod Stewart. The song that played as she took her final breath was Time After Time.
I've never experienced a more precious moment. Thank you again for all of your love, kindness and support. Your hugs have been felt over miles and time.


gemma said...

Sherrie, The pendulum is slowly swinging back to those days.

paisley said...

i remember those days too... and i cannot say that without adding,,, and i miss them.

trish said...

thanks for the comment on my Violette interview! She just seems like such an amazing person, I'm so glad I met her online at least:) your blog is so cute, I don't have time to look around now, but I'm going to come back tonight and visit-
have a great day!

tinker said...

Great post, Sherrie.
I remember those days too...
As the economy and world changes, I think we may start to regain some of those simple, ethical values again - at least, I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! feels so nostalgic right now.i wish i could turn back time to re-live all that over's .

Nita Jo said...

That took me back... and the thing is, we never felt we lacked for much of anything. Small things were treasured. Thanks for reminding me!

Patois said...

That does make me nostalgic, indeed. But I'm happy to have the internet today.

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