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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not the biggest Loser!

My fun new digital header makes me smile for sure!
Hope it makes you smile too!

No I would never wear colored leggings,
but I think it's humorous!!

I think the caption should read
" Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"

of course I wouldn't want to infringe on the copy written words!
Any reference to "hot" when you're over fifty unfortunately means flushing!

Definitely not the biggest loser that's for sure!! Despite my larger package I really am happier than most! Would I like to be less poundage? You bet. Albeit I just don't move around enough anymore! Doesn't help that I have a bum knee exacerbated by my clutch.

I need a new vehicle! I find it a daunting decision at this age. A tad more difficult than previous years when I used to have confidence coming out of my yin yang in everything I
did. Now I'm nervous to make
an irreparable mistake. Doesn't help that I have a huge list, much sparked by ego!!

Must be funky or fun
Must be black
Must be a convertible....Possibly I could do without that but I don't want to!
Must be dependable
Must be safe
Must be a great deal $$$
Must be from a dealer not going bankrupt
Must be a non smoker if it's a used BMW
Must be Low mileage if it's used, not previously driven by a male under thirty
Must be roomy to carry canvases
Must be good speaker system
Did I mention it must be a good price...the best price$$$$
Must be an automatic
Must seat five ( so I can bring Bryan's little brothers along)
Must not be atrociously priced to insure!
OOPS Oh and did I mention fuel efficient...... how ungreen of me!!

So there you have my dilemma.... if I was no longer driving a standard my knee would heal....it usually does when I take a break from driving! After I resolve this issue I have many more with equally as many demands!! Woe is me....still I choose to be happy! It will all happen in due time!
This is my blog background inspired by Violette's post yesterday!
I love these color combination's and childlike lines.
I would love to have this pattern for gift wrap! Happy Wednesday!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm thinking that full figured woman is me because she is beautiful and sexy with a nice cleavage..lol what a wonderful job.

Lucy said...

you look adorable with your sexy cleavage and sweet little feet! Love the crown the bob the pup the pups crown!! So so adorably you!
and the background!! very fun flowers!
The car thing IS daunting! I say go for the fit! My son has it in black.. just no convertible (although.. i bet they come with sunroof?)
The honda leasing program is lower than so many other car manufactures because it has to do with resale value and they have INCREDIBLE resale.. so when we were looking it was a cheaper lease pmt. on a honda than a hyundai that was a much cheaper vehicle! I love leasing! you always have a car pmt.. but every 3 years I drive a new safe car and don't have to contend with all the mechanic fees that usually occur with something older than 3 yrs.!
good luck!
(ooh a bit long winded tonight, eh?)

Alberta and Ava said...

As soon as I opened your blog this morning, I brokeout in a smile.Your new header is GORGEOUS and so are you! But why wouldn't you wear striped leggings is what I want to know?

Janet said...

You are amazing!! Your new banner is just about the most gorgeous one I've seen so far. Go ahead....wear striped leggings. Why not!!

Mary Timme said...

I love that you have made the choice for happiness. Most people think you are nuts when you tell them, we are all about happy as we want to be. I believe it and have found it true.

It doesn't mean we don't mourn or have sadness touch our lives, it mean we choose to opt for happiness in all situation. Perhaps is joy is more to the point.

Anonymous said...

Love the new look. I think you should wear striped leggings if you would like too. Love Hugs and Blessings

gemma said...

WOW! Cool banner! You rock Sherrie! LOVE IT!

violette said...

I really really really LOVE your new header Sherrie.........it's awesome......and so real and vulnerable and funky!
You ROCK girlfriend!

Love, Violette xox

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