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Monday, June 08, 2009

Street Diving

This is such an adorable photo of my friend the Dream Goddess
She adores elephants, this replica at a local nursery is phenomenal!
How they ever got it in the store is beyond me!

The Dutch flower Vendor
A bit of a shyster, he picked the peonies my daughter purchased, first got her ones fully opened ones. Then when she exchanged them for another color he gave her really small buds which didn't open very nice!....rrrr! I paid for them so I'm allowed to complain! Usually when you let the experts pick they give you the best......it's my favorite flower too.

Street Diving

Saturday the phone rang around mid morn

I heard not a sound of any form

Sleeping so deep when Pepper skulked in

Whispering sweetly with her special grin

“Your friend invited us on a garage sale date”

“Said to call back after you contemplate”

It was on my mind the night before

So I rushed and readied to get out the door

Weather was perfect, not at all hot

Then my foot hit the curb in an odd spot

Next thing I knew I was kissing the street

The gang behind me got quite a treat

All of a sudden my ass was mid air

Showing off cellulite and black underwear

My ego felt none of the usual bruise

When the curb jutted out catching my shoes

My hand came out to reject my fall

Protecting my head my objective to stall

I pulled my dress down, oh so fast

So eyes wouldn’t linger on my fat ass

Skinned knee, skinned foot, a ding here and there

No embarrassment was felt with all that I bare

I felt pretty fortunate to have my body in tact

When a fall from a fat girl can be a fatal act

We continued our day with many a good find

My daughter so attentive, with the plunge on her mind

We giggled, chatted, munched on a sweet

Merrily we joked, about my clash with the street

My left hand is sore, too painful to grip

But my fingers work fine considering my trip

Bruising showed up on my left wrist

Body is stiff , but I can walk, I can twist

Many thought I’d feel stupid showing my bum

Normally I would, plus I’d feel dumb

But I felt no disgrace, I wonder why?

Just thankful no breaks, and that I didn’t die!


Dreamer said...

You dealt with it with such grace and good humour, my friend!! Always making sure that we were enjoying ourselves instead of worrying about your owies! Thank you for a fun outing!

Janet said...

I'm glad you're ok! That could have been so much worse! At least you have a sense of humor about it all....your poem is great!!

Sandee said...

Yep, I'm of the same age to worry about the not breaking anything or dying in a fall. I can so relate. I love how you put that together too. Very humorous.

Have a terrific day. :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

the photos are nice but I must be getting old because I cannot read a thing on your page with the new flowery background.

Tumblewords: said...

An elephant in the room. Now I see what that phrase means! :) I love your poem - and I love even more the fact that you weren't badly hurt although any little pain is too much, in my book.

forgetfulone said...

I love how you can take a potentially painfull and possibly embarrassing incident and turn it into a cute, fun poem! Hope you're not too sore.

gemma said...

Hail Sherrie full of grace.
Glad you are ok!

Mary Timme said...

Well the elephant is a statement, that is for sure. And the fall. Oh, we should form a fat lady does street diving club! Man I hate that.

Lucy said...

OH NO! I am so sorry I didn't visit you sooner and know about your fall! How are you today? sometimes the worst of it is days later.. Oh sherrie. Your humorous poem was a great way to lighten what must have been Super scary. At our age, regardless of size, a fall can, as you say.. Kill us! That you wrote another post after this makes me breathe easier that you ARE at least alive!! haha
( that guy looks like a shyster bastard! I mean he has on yellow socks with tan shoes for goodness sakes! )
sending u big healing hugs!
(glad you had on black undies and not ripped or stained undies... Our mamas were right!)

Happily Retired Gal said...

You have a wonderful way of dealing with what comes your way ... and I love the title of your blog ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

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