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Friday, July 03, 2009

Illustration fridays Shaky

This morning I wanted to play with color digitally for Illustration Friday! So I decided to make some houses on shaky ground!! Don't we all know people who live metaphorically on shaky ground? Personally I don't care how beautiful and perfect their homes seem I have no desire to trade places with them.

As I enjoyed observing youth during Canada Day I realized my inept self esteem of youth. In retrospect I was way better than I ever thought I was!! Sadly, my later years I rarely give it a thought. That's probably a good thing!!!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

what appears stable can always be questioned.

Mary Timme said...

I love a day of retrospection. Big surprise huh!? But, I also love the definition of self esteem as: That which we have learned through the years as being our response to effects of life challenges.

If you think you've met them well you'll have high self esteem and take on more challenges. If not, well not so much.

What do you think!?

soulbrush said...

quaint. and i love yout header. wahoo.

Funky Art Queen said...

Love this piece...very colorful and right up my alley.

Lucy said...

you play SO WELL with color! Those houses remind me of a picture my son drew in 3rd grade! I loved it so much I had it professionally matted and framed!! I will share with you via email!
And YES I know many on shaky ground who surround themselves with such riches thinking they are covering it up!
I also can relate to the insecurities of youth
biggg huggs! xo

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