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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday Scribblings " Adventure"

Mothers and Daughters
Wonder why they're so sad.
Can you match which ones are related?

Sunday Scribbling prompt this week is " Adventure"
I do love to have fun, but honestly I'm more of a home body than a traveler. There was a time I'd escape a chaotic household to anesthetize myself with adventure. I've always enjoyed festivals, dancing, a good laugh with fiends. I used to be the last to exit a good party, and first to dress in costume for a lantern festival or night on the town.

In the seventies I was a guest on a Navy ship, soon befriending all the top officers who encouraged me to join them in song, and the chef who taught me how to make scallop st. Jacques for five hundred.
When my mom was dying a music therapist requested I harmonize with her for all the patients in palliative care. I've been a screamer in a haunted house, traveled with a school theater group that did Jesus Christ Super Star in another province, sang madrigals with small group of school teachers, but so far my very best adventure is a personal exploration of art.

Everyday is a new creative adventure, whether painting a picture of cartoon people I've never met, writing a guttural poem or pulling out digital characters that I swear started with the etchasketch I got for Christmas so many moons ago! Every single day is an exciting new quest of self discovery. I'm seriously oblivious to know where it will take me. It's a baffling unfulfilled obsession that I am in love with.

The characters I meet along the way, well they're a bonus! I often wonder if the faces are people I've studied on outings, or conjured up from imagination, or some other mysterious force. Doesn't matter how it occurs I just wish everyone could experience this same sense of satisfaction felt while creating.

Why not pick up a pencil, paint brush, or even a crayon and let it lead you to discover that untapped vessel inside of you? Don't worry what it looks like, start with some scribbles. What do you see in those scribbles? Do you love certain color combinations? What is your favorite shape. Just enjoy the process. You never know where it might take you.

In a million years I couldn't have imagined sharing one piece of my art with another living soul....seven years later here I am spreading my joy, with hope that it will be infectious!


Jennifer Hicks said...

keep on spreading your incredibly inspiring artistic verve! live -and share- life!

Lucy said...

what an encouraging post! I haven't picked up my paint brush in too long.. but this makes me want to! YOu've had SO many interesting adventures giggs! wow! but I am so happy you found your true passion!
I am trying to figure out who goes with who.. but i am lost! any hints?
i think the two purple hats go together?
or is this.. whatever you make of it?
you are too cute

Queen-Size funny bone said...

And you keep it up girlfriend!

linda may said...

Lovely post Giggles and lovely ideas to spread and share.
The last thing I made? I painted some A4 paper yesterday because I did not have any pretty writing paper to write a letter.Nothing like the level of painting I have seen you post in here though.

keiths ramblings said...

You are an inspiration!Great post.

Granny Smith said...

This is a virtual bouquet of adventures that offer inspiration and fun. You must have written it on halloween, since in the first paragraph you speak of enjoying laughter with fiends. Lots of little fiends came calling at our door on the 31st, too.

Just kidding!

violette said...

Yes you are an inspiration! I love the painting your created!
Thanks for letting me use the images of you, Pepper and Bryan for the art glitter project! I really appreciate it. I finally put the link up to your blog....sorry it took so long!

Love, Violette

Alberta said...

Great advice. I hope many timid souls will take heed and create something soon! You were one of my greatest inspirations and biggest cheerleaders when I first started blogging. Because of you I've grown so much and found more joy than you could ever imagine in the creative outlet art has provided. Keep cheering, Dear One. You've made a difference in this world!

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