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Monday, January 04, 2010

Sunday Scribbling " New Leaf"

Rugs and tile will soon be replaced with new dark flooring. 

My new entrance.
Not only into my home, but into a New Year. Prospects on the horizon,
of "THE NEW" seem  inevitable with those in my midst. For years  not many major changes entered my world. Things would break down,  remain unfixed. A makeshift attempt to repair things, or do without was prospective of the past.  Many friends seemed to be having damnable luck until  the later part of last year too. Things started shifting.  Drastic changes occurred.  Sadly some deaths, loss and illness, also the birth  of new adventures, new real estate, new lifestyles, renovation, settlements and best of all new life!

Many friends and relatives have acquired something new in a major way. I contemplated a word for 2010 like I do every year. After tossing out a list of words I concluded "the  new" would be positive perspective for the new decade. I've finally figured out how to structure  a greeting card, a few rooms have been repainted, I have a new stove. "The New" seems more like an experience, a feeling,  rather that just a single item.  

This may seem silly to some, but last summer I stepped in the house after
barbecuing, an overwhelming feeling of prosperity came over me. I voiced
to my daughter, life would be more prosperous as it was  previous to becoming a single mom fourteen years ago. 

New years eve was spent with my dear friends of almost twenty four years and their new twin girls. The healthy little miracles born after the death of two disabled siblings within twenty four months. We shared a nice meal, played cards and fed babies....it was so special and a perfect way of turning a new leaf into Twenty ten!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

love the color. all my furniture is black also.

Sandee said...

It appears you've started 2010 off in the very best way possible. Good for you.

Have a terrific day. :)

artbrat said...

Hi Sheri, I'm trying to get back into blogging and really enjoyed my visit to your blog. Your house is gorgeous!!


Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration!

gemma said...

Your entry colors and painting are so vibrant! Looking forward to "the new" as well.
The word verification on this comment is fullness...

linda may said...

Love your decorating. And Yes there is nothing as wonderful as being around new life. Step up the the plate in 2010, I love that you are so positive.

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