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Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday Meanderings

I’m trying to write more!  Bear with me as I verbally fumble through some Monday meanderings while trying to harness the habit of writing regularly. It’s a mindset that needs constant attention. I’ll admit it can steal you away from more pressing tasks.  

Last night while doodling on the paint program I came up with this rather silly doodle. I always remember mom saying “Little people have big ears” while interrupting her adult conversation. Should have been “Little pitchers have big ears” but oh well I got the point!

I’ve been cleaning cupboards, an arduous task with loads of thinking time. Too often I think in cliches and I quite love them. It affords me the wisdom of my forefathers, a vantage point to propel from. Naively some people think just because a child is small they don’t absorb things. In fact they are little computers taking it all in, forming their own new program. I think who or whatever is most prevalent in a Child's life has the most influence. If they hear parents battling, duplicitous behavior, or unreasonable discussions they absorb it, or refute it like I did!

Over and over I hear video games, music, television, computers, peers blamed for bad behavior. I disagree!! It’s a reflection of what kids feel. Some parents find certain teen shows too explicit. Well most things are written from experience, that’s why it’s on television, it's what kids relate to! Besides we have the most influence over our children, if we want to. Those shows are teaching moments, why parents don’t take advantage of it is beyond me!

I never understood people who let their kids roam the streets all hours of the night without as much as a phone call. Those same parents pay more for car and house insurance than they do insuring their children’s safety. I had it out with a father of my daughter’s old boyfriend. The dad got it, and started picking the kid up in the evenings. He certainly didn’t want to hear any advice from a single mom. He seemed threatened by my chutzpah! But the boy’s welfare was my only concern. I could care less whether the dad liked me or not! He wasn’t the first of the patriarchy I’ve come up against! Probably won’t be the last! 


Sandee said...

That's a lot of good meanderings for a Monday for sure. Some excellent thoughts indeed.

Have a terrific day and week ahead. :)

Lucy said...

so happy you're writing more! I get so much enjoyment/ enlightenment/fun/ from your posts!
My mom used to always tell me...
YOur eyes are bigger than your stomach! THERE'S a cliche for you to paint and find a fun story for! haha
The visual here is so great and reminds me to ask you..Did u see Temple Grandin yet? You will LOVE that film Sherr... As a woman with autism SHe always saw pictures in her head. it was such a moving film..
(btw.. i never understood those parents either! my kids NEVER 'hung out' or roamed the streets!)
keep on blogging baby! your making me want to hop over to mine.. xox

Giggles said...

Yes Lucy I was blown away by the Temple Grandin Movie!! It was so inspirational, the acting was incredible. It got me thinking in a different direction!!Thanks for all the support!!

Hugs Giggles

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