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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thirteen things I practiced while parenting my daughter

Thirteen things I practiced while parenting my daughter

1) Never spanked her
2) Spent quality intimate time with her
3) Spoke kindly, laughed tons and made her giggle,  
4) Picked my battles wisely, correcting bad behavior rather than disciplining.
5)Expected good behavior setting boundaries, and giving second chances
6) Followed through on my word,   
7) Never made promises I couldn’t keep
8) Listened to her feelings,  making changes if need be
9) Complimented and encouraged her, holding  back  any negative opinions
10) Taught her to have fun without drugs or alcohol by
Playing games ,cards, going to festivals, swimming, skating
Camping , concerts, acting silly, celebration life, dressing in fun outfits,  being proud, Enjoying life without  worrying what others may think
11) Having a special weekly family date night , either watching television, going to a movie, dinner, A special event, renting a movie, playing cards at the beach by candle light. Cuddling, laughing, eating  junk food
12) Tried not to embarrass her, although my own antics on occasion did
13)  Most important, I was Completely honest with her  except, at Christmas, Easter, and  about the tooth fairy!

My ultimate goal was to raise a healthy, happy well adjusted child, correcting bad behavior along the way. For the most part it worked, although nothing in life is ever perfect, she is independent, strong, compassionate, loving person able to function in society.  


Queen-Size funny bone said...

good job momma

b said...

These are great aspirations for parenting. We could all try to do those things.


Jessie said...

What a lovely mum you are! You must have a lovely daughter too. :)xx

Lucy said...

A list Every parent should have on their refrigerator! You are a wonderful mamma bear! xxoo

Janet said...

That list should be printed out and given to every new parent. You are a wise woman and obviously you did a great job of parenting.

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