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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Scribblings " Recipe"

Sunday Scribblings " Recipe"
My daughter had a tight bright party to attend last night. She started to roll out the double recipe of sugar cookies she'd prepared the previous night. Her hands were perspiring profusely and kept slipping off the rolling pin.... So super mummy to the rescue,( even though this was not in my plan) rolled out several cookie sheets of music notes, and tiny guitars for the musicians Birthday bash.

More than I'd like to count broke in half. We mixed up several colors,
  sat at a big table and had a decorating fest. 

I even decorated the broken cookies....which I actually liked best. Which goes to show sometimes the broken ones can shine dispite their imperfections. Art presents in so many ways during the day at times living in the moment can be the most fun. We turned a negative into a positive, they went to their party. I had a lovely dinner and visit with my dear artist friend from the magic cottage!

My big beautiful son in law in his thrift store pants that just so 
 happen to be Zara mens brand new,( tags still) on for a few bucks!

Recipe for contentment

Dissuading the voice of negativity, from self and others

Being strong in your convictions despite criticism

Knowing, what may suit others, may not be right for you

Setting boundaries to free time, enjoy family, create and keep your sanity

Enjoying the essence that is you, as odd as that may be

Respect that we are all unique with individual gifts to share

Realizing and believing YOU are BETTER than YOU think you are!!!

Feeling peaceful in our aloneness

Listening to (gods’ whispers) or intuition to find the core of who we are

Expressing yourself without reservation, knowing it may not always be well received

Listening with compassion, and without judgement

Be generous with empathy

Seeing the world with as much humour as possible

Laughing at your follies, as a celebration of humanity and a means for joy

Laugh often, be goofy, shake it up once in a while and see the humor in life

Looking beyond justice into truth....it’s different for each of us!

Sharing what you can afford, anything that’s an asset to you

Harness impatience and really connect with your surroundings

Love deeply without expectation!

Let music fill your soul


Tumblewords: said...

Luscious cookie designs! What fun and the young'uns are just a blast of fresh air. Wonderful post!

Dreamhead said...

Those cookies are adorable and so are all of you !!

Sandee said...

The cookies look fabulous. I had a couple. Hope you don't mind.

Your daughter and son-in-law are the nicest looking couple.

Have a terrific day. :)

Janet said...

LOVE the cookies!! And who cares if a few are broken. I bet they still tasted just as good as the others.

Bryan looks like a super hero in his green pants and tee shirt! You have such a cool family!!

PS - I just had an note from Violette and she mentioned having dinner with you.

aspiemom said...

Oh, and yes, your cookies look great! I love the guitar ones!

aspiemom said...

Wise words. I really liked this.

Kim Mailhot said...

Excellent recipe ! Off to put some of those ingredients into play today.
Happy Tuesday !

Lucy said...

where to begin?! Loved SO much here.
First.. Your wise wonderful words!
Did u just make this up on the spot Giggs? or have you been writing thoughts sporadically that you've pulled together into this Beautiful post worthy to be on a lovely plaque in a spiritual boutique! I always want to copy your words and put them on my fridge for all to observe and learn from. I especially Loved enjoy the essence that is you as ODD as that may be! great advice every bit of this!!
now on to Bryan and his cookies.. well that didn't come out right!!

My son frank bought RED pants that looked just like these at the thrift store and we teased him mercilessly UNTIL Nick saw the exact type for about 60 bucks in the skateboard catalogue! haha
The cookies are SO creative and I wish I could reach in (wonka style) and grab one!

Dee Martin said...

wonderful pictures. wise words, and I love broken cookies!!

Tammy Brierly said...

I came here today with an empty cup and it feels like it is starting to fill. I want a cookie now too. XXOO

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