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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday Scribblings " Birth"

 A Digital print.....Different Strokes
I'm planning on using it for my starbucks mug
I'll get it printed at Staples, colors aren't accurate on my printer

This   Sunday Scribblings which is so late,  shhhh was actually started  two Sundays ago. With the prompt "super hero"in mind, instead I changed a word or two  so I could cheat using the prompt  " Birth" this week. It's my blog so I can do what I want to....

I'm a little disappointed, because this is not exactly
what I was aiming for, but I'm posting before the month passes me by,
 and friends stop reading

Everyday Super Hero, Birth of her day

With a cloth in hand
She births her day
Throwing laundry
In baskets
Chopping food in her way
She folds, makes beds
Runs up and down stairs
Answering questions
Gets breakfast,
makes lunches
Braids hair,
Inspects Homework
She showers, shaves
Throws makeup to face
Runs out the door
At a phenomenal pace
Drives children to school
Rushes to work
it doesn’t end there
Dashing home late
with dinner to prepare
Children’s lessons to attend
Their practices to police
Fights to deter
Relatives to see
Stories to be read
Talks to be had
Exhausted she longs
For the comfort of bed
More laundry
more dishes
The phone
Rings again
Dog needs
A walk
Kitty needs fed
Ongoing obligations
Stir in her head
Along with
The guilt of
Things unattended
Like bills, the garden
Pants needing mended
On and on she
spins like a top
No time to get ill
Or grieve
Thing she’s not
It’s a luxury
Her day
Simple won’t afford
With all that she does
She deserves
A reward
Yet she’s
often Misjudged
Not Pampered
Not praised
Pitied  by those
Expecting her to date
Still she conquers her list
Feeling overwhelmed
Yet rarely complains
As Critics peer on
Examining what’s missed
Heroic,  honorable
Single moms of our times
Giving up evenings
to spend with her kids
An epic woman 
In her effort to please
Yet so often treated
Like a contagious disease
Although this was written with all the single mama's in mind, I dearly
respect all women who manage to pull off working a job,  
while raising a family....... you are also my superheroes!!!
It's sometimes just a little harder with no partner to confer with
about finances, household mishaps and raising children.
No one to carry part of the load during the daily drudgery. Of
course their are extenuating circumstances where women have
the burden of elderly parents, a mentally ill spouse, or disabled
partner. Also very burdensome situations with little time
allotted to self preservation!! Cheers to all of you!
You all deserve a holiday on a deserted island....or should I say
Dessert-ed Island!!!


Sandee said...

I was one of these single moms for many years. It was indeed a challenge to juggle a full time job and raising a family at the same time. Very well said here.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jess *^_^* said...

That designs going to make an amazing mug! I hadn't thiought of getting designs made into objects, I hope you show us when it's done :) xx

oldegg said...

No, I don't mind you cheating a little with the prompt. I loved the way the poem bounced along and I could imagine the frenetic activity to fit in all the chores organize the kids as well as the other deadlines. Well done.

Americanising Desi said...

very well done - even if you cheated :)

the more you cheat the interesting you make it ;) the prompt only!


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