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Saturday, July 31, 2010

You Don't Forget

I received this oil from my babies daddy. A Christmas gift I didn’t much appreciate
In my twenties. Still it hung on the wall of my married life for twenty
three years! And the last Fourteen years in the back of a closet
now renovated. So it’s being purged. I thought my daughter may treasure the  of sentiment of it.  One  rose commemorating the single rose he’d steal from strangers gardens along his path  while we were dating.Years later we planted rose bushes along the outside of our back fence for other romantics to pinch on a whim!

You don't Forget

Four officers and a lone woman gather
In conference on the roadway
Outside our complex
It seems important
She’s wearing a heavy jacket
In the middle of summer
A large solo square mystic Topaz
Glitters on the middle finger
Of my left hand
As I grip the steering wheel
Awaiting their move
They walk slowly towards me
Staring into the car
We expect them to stop
Instead they carry on by
Across the back of
The woman’s coat
A shiver runs down
My back
As I drive off
Reminded of that
Day fourteen years ago
When my own life
Changed forever


Sandee said...

I hope you daughter treasures this picture. I'm guessing she will since she's such a fantastic young woman.

The story is chilling. I've been there too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Lucy said...

I have SO many of your posts to catch up on! talk about forgetful, I've forgotten to check google reader for weeks! off to see what other goodies you have in store for me giggs!
(it's been such a crazy busy summer.. is it really August tomorrow??)

Divaa Divine said...

this post sent chills down every nerve!

p.s. ur daughter will definitely treasure the picture :)


judie said...

Oh my gosh. Your poem, the rose. I feel what you are saying, it's coming from your soul, and I am not even going to ask.

pepper said...

i'm not a fan of the picture!! it looks like a sad rose!! i say good will it goes!

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