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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seeing it, Being it!

Garden of gratitude
Digital by Happytiler 

Seeing it
A giggle, a smile
A coy bit of guile
Intimate moments
Generosity and style
Authentic uniqueness
Personality and
Quiet little coos
A goofy little noise
Holding your shoulders
Straight to the world
Confidence and charisma
Clean shiny hair
Empathic heart
Passionate flare
Character of
A true Beauty!

Being it
Passion  deeper than the wells of hate in war
Emotions limitless, irrepressible, unexplored,
Opening the gates of curiosity,
Composing ideas into visions of fantasy,
Spirituality, humor and reality
Releasing form into words,  
strokes of  a  brush, pen,
and computer mouse
Filling  up voids of past loneliness,
Fighting for justice
The artist unveils


Queen-Size funny bone said...

the photo's are great and so are your words. I love being near water.

Lucy said...

The Artist is BEAUTIFUL! You are an amazing poet/artist/momma and friend!
I love that you appreciate the beauty of all those around you.Always happy for all the good in everyones lives.
You have a heart of gold Sweet sister!
I just lOVE this photo of you too!
U look about 30 years old!Great hair color Giggs! H U G S!

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