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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday Scribblings " Waiting"

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is "Wait"

Lately my life has been less about me more about others. I’m not complaining, I owe the goodwill bank big time. For the last Ten years I’ve needed others more than I care to admit. The last two week there’s been loads of waiting in the mix. Still I managed to steal moments of solace on my own. However on the tired days, which are many, I can be found gazing into space. A vulnerable time when negative thoughts sneak in the back door and beat me up a little, and quirky queries follow behind! That’s when I know I need good rest, healthy food, vitamins and time alone to replenish my positive energy.

A Question I’ve been pondering,
Who do you think embraces aging better,
Men or women?
Thinking Thins

Spread too thin
Amongst friends
life and health

Spread to think
Of words blurted
Deeds done
Hope hampered

Spread thins
On life’s canvas
Quietly awaiting
A new image

Sorry that poem was a bit odd, but I'm in a weird headspace of late.

I discovered the joy
Of unlocked
wireless internet
Chai tea in hand
Playing scrabble online
Alone in the sun
A sense of peace
And power
Filled me with warmth
The wait disippated
while reading blogs
I  realized
Sometimes we can be nudged
 into finding solace
In stolen moments
Outside our usual zone
where modified inspiration
Can rejuvenate our tone!


Amy said...

i love this scatter brained drawing! that is exactly how i've felt lately! i added the picture to my blog with a link to yours!

Jessie said...

I love this image! It looks just how I feel a lot of the time, so cleverly drawn! :) xx

Kathy McCullen said...

I love both the poems, Lisa, but the second really resonates with me. and that scatterbrained gal could be ME! Saturday my son and I were bemoaning the fact that we both have the odd combination of being organized yet scatterbrained, so the organizational trait does us little good. We manage to fool most people, but the truth is we're always running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to REMEMBER however it was we organized something. Does that ever happen to you? Anyhoo, if you ever make prints of that painting, I would love one!

Lilibeth said...

Sometimes we can be nudged
into finding solace
In stolen moments
Outside our usual zone

Hey, I like this. I wish I were better at stealing moments.

gs batty said...

great way to kill a little time. we all need that now and then

judie said...

Answer to your question. Probably men. Most of them don't really care how they look, and haven't changed their image since 1970! I said "most". :)

keiths ramblings said...

Love it!!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

love the scatter brain. I think men well age better than women.

oldegg said...

Weird poetry and scatterbrains are good as they let the reader/observer have a tiny glimpse of the inside you rather than a facade.

Enjoyed the visit.

Susannah said...

I really enjoyed your post. :-)

Lucy said...

I know the weird place u speak of! TOO well!!! haha
and scatterbrained?? Oh boy! u sure that isn't me in your amazing picutre?
Love u poems sher.
Love playing scrabble in the sun with my GREen tea.. so related!
and WOMEN age better!! what with... makeup/pushup bras/spanks!! etc... haha

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