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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Revamping a painting to suit my decor

This is the before in our family room!
As you can see we love our bright colors.
The couch was bought long ago
when the walls were purple.
 We could use a more updated one,
but it's comfy!
I plan to revamp the side trays too! Freshin them up!

This is the Canvas I did to replace the top one,
but as you can see it's too small.
 My family complained about the size
 so I revamped the old one.

This is the after with my new blue lamps,
I still prefer the orange action canvas!
I may have to get another larger canvas
and try my hand at it again!


But darn if those large canvases aren't expensive!


Tumblewords: said...

You are so creative and clever. I look at each of these photos and think, 'Perfect!' then go to the next one and repeat..I did like the orange action piece, too! A wonderful place you have!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Oh I love the bright colors. The bigger canvas does look like a better size. They are all so good.

Gloria said...

I love bright colors too. Right now I'm painting the walls in my studio marigold and chili red. I can hardly wait till it's complete. I love your walls and those big canvases are very expensive unless you catch a sale or make your own. Very nice.

Diane said...

Oh my goodness--I like your style lady!!

Lucy said...

what comes to mind?? Pee wees playhouse! LOVE your lamps, walls and ALL the canvases!!! I agree the size is great but I LOVE the design and colors of the smaller one with your decor and couch color! (oh...love the tables too!! xox)

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