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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween Night

 Can you believe this whimsical piece is my  everyday bowl?
I'm sure you're not surprised. None of my friends are! 
We gave out little bars to the little ones, and full sized bars to the big kids!
Some were adults I'm sure. But hey I love the spirit of Halloween, so power to them!
 Many kids squealed getting a full sized cadbury bar! Just a little insurance that our house doesn't get egged. In actuality my parents of modest means always handed out full sized bars. In keeping with their tradition I too have always handed out large bars. Several years we have been out involved in a haunted house, or visiting others. Which I welcomed when times were too tight to buy candy!
 Although this couple has celebrated Halloween together for almost nine years    they've never carved a pumpkin together! I had to capture their  first carving session. The middle one is mine,  for the traditional Garfield pumpkin that I carved when  Pepper was a child!Pepper did hearts on hers, Bryan did music notes and this Garfield was not one of  my best. I think  the thrill of a Garfield has left the house! One thing for sure, we don't do scary in this house! Except in the morning before I do my hair!
 Here they are  on the stairs awaiting  their porch debut!
Garfield seems smitten with the hearts don't you think?
 We made yummy pumpkin seeds splashed with extra virgin olive oil and salt, then baked at 350 degrees until golden, a little over 15 minutes! We had friends for dinner more than  125 kids knocked at the door. Many kids passed by, afraid of a large container parked against the house for roofing material.... It was a spooktacular evening with friends and family!


Diane said...

Can I move into your house? :) I don't think you would have liked my Halloween party--very very scary :O

Sandee said...

I love your everyday bowl and I'm not surprised by it one bit. You are one colorful lady. I like that.

I love your pumpkins too. Way cool.

Glad you had such a spooktacular Halloween.

Have a terrific day. :)

Janet said...

Cool pumpkins! I don't like scary stuff so Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I used to love dressing up but haven't done so in several years. We had zero trick or treaters. I guess they were all over at your house getting candy bars!!

Joyce said...

Love the bowl and the pumpkins. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Tammy@tammysstudio.com said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I LOVE your halloween displays. Halloween is truly my favorite holiday! Your "musical" pumpkin is especially creative.

Thank you also for visiting my blog... I haven't yet done online scrabble as I've been playing it with my son... who is the ONLY one who has been able to win over me and that makes it even more challenging and fun. I will however check out Word biz soon, it sounds like a lot of fun! In the meantime...keep things spooky!

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