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Monday, December 06, 2010

Decked with lights!

 Last night we went for dinner then the movie Burlesque. 
It was amazing! I just loved it!
A two hours of bliss!
A ten in my book!!

On the way home we drove through some well lit up neighborhoods. Apparently I was driving  during the photo ops.... so many of the pictures were spoiled! Here's a couple where I must have stopped

Quite the festive neighborhood!

I remember a day when our home had so many pink lights it blew a fuse!!
It was a unique color and our neighbor followed suit, by doing blue and pink! Then when we moved he did all pink!! We have a few strands on our house now, nothing like these! We had Christmas carols playing in the car, all that was missing was the hot chocolate!

What a perfect evening!


Jessie said...

Pretty! :) I love to see how other countries decorate for christmas! We don't have much in our neighbourhood, except for the shops that look christamssy! I haven't seen that film yet but I'm going to look out for it! xx

Gloria said...

Hi Giggles. What great pictures, I really enjoyed them all. I'll have to see the movie too, one day soon. Thanks for sharing, very nice. Happy Holidays.

Tammy's Studio said...

I love how busy you've been with Christmas! All the pretty lights and wonderful trees! I'd love having one of those awesome trees in my house.

I've been using a foot tall tree for YEARS now as I have NO space to put a real tree. =(

SuziCate said...

Beautiful! I love riding through the neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights...thanks for sharing as I haven't yet gotten out in the cold to see any!

Jerri said...

I love going through neighborhoods with lots of Christmas lights. These are so pretty!

I'd love to invite you to our Holly Bloggy Christmas next week! It's a week of link parties and prizes. I'll be hosting the recipe party on Thursday!

Lucy said...

so nice that you shared these! It's 2 am and my alegra D is keeping me up! but seeing these made me smile and not feel as bah humbugish as I had been feeling.
Is the first one your home?? it looks familiar?
So happy you give Burlesque a TEN! I LOOOVVVE Christina and was hoping to catch this movie! I picked up the soundtrack for peter for christmas. shhhhh!

faith said...

Awesome! I love Christmas lights. :)

The Illustrator's Wife said...

Driving around to look at all the brightly lit houses is one of the things I look most forward to at Christmas. So pretty! Your pictures reminded me I haven't done enough of that this year.

Forgetfulone said...

You got some nice shots! A movie and Christmas lights sounds like an ideal evening.

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