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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Into their eyes

This  large canvas of "Magical Flowers" was started a while back
and has been revamped several times!
The poem was written last night in five minutes before bed. It literally flowed through me onto the page.  
Into their eyes
When you look into the eyes of your child
Can you not see the mirror of your life?
Pity not how you lived in the past
But forgive those who trespassed against you
Individuals unaware the damage they inflicted
It is but with this suffering you have gained
Insight to the unease of a child thrown harsh words,
Negative thoughts and nasty labels

When you look into the eyes of your adult child
Can you not see your own beauty, kindness and caring
Bubbling between sentences of their joy?
Fruition of a fine childhood you provided
A cushion of words to stifle their fall
Meeting their needs way beyond the call of duty
Enhancing their talents with a warm fire of enthusiasm
Incorporating what you know as happiness to inspire them

When you look into the eyes of your child
Can you not sigh with contentment and relief
Knowing you have accomplished something great?
Something wonderful and mysterious
Something you may not see flourish in it’s entirety
Yet you can be assured it’s because of your pain
This came to be, a person you not only love, but someone
You highly respect, and feel proud to call friend.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

the painting and the decorations underneath are great together

Sioux said...

Beautiful...both the painting and the poem! xoxoxo

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I. Die.

LOVE your work! And style. I think we might be kindred sprits!

keiths ramblings said...

Delightful as always! Thanks for the messages you left on piece about being cold! Yes, I'm well snowed in. I won't be able to dig my car out for days! Not done much blogging lately, I seem to be bereft of inspiration! In fact I have no idea when the next spark will appear! So, it's down to you to keep our readers amused!!xx

Lucy said...

your poem is so beautiful as is the wonderful daughter you respect and call friend.
no one REVAMPS wreathes and paintings as u can! SO colorful and fun!
I miss ur blog... 'catching up' is one positive result of insomnia! xox

Fenny said...

Children are such a blessing ... nice poem and love your artwork!

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