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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Offer to help the Host please!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to two turkey dinners a week apart. My brother slaved all day to feed a large group of family and friends. Making a wonderful Christmas for his children.  He's always sure to included those singletons and their kids too! I made my traditional raspberry dessert, a favorite for my niece and brother. Also brownies for my nephew who doesn't eat sweets but loves them! 

Then I  joined my daughters in-laws Christmas day where I made the raspberry dessert for that one too! I  brought two pounds of starbucks beans and flowers  in appreciation for all the work that goes into hosting a dinner. 

Here's my bone of contention. No one hops up to clear the table or start the dishes. Clearly people have spent the day in the kitchen cooking a very large dinner, cleaning their homes ahead of time, so why do people just leave everything at their ass? Wine glasses, desert dishes, all the plated food, while the same people clear up every single time. Me and my kids! Everyone just leaves the table, or stays seated with no regard for their almost  sixty four year old mom. 

The mother in law has no dish washer either.  She probably sits for a total of ten minutes to eat dinner, then jumps up to get the desserts. After that she puts the food away while we clear and do the dishes.  Same thing happened at my brothers. Only it was worse because everyone left early. When he  finally got to sit down and enjoy his company, everyone started to trickle home early! They do it every time.... feels like a restaurant at his expense. He so looks forward to that moment everything is cleaned up and he can relax with everyone.That's his Christmas! Do you leave the host with all the dishes and not bother to lend a hand or at least offer? 

Personally I have never had a friend who didn't attempt to help with the dishes. If it's just a few of us, I ask them to leave the dishes and most of the time they fight me!

In fact my friend didn't want me to help with the breakfast dishes  this year. I left them knowing she was in a hurry to run out, and would throw them in the dishwasher when she returned. When it's a large crowd it's so easy when more than a few lend a hand. Coming into the New Year I sure hope people will grab a dish towel with gratitude and help the host!!


J C said...

I totally understand your frustration. A helping hand is never unappreciated, and for me..I would feel guilty if I did not help or at least offer. But...if the host is happy that her guests are now all fat and full from her delicious meal, I guess we should just accept what is. Happy rest of the holidays to you. xoxo

Sandee said...

I so agree about doing the dishes. The last dinner party I attended (7 people total), hubby and I did all the dishes. The hostess was most appreciative.

Have a terrific day. :)

Linda said...

I so agree. This year my younger sister said we're having a birthday party for you at your house....It was pot luck but still they came, ate and left and no help cleaning up after "my birthday party." Thanks gang, next year we're meeting at a restaurant and I won't be cleaning up before and after the party. It was fun though. Haha

Linda said...

PS: I forgot to say I hope you had a Merry Christmas and will have a Great New Year.

Lucy said...

the line in your previous poem, about washing and drying dishes together brought back such nice memories of my sister. and like 'normal' then, NOW it is also a great way to socialize and be together. it is SUCH a pet peeve of mine as well. I ALWAYS help my hosts but I have had TOO many guests that Don't help me and It's frustrating and exhausting. By new years day, i was so tired that I just started delegating jobs to family members, knowing I would be on my own again if I didn't. (although I am never without my husbands help)
we have to speak up and speak up on behalf of 64 year old who are being treated like maids too!

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