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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Paint Party #43 and Sunday Scribblings " Normal"

Water color patterns I had fun creating before Christmas 
and want to share for Paint Party friday #43

Sunday Scribblings  prompt this week is  " Normal"

Boy this gave me so much food for thought. It's really interesting to read what others have to say about " Normal." Personally I think it's becoming obsolete, or revised daily! Each of us invent our own standard of normal. Routine can be normal for some.  Many young people seem to crave it being that life has been changing way too fast the last decade. My own daughter considers her very old school in-laws to be the most normal thing she can relate to, and she loves it!! Although wonderful people they are not flawless. They stick to a fairly rigid routine of home, work, and church, celebrating pivotal occasions with family gatherings. I on the other hand balk at routine, and enjoy
marching to the beat of my own drummer, sprinkled with a tad of eccentricity and creativity!

  Past Normal

 Normal was a black rotary telephone attached with a spiral cord
The whole family gathered to watch the same  television show
Dinner at five around a rectangle  arborite table
Hand washing and drying the dishes afterwards

Normal was playing outdoors on weekends
Skipping lunch and arriving home in time for dinner
Seeing only one car in most driveways
Knowing the majority of the neighbors in a two block radius

Normal was wearing mandatory dresses, skirts
or jumpers paired with white knee socks
that got mud splashed on the lone mile walk to school

during a cold rainy winters day

Normal was playing board games and cards
Riding a bike without a helmet,
exploring the forest with a group of kids
Walking to Sunday school by myself

Normal was the security of two parents
Who loved each other, but still fought
An annual family camping trip with relatives
dancing and singing with my dad

Normal was running to avoid a spanking
Ducking to avoid a smack
Too many chores, too many lectures
Too many instructions with not enough understanding

That was my childhood normal
And I’d never want to go back!


Sandee said...

Yep that sounds right. Things are just changing so fast now that it's mind boggling. A bit slower pace would be good. New stuff, just not so fast.

Have a terrific day. :)

Granny Smith said...

These are MY childhood memories of "normal". I'm happy to have all my electronic gadgets now that my age is 90+!

Preeti S. said...

Feels wonderful to go along with your words, back to those 'normal' times. Great job!

Janet said...

A little bit of "normal" is okay but I rebel too much to want everything the same all the time. But I could do with a slower pace. Things just move a little too fast for me now.

LOVE the paintings!

EVA said...

Gorgeous patterns and colours - Wonderful!

SHERI COOK said...

LOVE your pattern designs and colors. Vibrant and cheerful.
Wishing you a creative 2012!
Happy PPF!
Sheri Cook

DVArtist said...

Normal??? LOL I love your designs.

Ayala Art said...

What a great post. Your normal sounds pretty much like mine LOL
Except the cars... I lived in a large city and there was bunch of traffic always.

JKW said...

OMGosh THAT was my normal in Normal IL and I would go back in a NY minute. . . those really were the days and I knew it when I was living it.
Love your flowers. Thanks for the Memories, the really good ones. Blessings, Janet PPF

Lucy said...

i am so surprised you ended it that way!!! the whole wonderful read... i was aching to go back!!! you really summed it up so well Sher and touched on so many details I haven't thought about in too long!
just re-read it and maybe you were referring to the last few lines?? haha then it makes sense,not wanting to go back for smacks and lectures! also... I SO miss blog land and especially yours! xoxo

Donene said...

Yea, those were my normals too! Love your designs and thanks for visiting and your nice comments!

J C said...

Oh that was fun. I especially remember running to avoid a spanking. But....my daddy always caught me. LOL

Lucy said...

popped in after too long to see what you're up to...and sadly see that you haven't updated in so long. are u okay? feel so badly that I'm not keeping in touch as often as in the past. but know...You're always on my mind and in my heart. hope all is well.miss u! xoxo

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