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Friday, July 06, 2012

Paint party Friday 17/2 A Surpise or Two

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Look who turned up in my paintings!!
 I thought it was a big dog!
But low and behold it was an elephant!! 
Oh my, this is not me!!  
Who am I creating these unfamiliar characters?
 Does this ever happen to you?

 It's Mosie, who appeared painted green!

Who doesn't love a purple elephant too??
I actually love the digitally edited colors more than my
original green one!! A teal elephant!
Oh my....now that would be exciting !

But what would excite me most, 
and probably scare the dickens out of me
 would be to see a pink elephant!! 
 Because everyone
Loves  pink elephants....don't they?

Do you grow good thoughts in your head??
Or do you grow  the bad ones? 
Don't you find which ever ones you foster 
 multiply like weeds!!
I really try to nourish the good ones, but every
so often those ugly nasty thoughts creep in!!
That's when I need to shew away the garbage!!
Even  purging at times!!
That's what Besties (girlfriends) are good for!!

This little bird came into the picture with a strange toucan.
I love birds, but have no desire to paint or draw them. 
Love them flying free but hate them caged! 
This one seems a bit boring, but I love the color!
When I was very young my ex wanted a parrot, 
against my wishes, he settled for a small Conure.
We had it for a few years, the bird had his own room to roam free, 
with clipped wings. I cleaned the open cage, fed and changed his water,
 more than my partner.   Still he was loved and played with constantly!
One day we got a new couch and  had it professionally 
sprayed with scotch guard, even though the bird wasn't in the room,
the next day he died!! I was devastated... 
Vowing birds are not meant for the indoors!

When we split, my ex got a large, real beautiful noisy parrot 
which he had with his new partner for over ten years.
A year ago they  sold everything to move to another country. 
He gave his parrot away to a relative with young children,
two weeks later the  big beautiful parrot died! 
I was so mad when I heard about it.
In my world  
Children and Animals
 are a life time commitment!
 The rest of this post shows my process for 
the next bird that appeared...see
if you can see "Humble" who I thought
was a parrot at first...

In this page not only did I see a bird, but I see
the back of a woman with long black hair, in
a gold  robe!
 I opted for the bird because
quirky colored animals
seem to be my theme lately!


Of course more digital edits!!
Which can be  more fun than
painting the original!

I hope I surprised you with something
a little different this week!!
What kind of thoughts have you been growing lately???


Kokopelli said...

If I'd ever see a paink elephant I'd ask myself if those pills I take are good for me. *LOL* Happy PPF and I love those elephants!

Carolyn Dube said...

Your paintbrushes have been busy! So much eye candy and inspiration here today!!! I love seeing your process-I think you made the right choice to bird instead of woman in gold robe.

NatashaMay said...

Love your elephant and the birds. :) My first pet was a parrot. Love them though I decided not to have any more because of the cats. But I ended up inheriting one anyway.:)

bellefrogworks said...

I love finding surprises in paintings - Elephants and birds are 2 of my favs - love, love, love the elephant in any color. Such fun!

Anonymous said...

So many fun animal creations! I love your elephant whichever colour he comes in and both little birds are lovely. I totally agree with you about birds - they should be flying free in a rain forest somewhere and not kept in cages. Such a shame about your exes parrot - poor thing was probably heartbroken - would these same people give away their human kids if they became an inconvenience (I know some folk do actually!)

carol l mckenna said...

Your animals and birds are so colorful and creative and fun! You seem to be delighting in your creations! ~ ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

GlorV1 said...

Love all your creations. Mosie is so cute. Very bright and cheerful. Thanks Giggles for sharing your creativity. Love it! Enjoy your weekend.

Tammie Lee said...

such wonderful critters
how fun to see them in different colors
a fun way to explore your art

minnemie said...

Mosie made me smile a BIG smile:-) Your quirky bird is amazing - the original colors are super pleasing to my being!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Love your elephants, in any colour!

Netty said...

Loving all your quirky paintings Giggles. Happy PPF, Annette x

Rhonda said...

You animals are great! I agree with you about children and pets. Parrots live as long as people too! I had parakeets and love birds back in the day. Birds are such innocent creatures. The elephant is cute! Happy PPF! :-)

Jez said...

Love your elephants and birds and I agree that is strange hoe these images pop out of a background onto the page. Always love your digital colour variations. Don't know how I would survive without Photoshop for fun with my art. And I agree about captive birds or even birds with clipped wings. Always enjoy your posts.

irene said...

well, now i have a big smile on my face after seeing your multicolored creatures change before my eyes. fun fun fun on a PPF.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous elephant! Everything is fun and clever. Thank you for sharing the progress of the tucan. Beautiful!!!

kat said...

What great paintings, I love your birds, especially that black and gold lady transforming into that bird, magic! Oh yes I know about those good and bad thoughts, we all have them, and decisions that need to be made, or maybe not....lately a lot in my head, but the main is that my dear family are all well, and how very grateful I am to have them, the rest well...carpe diem! Take care, great visiting, have a great week-end enjoying whatever you do. xx

Ginny said...

I love Mosie especially the original green one. He is really cute. I also like the lady. It was fun finding her and then seeing how she was transformed into a bird.
We can't always help what pops into our head but I believe most of the time we can decide what stays there. It's not always easy but I vote for positive thoughts every time.

kristin maynes said...

Oh my goodness, I love the elephants..all the colors. I hadn't thought of changing the colors digitally, thanks for the tip. All your paintings are super! I love all the bold colors. Thanks for your comment, I truly appreciate it!

Marji said...

The elephant is wonderful. What a sweet face and beautiful eyes. You are so right... birds belong in the wild. Happy PPF

Gloria j Zucaro said...

I love your digital colors, too! I had no idea that birds were so sensitive to changes in their environments! I love the teal elephant with rose other, and also the teal and pink bird. Always at work remembering to be grateful for all my blessings!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Love the idea of growing good thoughts!! A definite must!
And your animal portraits are fantastic!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Karen Smithey said...

I love all your fun animals, and I especially love the idea of looking for subjects in the paint!

I agree with you, animals are a lifetime commitment.

Aunty Dreamer said...

Love the elephant and the bird, they all look like they have a secret or they are up to something! I remember my son telling me an elephants fart sounds like this - pphhrrraaaaaa!, maybe that is what is going on here lol.

Elisa Choi said...

I enjoy the happiness in your works always. Loving the characters and the pink elephant is sooo cute! The emerging of a parrot is just creative!

Rosie said...

Ooooooh, wow, I love your painting it is sooo funny. The elephant is the cutest thing that I ever seen.

Have a lovely weekend and greetings from Germany

Christine said...

cute little elephant, and that last bird was a surprise!

Carol said...

Love the Elephants and birds!! I like the Teal Elephant the best :0) I've been on a teal kick lately and want to use it on everything :0)

JKW said...

Love the elephant, hate the color PINK - long story, Love birds, birds, birds. My thoughts turn toward 'boyfriend' wherever he may be. . . come find me. . . . Your many animals are FUN. . . Blessings, Janet PPF

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I like th way you go with your flow plus the digital versions to keep creating.

Sinderella's Studio said...

love the elephants eyes! Before you put in the bird I saw a tribal dance going on! all good visions!!!
cheers, dana

Kristin Aquariann said...

That is a shame about the parrot. Unfortunately, I fear my parent's parrot will outlive them and then I'll have to find him a new home. :(

Fun artwork. I love the bold strokes you used for the toucan.

♥ aquariann
Art Update: Clematis Drawing

Siggadisart said...

I can see that you are having fun playing with your paintings. I just bought me an Ipad and im playing with some bruces. Big like on your elephant..

Anonymous said...

This is comment number 33! And I still love all of them! xox

Laurie Linn said...

Fun and beautiful . . .as usual! I love that you are pushing the creative envelope for yourself with the animals and birds. I need to do that more often. I tend to paint what is comfortable. And although I am happy with it - I seomtimes get a little bored (shhhh - don't tell anyone.) I need to step out of the comfort zone more often and do the journaling to push those boundaries. And thanks for the prompt on growing thoughts! I am fertilizing and nurturing my good thoughts lately. It certainly makes life more enjoyable! Happy painting and hugs . . .L.

Viola said...

Such fantastic paintings of the birds and the elephants! And I can see the back of the woman with dark hair, and amzing how you painted a bird in the end! :)

Yes birds are to be free! Sad story you're telling.. One should remember birds or animals are not *things*, they are living creatures.. and not suitable for children at any time.. I agree with you..

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