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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blog Action Day 2013 Give kids a Voice

 Today is Blog Action Day and the theme this years is Human Rights!
Although there are many crimes against human rights I need to share
one that is always closest to my heart!

Falling in the Cracks

Little witnesses
Children of divorce
have suffered
the mistakes of adults
fallen in the cracks
of despair
as grownups
bully their
way out of
Left out of the equation
as judges and parents
dispute what's best.
"Resilient!" they say
"Children are resilient!"
Excuses are made,
hearts disregarded
Mental and 
physical security
 often in peril
they fall through 
the cracks!
  Adults play the pretend game
Pretend new mom or dad
pretend new siblings
aunts and grandmas
Pretend NEW family
for the moment, 
  until it ends...... again
where kids fall
into the cracks

New unions,
new births,
Older Kids
covertly despised,
abused mentally,
some physically
or sexually.
Eventually ousted
they slide into
the cracks

Caught  amongst
mental illness
substance abuse
untaught the
basic functions
to stand on their own
Children venture out
alone, craving
care, affection
stability and respect
many  are
prey to human traficking
prostitution, more abuse
and addiction
Falling permanently 
into the cracks!
 People wonder
it's such
a "ME"
when Children
are bombarded
with unstable
poor examples
where no one
truly understands
their only
sense of
 is " I"

Children deserve a voice....their own story should be heard by an unbiased trusted party! They need emotional support to learn how to set boundaries, protect themselves
and thrive after the devastation of divorce. Especially divorce born of abuse, addiction, and mental illness!  Songs are written with lyrics blamed as an influence on our society. Instead we need to ask, what can we learn from art and  lyrics created by a society of Children falling through the cracks! 

Every Child deserves to grow up feeling safe!
Many aren't!
It's their human right!
Give Kids a Voice!!!  

This is my contribution to Paint Party Friday this week!

What Human Rights issue resonates most with you?


Fida said...

love love love this artwork!
good job!

Netty said...

Great post and fabulous artwork Giggles, happy PPF, Annette x

pauline said...

such heartfelt words, girl... and i love the red version. Funny how i noticed the tears more in that one. Cupcake is lucky to have you as a mom... xox

Sunshineshelle said...

Such awesome colours & drama you have created :) Happy PPF!

Abigail Davidson said...

Great art and message! Happy PPF!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful post! Valerie

Anne Manda said...

Great post and wonderful, colorful art! Really like the curlique design and the dots, very original touch!<3

MeOfCourse said...

Love this piece and it's meaning. Thank you.

Christine said...

Lovely post, beautiful art. The atrocities taking place in other parts of the world are also shocking, total lack of respect for human life.

Karla B aka Lady Skyclad said...

Simply adorable! Happy PPF!

Linda said...

Amen!! Beautiful art and your post is so well said. The two groups I have always had a special place for and have tried to help are the children who are the "underdogs" , the meek and timid ones, the ones who are abused or bullied. And the other is in speaking up and preventing abuse of the elderly. I have worked in schools and nursing homes for many years and have come across so many sad situations first hand.

soulbrush said...

Touching, emotive and true. Having been a teacher for 43 years - small kids- I could tell you some stories that would make your hair fall out! Happy PPF and thanks for this post.

Tammie Dickerson said...

So cool! Love the bold colors and energy of these!

sharon said...

Awesome as usual, Love it, has anger and sadness combined, exactly how I feel about the plight of many children.

kat said...

Sherrie you are someone who cares and that touches me! It can all be such a vicious circle, so very cruel! I so agree, every child has a right to a safe and happy home, if only this could be!
Your art is so expressive going so well with your words, a wonderful post!

peggy gatto said...

Wow, what vibrant little gems!!!
Lovely work!

Viola said...

Many faces and so fun to see them in different colors, as is the life itself (different colors).

Bad to think of children suffering..
A lovely and important post!


Kristin said...

Why do I always tear up here? :) You are SO right, so insightful and so inspirational - I often think about your posts long after I have read them. AND the artwork that supports your post is just perfect.
Thank you too for you SWEET comment - you made my day! xoxo

Victoria said...

Gorgeous artwork( amazing and intricate)..and deeply touching and meaningful post with such heart and spirit..so beautifully written and expressed my friend..what a wonderful voice you have given to all those whose lives have been touched by this! Massive hugs..shine on..this was super empowering and inspiring..blessings angel!

Kate Robertson said...

Great post Giggles, and the art work, wow you blew me away. Fabulous.

FLO said...

Ce post est très touchant, ce que vous écrivez est tellement vrai!

Nicola said...

Wow such a great post! LOVE the artwork and what you did with it! :)

Lorraine said...

powerful post with images to match

lorik said...

Your words almost made me cry...but there is a positive message....give them a voice ,as you said.
Very moving words and strong images.

Ilona Heimböckel said...

You speak it so well. I think the human rights are somehow connected. Slavery is one issue I have been thinking of again and again these past years and just recently, because I've heard a documentary on the radio a few days ago. And I just read an article about children who were left behind with relatives, while their parents took to a foreign country to find work. In many cases they were only reconnected after years, up to ten!!!
So many things going on in this world...I love your art, I could become a collector of it.
Sending you love
Ilona xx

SLScheibe said...

A very touching post. The artwork is just spectacular. It's eye catching and gorgeous. The design of it all is so funky and cool. Really nice!

Fallingladies said...

Wonderful post! Great face and love how it changes with the different colors, and even with the messages near it!

Ginny said...

You are incredible. You speak from the heart and say what needs to be said. Your artwork always captivates me and today was no different. I go back time and time again to look at it.

My heart is with the children. Having taught for over 25 years I have seen so much. Although we always tried our very best it was not always enough. But that does not mean we can give up.

Thank you so much for all of your comments today. It meant so much to me. I miss PPF and will be back soon. It has been one of the highlights of my week for a long time. Have a great week.

clare said...

Wonderful work and such a great cause. I am a teacher and see some terrible things!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

This is a very powerful post on a most important topic. I believe that divorce is sometimes the best solution for the children, as in verbal or physically abusive situations. However, sometimes couples just don't try hard enough to make their marriages work. May God help us all. Blessings, my friend!

Nat S said...

love this color game :)

Carol said...

Amazing art and love all of the play with colors ♥ Great words ♥

Pia Rom said...

So amazing your painting and to see all the variations...every one is a beauty by its own!! Your message today is great as always ♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling

LonettA said...

Great post aund beautiful artwork!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Powerful post and art. Children should be cherished and protected, it's hard when circumstances are difficult for them.

Ayala Art said...

Always for the children! I think once we have a child, we all become parent of all children. I wish more people would feel the same.
I love your art and the color combinations!

Paper rainbow said...

I wonderfully powerful piece of writing, you say what I feel, I work on a daily basis with young children and see the effects all this negativity has on them. Children do deserve a voice and safe place to freely use it.

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