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Friday, January 03, 2014

Best Foot Forward Paint Party Friday

So it's a New Year and I'm one step ahead of my tech savvy kids!! Yahoo for mom! I found Flipagram  app and wanted to share it with you! Only 15 seconds long, it's so easy to use on your android or Iphone! Just download the app you can use 30 seconds of any song.... I will credit Paolo Nutini  for 15 seconds of his song " New Shoes". I just found out we do own this cd.This App is not intimidating at all and opens up the creative world even more!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I think I will!!
I just wanna play, experiment, try new things!!

I decided to glean my old pieces of art into a very short flipagram called "Best foot forward!" I think this is  a wonderful quick way for artists to present their work in an interesting way!  Unlike youtube it's quick and simple to prepare, upload and add music to! Make sure you check it out at the beginning of this blog!!

Something New for the New Year!!  How fun is that?

Is there  something new you want to try this year?

And so I did!!

This is my Contribution for Paint Party Friday

Here is a recap of our Christmas season with our beautiful family!

  My 52 year old brother, my Niece and Nephew.
We had a wonderful celebration at his house!
We provided two of their favourite desserts!
At lot of laughs were had by all!

Cupcake with her Cousins!
Mom wished for tall grandchildren
that she never got to see. Cupcake in the middle
stands only a three inches
 taller than moms five foot frame!

 Here is Beardo at his moms with a Totem of his four 
out of six brothers all 6'3" and taller! 
They are a quirky fun bunch
that you can't help but adore!

With a family of ten children, spouses and grandchildren Beardos family picks names and they gather Christmas eve with eight of the ten children and their families to celebrate! I opt to stay home and make the deserts and breakfast for the morning!
 It was a lovely season but we really enjoyed the few months leading up to Christmas with the carols and decor! Which was less hectic and demanding than the week of! We were able to give more to those in need than normal, unexpectedly  everything came back ten fold! We drove purely by accident past a grocery store where a radio station was  collecting for the food bank. We quickly all but threw forty dollars at them,  immediately Cupcake was unexpectedly given concert tickets worth well over one hundred dollars!! The kids were given 4 tickets worth almost two hundred to another concert from Beardos customer and they also got Tickets to the singing Christmas tree which is booked months in advance, plus they were treated to high end steak house absolutely free!
We don't exchange gifts amongst each other  and yet all our needs are wonderfully met! I was given a gift certificate that will pay for lamps I had planned on buying for my bedroom! It has truly been a season of love, giving and surprise! We are blessed to have such  loving family and friends!
Now I look forward to purging, playing and producing art  in 2014......!!!


Aga Gasiniak said...

Lovely video and thank you for sharing Christmas memories. Happy and very creative 2014 for you!!!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Always fun to find new, and simple apps. thanks for this. great photos of the fsmily. glad your holidays were so wonderful in so many ways. happy new year from us buried under two feet of snow.....xox

Ginny said...

The app was great and if it is easy to use so much the better. I enjoyed seeing your pictures and hearing about your holiday. It sounded like
it was very special. Happy New Year.

Valerie-Jael said...

Have fun with your app! Lovely photos, have a great 2014, Valerie

Faye said...

Sherrie, happy new year and thanks for the delightful post. I think your HNY art is beautiful. And the family photos are wonderful. But what impressed me most was the story about giving with a generous heart and having more come back to you. That's so scriptural. It is inspiring to hear how it worked out in your life.

Karla B said...

Lovely family!May we all have a wonderful 2014!Your work is always superb!

Linda said...

what a super fun video-it was great seeing some of your collection of shoes!! Don't own an iphone but if I did I'd give this a go. Love all your wonderful family pics-the totem one is a hoot :) I so look forward to a new year as I'm always ready to try something new and look forward to what the year will bring. I've already begun one of two online art classes (for drawing-oh, and you would LOVE the loose and vibrantly colorful style!) I've signed up for and am super excited at how well it's going. Happy PPF and 2014 Sherrie!

MeOfCourse said...

Enjoy the apps. Your family looks like they haf a great time. Happy New Year!

Christine said...

good for you trying something new Giggles, I need to do more of that. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

You have a beautiful family. I enjoyed seeing all of the photos and knowing who was who. Such a good looking group.
The best 2014 to you and them.

sharon said...

The app looks great love the song with your shoes. The photos of family are lovely, everyone looks very happy. I am sure you will have a wonderful creative New Year.

Jez said...

Well you've certainly started the new year with a bang, and a great entry into trying new things. The Flipagram app video you made is amazing, and a quick reminder of the shoes you have painted during the last year or so that I enjoyed.
It sounds as though you have had a wonderful Christmas period, full of family and love, and how lovely to get unexpected good things like your concert tickets and the gift certificate. Good things come to nice people.
Thanks for email - will respond.

Paper rainbow said...

You are so clever at sourcing new and exciting stuff, im going to try and download the app! You look like you had a fabulous Christmas. I also notice your new word 'glean' thrown in the mix ;)

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Have fun with your App! Such fab photos !

Happy New Year!

Ilona Heimböckel said...

Thank you for the Flipagram-app idea! Your film is fun and the music is fitting well, such a great spirit!
Seems like you had the perfect holiday season. Your son in laws family christmas sounds like my childhood/youth christmases.
We had a family gathering at the 28th and it was wonderful :-)
Wishing you much joy and colours for the coming year of art!
Hugs Ilona

Miz Katie said...

LOVE your video!! What a cool little app you found! :) Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm so glad you had a great holiday. xo

SLScheibe said...

What a fantastic video! That really made me smile. So cute and I love all of those shoes! I love shoes. Your family photos are wonderful! Everyone looks so happy. Happy new year!

Lorraine said...

looks great happy new year..those photos are ace

kat said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thanks for sharing your photos with us, lots of fun!

Janet said...

Cool little video! Looks as if you all had a very good holiday season. I've missed you but I'm (hopefully) back in Blogland now.

Carol said...

Cool app... may just play with later. Love the family photos and the giving story was great. You're of to a great start for the new year.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas around loved ones, which was especially blessed with your sharing with others. I had each of my girls adopt a child from the angel tree when they were growing up and we would buy Christmas presents for them. This year we adopted 3, since one of my girls chose to adopt one on her own. I was so proud of her. I love your flipagram, so I'm thinking of checking the app out. Happy New Year!

Laney said...

Cool app! Love that. So fun to see al your art like that. Great pics, too. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas looked like lots of fun. I love your shoe video. I'm impressed with your tech savy

Irene Rafael said...

ok... that was fun. thanks for sharing. you are amazing. i never know what to expect but always feel welcomed to your fold. happy new year. i look for many more creative sharings.
ps love seeing your holiday family pics!


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I loved your 15 seconds of shoes! Just fabulous. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! You all look so sweet and happy.

Tammie Dickerson said...

Large families are so much fun! Loved your post! Hope 2014 is a wonderful one :)

Pia Rom said...

Sooo cool your shoes collection! Crazy, beautiful, vibrant and I want wear all of them :D Wonderful to hear you have had such wunderful times with loved family and friends :) ♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling

ann @ studiohyde said...

Looks like a fun app. Thanks for sharing.

Kirstin McCulloch said...

I love that song - it always makes me smile + I adore your video! You have a beautiful family + I wish you the very best 2014 x

Erika said...

Wonderful thoughts and Pictures to see and to enjoy. Thank you for sharing and have a happy, haappy 2014 !
Hugs from Erika

Ariel said...

A very Happy 2014 to you Sherrie.
It is so wonderful to see your family here. I understand that your Christmas was beautiful where there was more giving than receiving. I think the true meaning of Christmas is in it. This year even we did not buy any gifts for our children instead gave that money to the needy.
Wishing you a creative and healthy year.

Nat S said...

be always beloved and creative!
Happy new year!

Diana Evans said...

oh how sweet!!! Happy New Year and so wonderful to enjoy special time with Family!!!!

JKW said...

This is a fun blog. I love the family pics. The dancing shoes set the tone. Blessings, Janet PPF

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