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Friday, January 24, 2014

Thoughts for the week! Paint Party Friday

Thoughts for the week!

 I have so much art in progress but both digital and painting but I found this full post in my drafts and thought I'd share it since this week has flown by!  I'm curious to know if anyone has read the book "David and Goliath" by Malcolm Gladwell?
 Years ago a friends step daughter was struggling with science. My friend suggested she befriend  someone who gets high marks! I found her advice quite foreign. My mind doesn't even work that way. I'd have suggested a tutor, help from the teacher rather than soliciting a friend to do their work.  In fact that statement always bothered me.   Probably because I never understood that train of thought until this week!
While promoting his book David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell mentioned how a third of the highly successful entrepreneurs are often dyslexic. Learning vital qualities for entrepreneurial success early in life......grade one, befriending the smartest kid, learning to delegate and negotiate early, having people  do their work for them. Skills they nurture compensate for their condition, sometimes leading to a life of extraordinary accomplishment. I'm now  feeling less ambiguous about my friends response twenty years ago. Maybe that's was how she coped too! 
I find it fascinating to be able to change my mind and perspective no matter how old I am. It certainly pays to be open minded! I look forward to eventually reading David and Goliath!
How about you, have you come to a realization, changed perspectives   or found answers  years after the fact?

Hypocrisy alert!
Not everything is easy to accept!


I knew you over fifty years 
I loved what you had to share
We turned you off  automatically
or parents would stop and glare

You worked perfectly for decades
We dimmed you, to fool around
Didn't have to replace you very often
or call hazmat if you fell to the ground

They say the new ones are more efficient
in the end there will be  less to pay
Sadly incandescent they've banned you 
The dreaded  ugly CFL's are here to stay

I'm not as comfortable with them
  they don't last as long as first implied
The CFL  bulbs are so expensive
I  fear the powers that be, may have lied

Now I have to drive dead bulbs 
where things with mercury go
I hope they're being recycled
But we'll never really know

When we see new creatures
sporting five heads and sixteen toes
ears like califlower, 
one eye upon their nose

We'll know for sure they've fibbed
you should have never been laid to rest
because anything  without mercury
really would have served us best!

RIP Incandescent..... 
so glad I have a few of you left!
Even if it's not politically correct
I don't mind paying for the luxury
of a bulb without mercury! 

However I reserve the right to change my mind!!

 This is my contribution for Paint Party Friday!


NatashaMay said...

That is very interesting. My beliefs are rarely set in stone. It's how I feel at the moment but I can always change my mind later. Love your fun work! :)

Netty said...

Great post and love the fun and quirky artwork. Happy PPF, Annette x


froebelsternchen Susi said...

what a fab post once more ..and I adore all this vibrant ARTWORK here!Happy PPF - Happy weekend!

Ginny said...

You have me thinking again this week. A successful entrepreneur will often hire a person to do things for his or her business but he or she will also have to know how to do the work. They may not actually do it but they will have to understand how to do it.
I had many students who learned from each other. Both had something important to teach the other. I think that is important for everyone in the friendship or learning situation to realize.

Some things I have very strong opinions on and it is hard to change my mind but it can be done. I don't ever want to be so stuck in my way of thinking that I can't learn something new.

When I clicked on your name on PPF it brought me back to the PPF page. You may want to reenter your blog. Have a great week. I always love visiting each Friday.

annkrier said...

It's often very, very hard to 'admit' you need help and Ginny is so right ! Everyone has 'gifts' - things they do better than others. I used to be a jack-ass of all trades and then learned, the hard way, it's better to pay or trade with someone that knows what they are doing than try to 'guess' at it. Great insight -

Gillena Cox said...

(◕‿◕。)luv the art and the poem; have a nice Friday

much love...

Valerie-Jael said...

Fun post, And yes, it is very hard to admit that you need help! Valerie

Jessica Sporn said...

Loving your ladies and those expressive bulbs! I'm going to put that book on my "to read" list. Thanks! Happy PPF!

Faye said...

Love your musings and your art, as usual, Sherrie. I think we learn from each other and hopefully continue to grow and develop our own skills. When you think about it, we all stand on somebody's shoulders, someone who has encouraged us. I would never develop friendships for what I could get from them. I probably have missed the point here.

One thing I know is that your poem is right on the button. I detest those twisty things. I live out in the country and there is no way to get rid of them. I guess when I die, my kids will find boxes of them in the attic!

Marji said...

I'm sort of with Natasha on this one. I find that as I grow I change perspectives. As for entreprenuers - the magical thing about them is they are not only idea people they actually act on their ideas without fear of failure. Beautiful artwork and another thoughtful post. M.x

Linda said...

wonderful colorful art projects!! Your poem is really wonderful too-love it! I always leave here pondering your ??s. Happy PPF!

Christine said...

my son has a learning disability and seems to gravitate toward smart people, it must be a natural sort of compensation, interesting point you brought up. I love incandescent bulbs, sniff. Nice art!

Paper rainbow said...

Hello sherrie, I am all for incandescent, how I miss them! Your
pig superhero is brilliant too!!

Cozycomfycouch said...

Really lovely!

Mari Huertas said...

Funny ... really ingenious drawings.

Diana Evans said...

these are so cute and the poetry is so true!!!!!! well done!!! Wishing you a warm and cozy and Happy PPF!!!

Miz Katie said...

Another thought provoking post with vibrant art, too. This one I'll have to ponder for the rest of the day. :)

MeOfCourse said...

Love your work and the words that always go with your post.:() Have a great weekend.

sharon said...

Great art and poem, as everyone above says you always come up with thought provoking posts. Ahem in clean green NZ we still sell incandescent bulbs! The twisty ones are being pushed but not getting much headway, too expensive.

Carola Bartz said...

Yes, I do change my mind. Not always, but it is true that with age some perspectives change. I actually think that is good - so much is changing around us, why not our opinions as well?

Aga Gasiniak said...

great post, Giggles. Some of my beliefs do change over the time but I am glad to see some things from different perspective. Life is a learning journey, we learn all time, change is a part of the process.
big hugs to you!!!!

www.dorissdaughter.com said...

I have often changed my opinion over the years and I think you are right in saying it is best to have an open mind. My mother always advised me to surround myself with people who would 'help me grow'or had achieved something they could help me aspire to. Which I think is similar to what your friend was suggesting all those years ago:)

denthe said...

Oh Sherrie, how I love that first art piece with the three ladies! Gorgeous work. I had to look up the word incandescence ... ;-) Such a difficult word for a simple light bulb. I miss them too, and I find that the so-called long-lasting ones don't last nearly as long as these... Makes you wonder ....

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Congratulations in stepping forward in life. LOL If we don't change our minds, see things differently then we become stagnate. I really love this post and of course your wonderful art that goes with it.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I just love your thought provoking posts. That poem is marvelous. Blessings!

Lynn Cohen said...

I love those three women in the top art!
I'm worried about mercury in fish! ;-) xo

Carol said...

I love your poem!!!! I have a friend who has stockpiled incandescent bulbs in his basement... his kids thinks he's gone bonkers but he refuses to use the CFL's Love the art and I'm also with Natasha ...constantly upgrading my thinking on things .

Carol said...

I love your poem!!!! I have a friend who has stockpiled incandescent bulbs in his basement... his kids thinks he's gone bonkers but he refuses to use the CFL's Love the art and I'm also with Natasha ...constantly upgrading my thinking on things .

Carol said...

I love your poem!!!! I have a friend who has stockpiled incandescent bulbs in his basement... his kids thinks he's gone bonkers but he refuses to use the CFL's Love the art and I'm also with Natasha ...constantly upgrading my thinking on things .

Kristin said...

Love this! Such a clever poem!! xoxo

Ariel said...

Enjoyed reading your poem. What you said is right Keeping an open mind is so good but many find that difficult. If I think there is some sense/ point in something I'm ready to change my opinion.
Have a wonderful week.

Jez said...

You are so right about the light bulbs, and like you we are treasuring the few unused older ones we have left. I hate the new ones, though they are now shaped exactly like the old ones. The first ones were so huge and ugly. The worst thing is that they do not give as much light as the old ones, and all the shades stress that nothing over 40 Watt can be used. Oh for a good old 100 Watt bulb.
I love your clever poem. Words are so much more effective in this form, aren't they!
As for changed perspectives …. well I think the main thing is a gradual change over the years in the way I have viewed my parents, with more understanding of the effects of their own upbringings with Victorian parents, and of the crises and difficulties they both faces so bravely over the years, and how I regard the effects these had on us children. That's a valuable and important change of perspective.
(Sorry I missed this post earlier) XX

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