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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Happy 28th Birthday Cupcake!!

I love you because you are
a grateful woman who works hard,
and loves deeply your dear husband 
his huge Christian family
my friends and me!
I love you because 
you have such a generous nature.
 Sharing your coupon knowledge, charity items, 
your good sense, your wonderful baking 
with the world, for no particular reason! 
I love you because you  
care deeply about humanity,  speaking to 
and for those less fortunate, 
discovering their stories 
and reserving judgement!

 I love you because you are positive
 loyal, kind, patient  and thoughtful 
to me, and others!
 I love you because 
you are independent, love board 
and video games, trolls, cards, dogs
 traveling and shoes!
I love you because you love black
 and red as much as me, if not more!
Enjoy our bright funky surroundings,
and know how to have fun on the cheap!
I admire you because you love so many genres of music,
 have such an enormous music knowledge, 
knowing  the lyrics to more 
songs from my youth, than I do!

 I admire you because you are patriotic, 
get excited about a hard downpour of rain,
 a good concert, a day at the beach, a 
car show and SNOW!  
I admire you because you aren't like me,
you talk comfortably to everyone,
enjoy traveling, ask for deals, 
get many things free,
prefer fun childlike characters on
your Christmas tree,
old teacups, hard candy
and carry a million useful things in your purse!

I admire  you because 
  you love Vegas for the fun, 
the glitz, glamour, 
concerts and  shopping
 more than the booze and gambling!
 I'm proud of you because you know how to have fun
by being silly, enjoying the moment, dressing up,
being witty, playing games, or cooking!
  I'm proud of you because you enjoy simple moments,
have consistently recorded  family events with
thousands of photos even though 
you don't own a high end camera!
I love  you because you are peaceful,
frugal, respectful of money and others!
 Helpful to your in-laws and me all the time!
I admire you because you're smart, 
great with numbers, 
brave, spiritual, don't succumb to 
instant gratification, or peer pressure,
 don't need praise, are a wonderful cook,
 creative, goal oriented and will backpack
to attend a festival!
But most of all I love you because you are You!
My amazing special daughter who is such a good soul,
and my best friend! Have an a phenomenal year  Cupcake, 
you deserve the BEST life
has to offer! Thank you for all you've taught me!!
I feel extremely blessed!!


Carol said...

Happy Birthday Cupcake!!!!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Happy Birthday to you Cupcake, while I don't know you, your Mom sure writes loving words about you always...I hope your day is magical. xox

Jez said...

Happy birthday to your dear beautiful daughter, beautiful outside and inside. A lovely tribute that she must treasure.

Netty said...

wow this is such a fabulous tribute to your daughter, she looks so great. Annette x


Paper rainbow said...

Happy birthday Cupcake!! What a wonderful post for a beautiful daughter. x

Janet said...

What a wonderful tribute to your daughter. Happy Birthday, Cupcake!! I hope you have a fantastic day of celebration.

Goldfish Diaries said...

Indeed a wonderful tribute to
the amazing Cupcake, and I can attest to it all. Ultimately, it is all about unconditional love, abundant in the Happy Tiler home!

MeOfCourse said...

Great photos of your daughter. Happy Birthday Cupcake. Have a wonderful day and many more to come. Nice work on this post, as always.:)

Sue in the Wood said...

You do have a wonderful, beautiful daughter!

Miz Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Cupcake!!!! What a lovely post for a beautiful girl. xo

Christine said...

Happy Birthday to your darling daughter!

denthe said...

So sweet .... She must feel so loved when she reads this. Happy birthday to her, and congratulations to you too for creating such a wonderful woman....

froebelsternchen Susi said...

a very pretty young Lady!

I adore your faces for the challenge too....
bright and unique art !!!

Aga Gasiniak said...

I can only say now :) HAPPY Birthday Cupcake!!!! Thank you for beautiful and packed with love tribute to her!

Faye said...

Sherrie, this made me cry. It is so touching, so honest, so loving. We do know that Cupcake is who she is partly because of who you are. Your fingerprint is all over her. She sounds like such a really specially person. I hope her birthday was truly a special day.

Cozycomfycouch said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I wish her all the best this world has to offer! :D

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