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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Mothers Day Paint Party Friday

How we Mother our children determines
how they will Mother theirs!
Mother and Child Reunion
Whether good or bad they will resolve to
make improvements, or carry on the trend.

How we see our children 
will determine how they see themselves.
 Focus on their assets, grow the good,
 correct their foibles with kindness
Original Howy
How we see the world will
influence how they see the world

 Concentrate on the favorable things
Make improvements where possible

Children learn what they live
set a good example,
show benevolence
 Practice Peace
Delayed gratification
and gratitude 
Original Squawkers
Talk with your children daily
 laugh a lot!
at yourself
at the world
at the simple things!
Play and be creative together!
 Share secrets, ideas and dreams!
Be a parent first and a friend second
Allow for mistakes without judgement!
Support and encourage 

 Step off the pedestal at times
Show your humanity
bare your mistakes
with humility
How we respect our children
and their feelings  can determine
how they respect ours
Carry your children's feelings 
close to your heart
like a priceless gem
Hopefully you are as lucky as I am to share 
an amazing relationship with my
 daughter and son in law Cupcake and Beardo!
I feel the utmost gratitude  for all the love and kindness 
you share with me!
I truly have never felt  more treasured and loved 
  in my entire life!

"Happy Mothers Day" to all the phenomenal Mothers  that make such 
a difference in their children's lives!

I love laughing with my kids! Other than your children what's your  very favorite thing
 about being a MOTHER or MOTHERLY? 

On a side note, I mothered everyone long before I actually had a child!


GlorV1 said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too. You are a very good Mother. Your paintings are delicious. Have a great weekend.

Helen Campbell said...

I love all the variations of your paintings, and your prose that accompanies it. Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day!

froebelsternchen said...

wonderful artwork...I love those all -- they all could be my babies!!!
and o.k. - you asked!
Oh I can't tell exactly what is good to be mother for me ...
I always thought I have to have a child ... and as I got a happy late one ( I was 37 years as she was born) I realized.. that's nice but very stressfull---though she was / is the most beautiful and nice and wonderful girl in the whole world

She is now 13 and I am very happy about the fact that it tooks not another 10 years for her to reach adultness..LOVE HER indeed.. but I will love her more when she will be my adult girl...yeah!
I confess I can't really say that being mother is the very best part of my life...

there are many cooler things for me...

Now I have to look after my down- syndrom -brother( he celebrates his 36th birthday tomorrow) too.. my mother died last year and so I have also a lifelong baby in our house...not the whole time- my father looks and cares him too- but to give my father free time too - he stays here with us fromtime to time now.
And I love my dogs so very much ... so I am their mother too...
and very often I have to be mother to my hubby ... men need to have a little bit of a mother on their side too-

so what shall I say?

Happy MOTHERDAY to me!
MOTHER NATURE wants me to be mother I think...
so I have to be mother to all she send to me!


kat said...

Oh I love all these paintings dear friend and all your motherly writing. My favorite thing is just being there for them and lots of big hugs whenever I can grab them!

Valerie-Jael said...

Another wonderful post. Love your illustrations, too. Have a wonderful mother's day, take care of yourself as well as your lovely family! Hugs, Valerie

Marianne said...

Happy mothers day to you too.
I really adore the painting with the dogs - it really shows motherhood.

sheila 77 said...

This is another lovely post that strikes to the heart.
All of your paintings here are so happy and full of clever colour, I like Howy and Genevieve but my favourites are the Original Squawkers with their pink spots and their pink heads and their turquoise bodies.

The Convenient Vegan said...

Happy Mother's day to you. I love your mum dog and her pup! What a lovely post full of wise ways to be a good parent. My motherliness (is that even a word! ) was reserved for children of the four legged variety!

Ilona Heimböckel said...

Happy Mother's Day! :-)
Your wisdom surpasses all! You could be a councellor, and your art and writing in this post could be put into print directly and give parents advice and awareness of the important things in parenting.

I feel so loved by my children. Especially my daughter is telling me all the time how much she loves me, it's incredible! I hope she will continue to feel this way, when she grows up!

Have a wonderful weekend!
hugs Ilona

Unknown said...

Beautiful and heart warming art works and thoughts. Happy Mother's day to you!

NatashaMay said...

I love reading your posts. You always write such wisdom. :) Wonderful art as well.

SLScheibe said...

A lovely post! And lots of super fun artwork. I love the little girl with the bow in her hair. She's so adorable. Hope you have a happy Mother's Day!

alarmcat said...

happy mother's day to you and happy PPF. your paintings are so bright and colorful!!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

What a wonderful post! I love all the paintings in their gorgeous colors. I can see you will definitely have a wonderful "Mother's Day" year round! I love see how amazing my kids are as adults.

Unknown said...

Such a sweet post!!! The thing I love the most about being a mom.....
the opportunity to move forward and make someone's life better.

Unknown said...

Such a sweet post!!! The thing I love the most about being a mom.....
the opportunity to move forward and make someone's life better.

Annabelle said...

Happy Mother's Day Giggles.
Your owl is so sweet, love his eyes ,he reminds me of Howy : )
Adore your post , every word is so true and I could certainly improve on some of those sentiments .Great Post Giggles!

Annabelle : )

DVArtist said...

I truly love this post. There is nothing better than being a mom. Hard times, good times, and everything in between. Your art is always inspiring. Happy mothers day to you.

Linda Kunsman said...

what a fabulous tribute to Mother's day-both in words and in art!! I'd have to say the best thing about being motherly outside of my own son is that for the many years I was a room Mom for my son's schools I was able to share that love with hugs and attention to other students who obviously weren't getting it at home. Wishing you a celebration of YOU this weekend. Hugs!

AnnD said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Such a wonderful post. I know I say this a lot, but I really do love watching your images repeat and change over the course of your post. It's amazing to see the different effects of the different colors.

I am not very motherly by nature, but I love my kid's wit. It's fun to banter and joke with him - especially now that he's old enough to make cracks that are actually funny, and not just funny to a mom. ;)

Abigail Davidson said...

Such sweet creations! Happy PPF!

Ariel said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Sherrie. Your lines about parent-child relation are so true. Enjoyed reading this.

Victoria said...

Beautiful art..magical and visually potent always...and I love the wonderful words and wisdom you have shared...shine on..hugs and happiness to you kindred!

Carol said...

Another great post filled with wise words and Fab art !!! Happy Mother's Day my friend.

My name is Erika. said...

Love this weeks colorful animals!!! You wrote a great post about mothering. I have one daughter too and have a great relationship with her which is one of the big joys of my life. I don't understand people who have kids and just don't seem to want them (in their actions and words.) Have a great Mother's day.

My name is Erika. said...

Love this weeks colorful animals!!! You wrote a great post about mothering. I have one daughter too and have a great relationship with her which is one of the big joys of my life. I don't understand people who have kids and just don't seem to want them (in their actions and words.) Have a great Mother's day.

Studio Kaufmann said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love all your animal paintings. I have one daughter 13 who is already completely grown up, and a 10 year old getting there. So alas I am now mothering the guinea pigs but still, they are cute and cuddly and I don't really want another baby so I will make do. Happy PPF

Jo said...

Wonderful post. Great reminders and words of wisdom. Wonderful art.

Faye said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sherrie! I wish I had had your little list when I was in the mothering stage of life. I may have been a better mom. Love your paintings. They always give me a smile. My favorite is the mama dog and pup.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

You are right on target with this post. I am very proud of my daughters and all their accomplishments in their short lives too. Most importantly, they have a good heart, so they love and respect my wife and me. Happy Mothers Day!

Irene Rafael said...

What a heart-felt posting today, Giggles. Happy Mother's Day to you. Thanks for spreading the love.

Laura said...

You have such a lovely sense of colour in your paintings. It is really lovely to see them. Thanks for sharing.

Laila said...

Lovely post and art. Happy Mothers day. Best thing for me is all the stuff I learn from my child.

Lynn Cohen said...

Happy Mother's Day ! You get the medal for mother of all mothers, I'm sure your kids totally agree. Grand parenting is the next fun role, all the love, fewer responsibilities!

Lynn Cohen said...

You get the medal for being the best of all mothers, I'm sure your kids agree! Fun artist, friend! Grand parenting us the next fun role!

Lisabella Russo said...

I love the little bird and the dog with the puppy, so cute! Happy Mother's Day to you!

denthe said...

Love all the different mothers and children you painted, and very wise words once again..... What I like most about being a mother is seeing how they're so completely different, each with their very own character, and really a mix of my husband and me. And so wise sometimes I can learn things from them ... ;-)

pauline said...

Such wise words, my friend... YES! i love laughing with my son, and i love being a mom. i'm sure Cupcake is so grateful to have had you for a mother. I hope she & Beardo spoiled you on Mother's day. ;-) I have so much catching up to do with everything, but i'll write you soon. For now, i am soaking up all these beautiful bold colours & words. (coming to this space always makes me smile - as soon as i see your joyful banner!) take care girl, and thank you for being that one voice i need to hear every now & then. xx

Unknown said...

Happy mothers day to you also! My favourite thing is watching my kids discover + explore this world, where everything is new + everything unlimited. Great post X

Jez said...

Your paintings are even more lovely than usual, I love the angles you have incorporated, particularly in the owl and the dog, it gives them so much life and liveliness.
As always an interesting and thought-provoking post. As for motherhood, there is a point in the child's life (or at least there was for mine) when they remember the things you did that they were not happy about. But suddenly the child does an about turn, and the happy thing I find now is when my daughter comes out with comments about the fact that what she is today, what she can do, and how she views and treats the world is because of the way I treated her and encouraged (or pushed) her to tackle things she didn't want to. Makes it all worth while.

Goldfish Diaries said...

Love the art, especially the dogs and the little bird who seems to be intently listening ;). Great advice, and it certainly worked!love, Dreamer

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