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Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekly Commotion! Paint Party Friday

Abstract play
 Friday evening, in bed,
trying to readjust my bazaar sleeping pattern
So I could face the next day early and alert,
 for my hair appointment

 Kids were  doing dishes and baking banana bread. 
At approximately 11:23 pm a loud crash is heard
Beardo thinks a dish got knocked into the sink
Cupcake knows it's something bigger

 Soon I hear Cupcake screaming in a panicked fashion  
  F bombs fly
 The youth group at the church behind us
 is quickly dispersing
 Kids are running into the church
Alerted to the commotion, I hobble to the loft
thinking there is a fire or something big happening

  I'm informed there is a huge hole
 in our kitchen window
As the kids rush out the front door,
 racing through long wet grass
 to address the church before they all leave
demanding to know which child threw the rock
through our window
I call 911 with minimal information
The pastors wife attempts to shuffle my furious daughter
by the wayside to no avail....
Cupcake articulately addresses the Pastor with
a firm demeanor, she is her mothers daughter!

I changed  into a long, non paint  stained, night shirt and bra
to greet the police when they arrive.
My hair in a ponytail,  still wet from the bath, looks like a squirrel
I make my way downstairs to check the banana bread
The kids  are gone quite a while.....one large officer arrives...
checks the smashed window, then makes his way to the church... 
  meanwhile the kids return before he attends!

I'm informed of what transpired
the pastor offered to pay for the window
then asks to perform  a prayer circle for the kids...
they accept, which makes me smile
knowing that's not exactly comfortable for Cupcake!

 Beardo replaces the back door light
to investigate the window further
 only one pane of glass is smashed through
 the double paned window..the other still solid....
We can arm the house and sleep
 Outside, sitting on the prickly bush, 
against the house is a colorful maraca
the culprit of the night! 

We all chuckle  as we called for emergency
window repair after midnight.......
we are now living with a wood window!
Until the double paned window is custom sized and fixed!
Cupcake begs me to paint the new wood canvas window
Wip letting go!
The last sixteen years I've lived in a very peaceful area.
 Except for some weekends  and summer evenings
when random people play basketball all hours of the night, 
Or Sundays  when car doors slam and alarms go off
while the church drumming and loud hyms 
 waft  loudly out their windows, 

Rocks land  in our yard weekly, 
 kids have  ridden bikes into our fence..
 but we don't complain. We are good neighbors! 
We often throw the balls back into the church yard!  
Communal living warrants tolerance, 
understanding and compassion! 
All we  can hope for is mutual respect! 
 But when no one attempted to address  the situation, 
or see if we were unharmed after the window broke 
we have every reason to be upset!
It was quieter last sunday and has been for the last few days! 
I can only wonder if they'll be as respectful once the window is replaced
Maybe it warranted a sermon, about respect, and love for your neighbors!

Do you have good neighbors?

It's been a rough week, a wonderful family man from my old neighborhood passed away. I will always remember his friendly smile and pleasant demeanor!
 My daughter had pivotal changes at work, I have a friend from out of town, but I'm under the weather and not the best company. Maya Angelou died on my Birthday, and I found out an extended family member, very close to my ex sister in law is very ill in hospital with pancreatitis and then Beardo stepped on a rusty nail today! 

On the bright side, I always need a bright side!! I had many wonderful text, calls, emails, flowers, surprise gifts, dinners and cards for my Birthday and I feel so blessed. My house is fairly clean courtesy of my kids! I got a new Ikea Raskog cart for my art supplies! Plus I signed up for the free Mindy Lacefield  Sunday morning class!! Pretty sure you can too!! I won a few free lottery tickets! Beardo got a raise and won a gift card! But best of all was how wonderfully my family takes care of me when I'm under the weather!

I hope you too can find the bright side in your dark weeks!


Jez said...

That sounds like quite a night, and your artwork seems to reflect the jumble of emotions that was invading your mind throughout all the commotion. And the thing is, that something like this event does feel like an invasion of one's home and private space. I hope everything settles down and that the young culprits recognise their wrongdoing and perhaps make amends.
There do seem to be times when everything goes wrong, not just one thing after another but one thing on top of another. You are in my thoughts.
I didn't know it was your birthday dear Sherrie, and though late I send you my love and best wishes.
Happily we live in a quiet area (and hope it stays that way) and have good neighbours.
Keep smiling, and pass some good thoughts from me to cupcake. XX

Valerie-Jael said...

Another fun post, you can't complain that life is boring! Here the neighbors are mostly old and quiet, not friendly but not unfriendly! Hugs, Valerie

Faye said...

Wow, what a rough time! And extremely scary to have your window broken in the middle of the night! I hope the culprits were found out and duly reprimanded and made to pay for the window repair. I suspect that someone just threw the maraca and someone who was supposed to catch it didn't. However, not being there, I don't know. All I know is that church people around here are far more respectful and responsible. Your art is fantastic. I agree with your daughter. Painting the wooden window might be a wonderful, therapeutic endeavor.

Faye said...

Plus, Happy belated birthday! Hope most of it was really nice. And my nearest neighbor on one side is about .4 mile away and on the other side about a acre away. I don't see them much but when I need them, I call and they are helpful. My church is 25 minutes away and they are my "family". I see them far more often.

Netty said...

oh dear, you really have had a bad week, thank goodness for family to support you. Happy belated birthday wishes. Great art and love your Ikea cart, I have one similar, except its a hairdressing trolley. Perhaps I ought to take up hairdressing instead of painting....lol Happy PPF, Annette x


Mari Huertas said...

Their colors are vibrant. Saludos

Linda said...

Fabulous abstract!! What a time you've had good and bad. Several of my friends have had some unexpected ups and downs this week, including myself. One friend told me it had to do with the new moon and planetary positions. So glad all worked out between your family and the church. Now I know you're in Mindy's class I'll have to watch for your art:):) I only did the first week so far. I really got stuck on last week because I didn't want to just copy the idea. Eventually it will come, and I will find the right passage to inspire it. Have a great weekend dear!

NatashaMay said...

Wonderful paintings! I always enjoy the bright colors. We actually have wonderful neighbors. I'm really thankful for that. :)

Laila said...

Oh my! I was keeping my breath while reading this, it's so upsetting to have something like this going on and in late evenings it's even worse. I'm glad you kind of sorted it out and hope that it all will settle down. Your abstract work is lovely and so is the colors.
Luckily we live in a very quiet neighbourhood, and I cross my fingers for it to stay that way in the future as well. Happy belated birthday!

MeOfCourse said...

Yes it does sound like it was quite a night. Glad all is back to normal now? :) Love the artwork that goes with your post. Always lots of fun Sherrie. Take care. gloria

Carol said...

Sounds like a crazy kinda night. Love the art. One of the things I love about living in a country subdivision is that you have neighbors....but they aren't close..lots of land between houses :)

ann @ studiohyde said...

Oh my have you had a week! I hope you don't suffer from any more broken windows, perhaps the culprit feels remorse. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday and hope you have a good weekend.

kat said...

Oh how colourful your art is! Great pieces here full of creativity and splashes of bright funky colour! So sorry to hear about your bad night and window getting smashed, what a night! We are blessed, our neighbours next door only come to France a couple of weeks during the year so they let my husband use their flat to work at home.

zana said...

What a mixed bag of a week, joy, annoyance and ill health. Hope things get better. I think it is a great idea to paint the wood covering the window. I have a great neighbour one side and some yucky one the other side. They have a wolfhound that barks all the time and they think it is a joke!
Sending healing prayers your way.

bellefrogworks said...

Your art is happy colored - so there's one bright side. Some days, weeks, months, years are brighter or less so - I'm like you and look for the blessings hidden in the dark clouds. Hope your days to come are a little more cheery.

Jo said...

Wow! I am breathing a sigh of relief by the time I come to the end of your post. Scary as I'm sure it was, glad no one got hurt. Love your abstract art and how wonderful you have wonderful family to care for you.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

Wow that was quite the week... so glad no one was hurt by the maraca and that the window is being replaced... but horrid you are unwell, and on your birthday... that just isn't fair at all... but don't get me started on neighbours... we have a horde of feral children who live over the back... they are playing on the roof of the garage as I type... they even hauled the little one up there... I am just shutting my eyes and waiting for it to all end up in tears... but at least they aren't throwing maracas...
T xx
PS Hope Beardo is doing ok... that looks nasty...xx

Ayala Art said...

wow.... this was too much excitement for one night! Years ago some kids behind our house broke the window too, with a hard ball, long story short, they paid but it left everyone feeling negative. I hope your son in law didn't get hurt, that nail looks terrible!
Hope you are feeling much better now!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

It sounds like you had a rough night, but you seem to have handled it well. I pray that the kids learned their lesson about taking responsibly for their actions. I love the panel that resulted from the mishap, and feel you should frame it. My family and I have been fortunate to have good neighbors, although we pretty much keep to ourselves. We did have some neighbors that used to love to have loud weekend family gatherings, but they were good people. They would even invite us to join them sometimes - LOL! I got to listen to Maya Angelou speak once, and she definitely is one of the most memorable speakers I've even heard. Happy Birthday once again , and hope you have a peaceful weekend, my friend!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Ooohhhh I would be with Cupcake F bombs would be flying. LOL I am lucky I have great neighbors. Glad the preacher is paying for the window. That is the least he can do. I am also glad all of you are ok and no one what hurt. I like the paint job very much.
Have a nice, uneventful weekend

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Ooohhhh I would be with Cupcake F bombs would be flying. LOL I am lucky I have great neighbors. Glad the preacher is paying for the window. That is the least he can do. I am also glad all of you are ok and no one what hurt. I like the paint job very much.
Have a nice, uneventful weekend

denthe said...

Sounds like you had quite a rough week. But it's good you can still see some good things :-) Just today I'd been looking at that Ikea cart that you got for your birthday! Lucky you! I've lived in many different places, and usually the neighbours were okay. What bothers me most is barking dogs. I'm very hapy I never had someone breaking one of my windows in the middle of the night. Boy, I would've been so angry ....

Studio Kaufmann said...

Wow what a dramatic and crazy night! Your pictures really captured your state of mind. I have had a lot of bad neighbors in the past but right now they are nice and quiet so that's perfect. Happy PPF

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a night, frenzy, your painting catches the atmosphere well.
And a rough week, hope the upcoming week is sunnier and more peaceful!

Jez said...

Hi Sherrie, as you suggested I came back to see additions. Sounds like there is good along with bad thank goodness, and your positive spirit always helps. That Ikea trolley for your art supplies looks like an inspired idea, so useful.
Hope June brings pleasant days and peaceful nights. XX

Victoria said...

HUgs kindred...wishing you much comfort, sorry you went through so much..hope you are ok and doing well..shine on and keep shining! And beautiful art, thanks for sharing your magical energy!

Tammie Dickerson said...

Wow! What a busy week! I totally think you should paint a giant face looking towards the church on your "wooden window" - with large, watchful eyes! Hope next week is more peaceful and you are feeling better! Happy PPF!

Laura Moore said...

Oh my what a week indeed. Glad you enjoyed your birthday though. Great present for your arty stuff. Hopefully next week will be better. Great artwork.

sheila 77 said...

What a story. Yes we have to get on with our neighbours but sometimes it is so difficult. We are lucky.....at the moment.
I do love your painted pattens, so beautifully designed and coloured.
I hope you are feeling much better now.

Katherine Jeanne Wood said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm sorry I missed it. Aw!

Something like the rock incident can really shake you up. I've had a similar situation late at night, except it was a bullet coming in through our kitchen door, across the kitchen, and out the window, not a rock. :((( The cops never found out who did it, although I am pretty sure it was our next door neighbor's teenagers playing with a gun. Instead of coming over to see if we were okay, they stopped speaking to us. Pretty suspicious, if you ask me. They were very friendly up to that point.

I hope you're feeling better, and are able to celebrate your birthday sometime this week. xo

Pia Rom said...

OMG so many things are going on in such a short time, hihi...but seems all turns into something good and thats the important point :)Hope you have had a wonderful birthday and feel well soon!! Your new tray seems very handy to place all sorts of colors into! I want one too :) xox Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

Lisa Graham Art said...

So much happening! I hope all is well now. I LOVE the painting of the man in the chair...so much soul in that piece and such a lovely tribute.

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