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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude! aint Party Friday

Marcia #20 eeks  the camera flash hit her cheek
Appreciating simple things is such a gift because you enjoy so much more in life!

 I wrote this comment in response to another bloggers post,  but stole it back as the jumping off point for my own post! I'm always  inspired by other bloggers, that's why I find it  so important to visit when I can!

 Today I want to thank all of you who take time out of your precious day to read my often long winded blog posts each Friday!  It's such a joy getting to know all of you! The inspiration I get from your comments and blogs filled with art and love is insurmountable! Words can't express how truly grateful I am for each and everyone of you. 
Blogging is such an intimate place where people can bare their souls through art and words. It's a chance to have others truly understand our inner workings! I have no doubt their are   bloggers with friends who haven't a clue about the writer/artist they are! I think it's such an honour that people visit our blogs! Even when we aren't at our very best!
I have  always felt thankful for the simple daily things. Although I may not always say it aloud, there is a constant internal dialogue of appreciation happening within!  Some may call it a prayer, or just  plain "being grateful!" It helps me appreciate each moment instead of waiting for some huge extreme event to bring me joy. 

Face  #23 Joanne done with watercolor crayons and acrylics
Acknowledging the wonderful little things that happen daily can bring so much joy! Like hearing your  kids joking about giving each other  a slug hug. A hands free  hug while  carrying in groceries, just  to feel close for a second! Now it's a daily ritual filled with laughter! Imagine two adults running around yelling slug hug then banging their chests together...it's priceless, silly and brings me simple joy.
 This is my favorite photo of the summer and I can't completely tell you why! Probably because I know both kids had such a good time at a Jack White concert in the park! Love the hat and clean chucks. When Cupcake was little I cleaned her shoes every night! That was when I was a wacked out super mom...those days are long gone!
 Face # 24 Gel
Beardo and Cupcake not only slug hug,  they high five with hands slapping together in the air several times a day!  I ignored it as more silliness that is them. Then one day they explained that they're celebrating each other!! How wonderful I thought!
Face #25 Sooz
Until I realized they were high fiving flatulence  and other nonsensical things.
 Of course I laughed. Grateful their relationship  is filled with  daily
 bit of silliness and laughter.
Face #19 Mac
 I learned early how to find joy in very simple things. As a young person I loved playing board games, cards and singing around the piano. Spending the day making perogies with my Ukrainian girlfriend was really rewarding. We laughed while we worked making our favorite meal. I enjoyed making old things look new, and I still do.
Face #21 and #22 Mona and Angry Marney
I've passed the joy of simple things onto my daughter. She loves concerts, travel and shopping, but she knows how to find joy in simple things too!! Cupcake was born grateful and thanked me for small things very early. She'd thank me completely out of the blue. She'd stare at me, then  affectionately say "I love you so much mommy!" I was always surprised at such a small person so full of sincere love and gratitude
Face #26 Sabine
That's what made it so easy for me to go on  banana, 
blue raspberry or rootbeer Slurpee hunt all over town. 
Looking for those frozen drinks  so full of icy yumminess, 
giggling at each dead end,  until we found our favorite 
flavour of the month! Not exactly an environmentally
 friendly or healthy thing to do, but so much fun!
Daily little thoughts of thanks pass through my head for my car, 
cozy bed, hot bath,food on the table, art from friends, color, 
a game of scrabble, a cup of coffee, my fun powder room,
 my pink walls, my kids and their antics, a lunch with friends, 
happy memories, a happy internet story, a good blog read, 
paint party fridays and much much  more!
So grateful for this big banana and his hotdog!
  No matter how hard things got I was always grateful for what I had.
 Instead of feeling sorry for myself I would flip on a tv channel 
where they showed others suffering in different lands 
and I knew I had it good! I'd say a prayer for them 
and a prayer of gratitude for me!

"You can't feel joy without  feeling gratitude!" 

Hey why is it called beauty sleep when you wake up looking like a troll?
How about you, are you always searching for joy,
 or do you find it in the everyday things? 
What is the most bazaar thing you feel grateful for?


Marji said...

Couldn't agree more with all you have in this post. The little things, the blog community and the silliness in our lives - so important and yes, all things for which to be grateful.

Unknown said...

What a sweet and fun post! Love the piece with the tongue sticking out ;) The most bazaar thing? Sitting with husband watching the Les Schwab guys change the tires on our old truck today. Really had a "this is nice" moment! Thanks for sharing :) xoxo

froebelsternchen said...

A wonderful post again this week with fab artwork - have a great weekend!
Happy PPF!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful post and artwork again. I think it's good to be able to be silly with people around you, means you love and trust them. Hugs, Valerie

denthe said...

Love all of your different and fun faces. Lately I've been feeling really grateful for living in a country where life is safe, where there are no maniacs driving around waving weapons and abducting and torturing people. It makes me appreciate and enjoy the small things so much more ....

sharon said...

Wonderful ladies! Being able to be silly with people is one of the greatest joys. Watching some cars stop while a duck and her mate were crossing the road brought me joy today.
Awesome post! You are an inspiration yourself too!

Paper rainbow said...

:) Big smiles and lots to be grateful for x

scrapmanufaktur said...

I loved to read your post of daily thoughts and your faces are so powerful in bright colors! Big hugs and a nice weekend!

My name is Erika. said...

Yup, the little things make your day. Just the other day I was talking with a girlfriend about my mom. My mom is 85 and starting to lose it. Its very sad. And when I told my friend she choked up and got tears in her eyes. Told me how sad it was to have to mother your mother. Yup, made me grateful for all those people in life who are there for you.
OK, blabby me. I lvoe your faces. Wonder what Mona did to make Marney so angry?

BLOGitse said...

What a beautiful post - cute faces and good relationships, perfect.
Have a relaxing weekend!

my blog is here - > BLOGitse

Christine said...

Here's to the little things, always enjoy you art and posts!

Christine said...

Here's to the little things! Always enjoy your art and posts.

Beth Niquette said...

What wonderfully expressive faces you have here!

bellefrogworks said...

how you make me smile with your wonderful, colorful faces and sweet posts. Silliness is good - God made us with the capability to laugh and I for one take advantage of that gift. I am so grateful for all the friends I now have all over the world because of blogging.

Victoria said...

Hi kindred...super beautiful post and wonderful words of inspiration! and such fantastic beings and faces! Hugs, wishing you a beautiful Autumn
PS: a few times this summer I tried to leave a comment and they seemed to get gobbled up! Hope this one comes through!

Anonymous said...

lovely post I am thankful for sitting under our tree reading spongebob to my son waiting for his school bus precious

peggy gatto said...

Happy faces, fresh colors, bold, bright and fun to see!!

Linda Kunsman said...

Here's to YOU and all your fabulous heart felt creativity!! Really lovely post-and of course I love those faces:)

Deepa Gopal said...

Loved this post coz I am a person who enjoys the said 'simple pleasures of life'...if you check my profile, you will see this there! I think people miss to see that! Each day I, almost all days...I think of the things that brought a smile and/or where I felt 'O, that happened good!' and then we often realize that there are many such wonderful moments which otherwise we would have ignored and brushed past. The friendships we make here in blogland is an instance I have always found joy about...making friends all over the world...not just friends...like-minded friends...and we can be real as it can get if we wish to :) Thankful to blog for such wonderful community!I am forever grateful for that :)

GlorV1 said...

Awesome post as always. Great artwork and as usual inspiring. I'm a silly person to begin with. I have to laugh daily and/or make others laugh. That's why life is such a magical journey, sharing our laughter, tears, and everything that goes with it. Have a great weekend.

Faye said...

Sherrie, I look forward each week to see what words of wisdom will come from you. I love seeing your faces but I also love reading about you and your family. I know you are eternally grateful to have raised a grateful child and one that voluntarily says: I love you, Mom. Some of us tried really hard and always said I love you to our kids, and for whatever reason, it just didn't take. We get emails signed by our child with a simple initial. No name, no "love", and often not even that email, period. I am always grateful when I hear from said child. Extremely so.

Robin said...

Hi Giggles! What a wonderful post. You shared such awesome faces with such a wonderful words of YOU! Thank you. Yes blogging is sharing art, explanations...but the best part is getting to know all of the wonderful people out here in blogland, like you.

Right now I am blessed to be celebrating PPF! I am grateful for the ability to make new blogging friends, visiting the blogging friends who have encouraged me and share. It's gratitude in every moment. Hugs and Happy PPF! Rasz #53

PiaRom said...

Those sweet faces, they are incredible and ma very fave is the "happy" couple with the blue background...hillarious! Thank you for sharing your wonderful art and words! I am grateful for beeing friends ♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling

Ayala Art said...

Oh my goodness girl, you can make me laugh, cry, thing and laugh again... ♥!!!
I'm grateful for everything, even the bad/sad stuff in the past, because that made me what I am, and took me where I am. takes time to realize sometimes :oD

Forgetfulone said...

I loved Sabine the best. Maybe it was the color palette. I love to hear your stories. Slug hugs and flatulence high fives makes me smile. You inspire me to strive for joy.

Anonymous said...

Mac is my favorite! He's hilarious.

Thanks for your text, once again. I love to seek inspiration in others' blogs, and usually I leave a comment after my visit. People are so talented and it's just a blessing that they share their talent for all to see. Like you do, in your art and words.

Happy PPF and for the rest of the faces, still a few to go!

Debbie said...

Right now, I'm the most grateful for you, like i am each time I visit you or you visit me! Love this post and your lovely art!

Carol said...

Another amazing post filled with wise words and Fabulous ART <3 Thank you for sharing !!!!

kat said...

Great colourful characters, they look bold and strong!
Simple, I love that word and love to stop and just take in the moment, that's pleasure for me!

Neesie said...

Hello my little Mirka Mora (hehe)
Whoa... you certainly hit the spot in this post Giggles. I agreed with everything you said.
I chuckled and nearly shed a tear too. I have the same internal dialogue... constantly taking a moment to appreciate the smallest of things to the biggies!
Your faces are so expressive and colourful. They certainly make you smile.

Janet said...

I, too, enjoy the simple things in life...a hug, a phone call from a friend, an unexpected email or piece of snail mail. Little things are what bring me the most joy. I even say thanks for red lights when I'm driving because they cause me to stop and think of something good. Thank you is one of the most important phrases in my life.

Teresa Arsenault said...

Great faces with so much expression. What a lovely family you have. It's wonderful that you enjoy each other so much. You are right about the importance of being grateful. It can make a big difference in your life.
Blessing hugs,

PS - Thank you for leaving some love on my blog.

Sirkka said...

Your post is ful of wise words again, Giggles. I am often looking at your posts allthough I am not able to write so much. I wish you good weekend and Happy PPF!

Clare Lloyd said...

They are all fabulous,

Tammie Dickerson said...

I think your joy of life and gratitude shows up in your artwork! So wonderful to dwell on the good and just let the bad slip away! It is all the little things that make up a wonderful life :)

sheila 77 said...

A very enjoyable post, and yes the simple things in life are the best and as artists we can be happy with our colours and papers. On the other hand I would be lost without my computer and Blogland - but we could go back to not having these..... couldn't we? So simple things - walking, coffee, meeting friends, knitting, books, gardening ... and then the Internet with our Blogland friends.
Can I say which face I like best? - it is 26 with her heart shaped face, her ribbons and hair-style.

Lisabella Russo said...

So many painted faces! I'm trying to do a complete set of sketches... Love the hair on the first one, the streaks are wonderful! I'm not sure what the oddest thing I'm grateful for, it's interesting to think about though!

Karla B said...

I think gratitude and humbleness are the most important characteristics in a human being.Everyday before I sleep I count my blessings. Nothing can kill a grateful heart because it is easier to find joy in small things.I want to thank you too for your long posts too. First because they are food for thought, second because your posts help to improve my English and third because you make me see that we are all the same everywhere. We have the same fears, same passions, etc. Our color skins may be different and our languages too but we are searching for the same things: love and peace.

Unknown said...

I just stumbled across your blog, but I'm so glad! I needed the reminder, to appreciate the little things, instead of driving myself crazy worrying about evetything under the sun. I must stop, breathe, and be thankful for the little things that I love. Oh, and to let go of fear of judgment, and not being good enough! Lol, sorry, I don't usually write that much, but your post got me thinking! Also love your work too! I am bookmarking you so I can remember to return.
Thank you ♥

Jo said...

love your posts, love your art, love your faces. love visiting here. :)

J C said...

Awesome faces. The color is exceptional...love every one of them. I think, from your words, that your thinking goes deep. Nice! The most bizarre thing I am grateful for is not even bizarre. Just grateful for a roof, a bed, and dinner. I don't have much, but there are those who have nothing. My mother used to tell me, when I complained, "I cried because I had no shoes, then I saw a man with no feet." Nuff said.

Unknown said...

Now I remember your blog! Your art makes me happy, and thank you for the comments, you seriously brightened my day!
I look forward to chatting again

A'n'G Johnson said...

I love this post! I preach gratitude and try to practice it too! Happy Friday!!!

And Thank YOU for your brilliant inspiring posts as well as for coming over to visit my blog from time to time and leave me some love.

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