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Friday, December 05, 2014

Art by others paint party friday

Pretty sure you must be sick of my tiny piano, however I thought you might enjoy seeing the lineup of other ones in their artful glory! One was sent back east to be done by a fairly renowned Canadian artist but hasn't arrived back yet. I'm very curious to see that one as well!

Beardo Captured  all these photos for the silent auction! This is unquestionably mine!

Other than mine do you have a favorite?

I did a full post that  completely disappeared! I surmise  the subject was  not fitting to go with these lovely pieces of artwork. So I will heed the universal message shorten it up and post again!
This Leopard one is done by a tattoo artist! It's gorgeous in person! I am so in awe of it! 
You can feel the heart that went into this piece when you see it in person!
This week a young  thirty year old male acquaintance of my daughter passed away! Messages on his facebook allude to despair. Cupcake was devastated and cried most of her work day.  In the past she had  talked him through a heartbreak, illness of his mother and a few other dilemmas. In return he gave her his old android phone and fixed her antique one when it crashed a few times!

This one is done by a band, the stencils was computer generated  then all the details were cut 
  with an x-acto knife and pasted to the piano! It took hours and hours to get this perfection~

They had a lovely  comradery and she baked him banana bread   and made a huge basket for his  former girlfriend a few Christmases ago as a thank-you!
This one is marbled with a counter top material...

He was well loved by everyone who knew him! People are  
shocked and  devastated by his demise
A  very large acrylic painting almost the same comes with this one! 
Mine was chosen with this one by a reporter to be in the News Paper.
Sadly the photographer did not do it justice!

A last message, " I'd rather die a winner, than live as a loser" with the horrible image of a heart punctured by swords was posted on his instagram.
The next two are done in Acrylic
Even though I never met the young man I knew who he was and felt 
deeply affected for everyone who loved him. Especially his mother and sisters!

These are all  painted ukuleles

Life is a roller coast ride of deep dips of sadness and equally wonderful highs of glory!
I wish he could have navigated the sorrow with a better ending.
This one is completely wood burned...his work is amazing in person. The photo doesn't do it justice!
May he rest in peace.

Turned horizontal this one is a mountain scene sanded to
look like the natural wear old musicians had on their instruments!
I am working on this project this week, it's will be revealed next week in completion!

Throwback Thursday my Cupcake at four, twenty five years ago!
What would you say to  a young person wrestling with the idea of suicide?


NatashaMay said...

I love the tiny instruments! :) They all look gorgeous! Your question is a loaded one. I would send them to therapy as I can't really put myself in their shoes and give any sort of advice that would not sound condescending.

Valerie-Jael said...

What a wonderful musical collection, great work! Hugs, Valerie

Christine said...

I like yours the best then guitar bottom right. So sorry to hear of cupcake's loss especially at this time of year.

Netty said...

Brilliant post but also sad. Of course I love your piano and I loved all the other instruments as well.
Great photo of Cupcake, thank you for sharing. Happy PPF, Annette x


sheila 77 said...

What a difficult question at the end, I'm glad I don't have to face that question.
Interesting that when your post disappeared you thought that it was a sign, haha! It is tempting to think that but I usually type it straight back in again just to annoy the Universal Messenger. It more often happens with comments.
I've examined the other pianos but I have to say that yours is much better than the others, IMO, so I'll have to stay with your piano.

Marji said...

Gee its really hard to pick another other than yours of course :) I was drawn to the Hawaiian guitar, but you are right the wood burned one is amazing. Ok - too hard to pick. So many good ones.

Linda Kunsman said...

It IS yours I love the best but my second choice would be the sunny ocean themed guitar! So sorry about the very sad news about this young man. All too often surrounding friends and family are not aware of the severity of depression because some hide it so well. I would be as supportive as I could but really, a GOOD therapist would have the right kind of help to offer.

My name is Erika. said...

I love looking at all the instruments you showed us. They are beautiful and what a display that must have been. What a sad story too. I am sorry that Cupcake had to go through such a thing. And his family too, and even him. He must have been in a very very bad place. Too bad he didn't the help he needed, but I hope Cupcake does.

denthe said...

I would definitely choose yours! And I also like the bottom left ukelele. Difficult question, I think there's not much one can say. Listen, be there for them, and enlist the help of a therapist. Although I sometimes wonder whether that really helps ....

kat said...

Oh that is a hard one! How very sad, truly tragic for all those left behind!
Your lovely piano looks so jolly and happy though, it's my definite favourite, then would come the little black and white piano.
Blessings dear friend,
Kat xx

sharon said...

I love yours the best of course although the leopard one looks fascinating. Sorry for the boy and his family, it is the guilt that the friends and family feel at not realising how things were so bad that is hard for most. What would I say? phew! Listen suggest that they phone lifeline, perhaps having an anon listener would help? Although I suspect that if they want to talk about it they are looking for help and the likelihood of suicide is not so bad. It is the ones that don't let on about the turmoil in their hearts and head are the ones that are the most worrying.

Gloria said...

So sad to hear of someone so young giving up the fight. Youth doesn't know that things always change, sometimes taking longer than you would like. But what can you say? Your daughter tried so hard to help, and be supportive. What a heartbreak.

I like yours the best, of course, then the ukulele with the octopus is my next favorite.

Carol said...

I do love your piano the best!!!! Sending Cupcake a HUGE HUG and lots of love. It's so hard to lose a friend and even harder when it is my their own decision. As for your question .. all you can really do is offer them support and encouragement and try to get them to professional help.

Faye said...

Your piano is wonderful, Sherrie, and the best of the items. The tattoo artist's piano is pretty too. My sister lost her 50 year old daughter 2 weeks ago (heart attack) and it has made us all so sad. Thirty is far too young to die. The thing is that we aren't the same people at every stage of life. I am definitely not the person I was at 30 (thank goodness), nor am I the same that I was at 50. I have no idea how to talk to someone that depressed except to urge them to get professional help. Hugs to your daughter.

susupetal said...

A difficult question at the end. Sadly in my circle of friends I know three young ones that committed suicides. Everyone was a shock to their families, no one knew the anxiety of these young people.
And when you don¨t know, you can't help.

But it's different, if you know, although the last decision is always the person's own.
Someone gets help from talking, maybe not to the nearest, sometimes an outsider is better. Someone gets help just from people that stand by.
I myself stay alive with the help of art and writing.

A difficult situation, strength and hugs.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

what a fab collection af artful musical instruments!

JKW said...

What an amazing post. That is so sad. I love the tattoo artist works, of course it would be good, lol. Sometimes it is difficult knowing what someone else is going through. . . or just how deeply. Blessings, Janet PPF

Janet said...

Beautiful art...sad post. My thoughts go out to Cupcake and also to the young man's family. The holidays are such a tough time for people who have problems.

Studio Kaufmann said...

oh my isn't your Cupcake adorable!I love your tiny piano. So sorry to hear about Cupcake's friend. It makes me think that I should reach out to isolated people in my community this christmas. Happy PPF

Victoria said...

Beautiful art and love all of the instruments..I love music so much...so I can appreciate all of this magic!! Hugs to cupcake for the loss of a friend, many hugs and much love and support to all who loved him.
HUgs to you too!

Ginny said...

I love the adorable picture of Cupcake. I have to say I like your piano best. My second choice is the one with the octopus.
You always pose such important yet difficult questions. First and foremost I would do my best to help the person get to a professional. I would let them know I was there for them no matter what time of day or night and stay as close to them as possible until they get the help they need and deserve.
Please know that Cupcake is in my prayers as she grieves for her friend.

Abigail Davidson said...

I really enjoy seeing the pianos! So cute and great variety of styles and patterns -- I like all of them!

lorik said...

Of course I like yours best! How could I not ...bright and happy colour and pattern...and the fact that they are tiny pianos. My son is a piano player.. I will send him a link to show him your work! I do love most the others too!

Pia Rom said...

Ohh so cute to get some colors onto the music instruments! I looove the pianos and couldn´t get a favorite! Such a sad story about the loss! I think it is sooo difficult for all the youngsters to find herselves with all this social media pressure and such...we all have lost the ability to life in the moment and enjoy the tiny lil things ;) xox ♥ Conny
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