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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Practical or Frivolous? Paint Party Friday

I love this quirky little  couple
I apologize for the insanely long post last week.
Thanks to all who read it anyway!
   The week before  I mistaking thought my kids  were 
coming up to their eighth anniversary but it was  their seventh
they just celebrated! Silly me... I corrected that.
The singer done freely
As much as Cupcake  and Beardo love  
sharing their anniversary with Valentines
 day they don't fall prey to commercialism 
of the day! Refusing as a couple 
to buy flowers at jacked up prices, 
or their favorite chocolate at regular price!
 Dining out in crowded venues is not their
 thing either! Instead Cupcake picked up 
some half price chocolate the next day, 
and they will purchase flowers at a later date!
The flirt...Cupcake loves him...I like his little friend
 I know it doesn't seem very romantic  but Beardo finds it 
a huge relief,  and his male coworkers envy him. 
Practical Cupcake is satisfied  the extra cash will be 
used sensibly.  She's not a woman who craves romance 
like her mom did. However she has a man who would walk over
hot coals for her and do anything  she asks without complaint!
The mother a deviation from something I saw
Funny how we all have such different needs. Some women never receive flowers, yet are perfectly fine with that. Others, not so much!   I say, buy them for yourself, because you're worth it! If you want something special and you aren't properly acknowledged on your Birthday, anniversary or Valentines day, then do something for yourself.
Quirky Friends
Or if you're in a state of grief, alone and sad! Treat
yourself to  something special!
 Splurge on something beautiful, a new novel,
art supplies, or a CD filled with your favorite music! 
Ask friends to meet you for coffee, see a new movie,
do some window shopping, imagine better days! 

 On their anniversary, after a full days work
Cupcake and Beardo listened to some local musicians and
 shared a simple meal. Both satisfied to have a laugh
and a chat with a friend! I love that
Cupcake is happy to spend time with her man
without too much hoopla!

Meek one

 I'm at the point in my life, a day of love is just that!
It's any day that I can have a paintbrush in my 
hand! Or the writing comes freely!

Sad young man with a choice to make!
Like it says on my banner, I'm in a romance with art and words!
It feeds my soul, any day and everyday!
Anything else pales in comparison .

Grandma and granddaughters

Do you need frivolity or romance
to feel loved on a special occasion.
 Or are you too practical to fall prey 
to marketing geniuses!

                                            Nineteen of my faces for Faces of Feb 2015

  Is there anything in particular you need to feel loved? 

Oh and   Michelle Allen is having a bag give away on her blog this week
check it out!! You are welcome and good luck!!


froebelsternchen said...

Happy post! Happy ART! HAPPY PPF!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful work! Hugs, Valerie

The Convenient Vegan said...

We don't celebrate Valentine's day as it is enforced romanticism invented by hallmark to make folk spent ridiculous amounts if money to price to everyone else that they love each other! Steve does romantic things for me all year round that don't involve chocolate or flowers or any other clichéd offerings of romance! i was in Orlando this Valentine's day and returned to find Steve had redecorated and re-carpeted our computer room and turned it into acomputer room/gym complete with new computer and treadmill-that to me is much more thoughtful than flowers! In fact i don't like cut flowers-i much prefer them to stay in the ground where they belong for the butterflies and bees! i love your selection of faces this week.

Lynn Cohen said...

This is the first time in a long time I didn't make my love a Valentine. Just was busy making other art I guess, and he didn't give me flowers or chocolate, although he is in the habit of bringing home the odd 85% coaco bar and making sure I've got a stash of it. Thoughtfulness, more than romanticism. We must take our love for granted by now. Don't need Hallmark to remind us. I sent books and art supplies to youngest grandkids, as any excuse will do. So why not wrap it up in hearts to say grandma and grandpa love you! Hopefully Love is there everyday! I think it is with us and ours. And ... I love your colorful art this week, wonderfully expressive faces!

sharon said...

Great faces. My ex wasn't into romancing, nor was I, although we both enjoyed dining out somewhere special. Nowadays when I want to feel special and I am alone, getting out my fine china and having a fancy tea really hits the spot.

My name is Erika. said...

What a great collection of faces.

Paper rainbow said...

You are so right in that making time and love for yourself is so important. I buy flowers for myself regularly as they make me happy. In my present predicament its little things that others do which let me know they care.

Ginny said...

I spent Valentine's Day with my grandsons and we had lots of fun. My husband and I always thought it was more important to treat everyday as Valentines Day. We always acknowledged the actual day but it was not with something expensive or unnecessary so I guess I am practical.

Thank you again for checking on me yesterday. It was just what I needed to confirm I needed to start blogging again. Have a great week.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

As an artist, I'm hopeless romantic, so I bought roses for my wife's bracelet. However, I made my own floral arrangement for $14. I like nice things, but I am thrifty with my money, and my wife appreciates it. I love your sweet painting of the couple, which reminds me of one of Frida's pieces with Diego. I also love the tenderness in your mother and child. Blessings, my friend!

Karla B said...

I think most holidays are pure marketing. Sometimes it is much better to surprise people and give them a bouquet of flowers when the less expect. I am a professional dreammer, a romantic but I don't care about celebrations too much. Love your faces!They're lovely!

Linda Kunsman said...

SO many fabulous paintings here!! We don't fall into the commercialism although I make cards, even for my friends. We don't go out, buy flowers or candy. However, I will be surprised randomly with a new CD or movie I was thinking about. I'm quite happy to buy some market flowers for myself when I feel the need :) Sounds like Beardo and Cupcake are a match made in heaven!

Kate Robertson said...

Lots of fun art this week. I buy myself flowers all the time.


Faye said...

Enjoyed your post very much, Sherrie. I am a Cupcake sort of "girl". Oh, I loved getting pretty valentines from my dh and the chocolates, of course, but left to myself, I have always shopped the candy aisles the day after holidays and the next few days. I worked in retail for 6 years and discovered by being in the buyer's office that EVERYTHING there was doubled in price for retail. We'd buy men's shirts for $17 each from the wholesaler and sell them for $34. Your kids are savvy shoppers. Besides, a quiet simple dinner together offers lots of romance.

bellefrogworks said...

I am so glad to be visiting you again. I've been away far too long. Well - not exactly away, but not visiting with my artist friends. I am too empathetic with those who are alone, or hurting to get any pleasure with the commercial side of Valentines Day. I agree with Ginny - love is for everyday! Love all your faces - your art conveys emotions and many smiles. Happy 7th anniversary to Cupcake and Beardo - may they celebrate many more.

Beth Niquette said...

What wonderful happy artwork! Your wonderful drawings make me smile and they fill my eyes. :D


Gillena Cox said...

luv them all; happy PPF

much love...

GlorV1 said...

Hi Sherry. Lots of great art here as always. Your posts are always food for thought. Great work..

Christine said...

lovely colourful art as usual. Lately I've been thinking it is nice to have emotional support.

lee said...

oh loved your post, flowers they come and go, when someone says I love you, that's what matters. Sounds like cupcake got a keeper that's for sure. Loving all your faces, and thanks for the encouragement on my blog, somedays its hard just to post. I did put my girl and the city up on Illustration Friday thanks for the tip

Studio Kaufmann said...

I know what you mean.It is such a waste of money and time to go out for valentine's day. Nothing makes me feel more loved than getting a handmade card from my daughters on valentine's day.....not a thousand Hallmark cards.Happy PPF

Jo said...

Good stuff as always, my friend.

Ayala Art said...

I am practical.... but still get nice details from my husband. I love that. We however, went a day early to have dinner because we don't like crowds either...
Beautiful art!! And you know what? Your 1st image, the couple? They can easily be Diego and Frida! lol Love it!

sheila 77 said...

Lots of amazing and fun and very colourful paintings here, and now I have the fun of choosing favourites.
"The Flirt" is brilliant, what an expression he has, cool sunglasses, Mr. Flirt.
And "Quirky Friends" - don't we all have those!
Your advice on coping alone is very good, and good advice for any of us too.

NatashaMay said...

Love your faces! :) You want to hear something silly. I thought I was a year younger the whole last year. It's only now on my birthday I realized I'm not. So I skipped a whole year and aged 2 years on my birthday. :)

I heard people have different love languages. Some like gifts, some like attention and some like things being done for them, etc. So that's why some people are ok without flowers and others not. It depends what kind of love language they have.

JKW said...

I love the green eyed gal with brown curly hair. . .turning a bit blue (that's me, smurf city in So. FL). The quirky friends are adorable and the grandmother/daughters/grands is adorable. You have all the ladies covered so very nicely. All I need are friends (RE: valentines day). I had my man/boyfriend time. I always enjoy your blog, long or not. Blessings, Janet PPF

kat said...

Such fun and great art , bright and so full of colour and life!
We don't celebrate St Valentine's day with anything special on that day but pick our own times to have our special moments.
The great thing about receiving flowers or presents...is when they come completely unexpected, out of the blue!

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab art work. The couple at the start of the post are brill.

Tammie Dickerson said...

I think "Meek One" and the "mother" are my favorites! I think our "artist's souls" are always best fed with spending time in the paints - or other chosen medium! If I don't get my "fix", the other things just don't run as smoothly! Happy PPF!

Carol said...

A beautiful and Happy post full of wonderful color and great thoughts ♥ It so wonderful to see and read of a couple who are so devoted and at ease with each other ♥♥♥♥♥

Fran said...

Such a sweet and colorful collection.

denthe said...

oh, I just love your colourful and quirky faces this week! Such fun to look at, and the colours make me happy. I hate commercialised holidays or festivities, I much prefer a nice surprise on any given day :-)

Tracey FK said...

i am more of a practical soul, though i do love the surprise flowers now and again... i adore flowers and getting them for no reason is always so much nicer than getting them because a calendar dictates... great post as always giggles... I always find myself pausing and thinking before I comment... which is very cool in our hopped up reaction filled world...xx

Silke Powers said...

Your artwork just makes me happy, happy, happy!! As to special love days, I'm in one of those relationships where every day feels like a good love day, even the very ordinary ones. On Valentine's Day, we don't do flowers or chocolates, but we usually go out for a good meal because we both love good food. xoxo Silke

Unknown said...

It is good to celebrate love and feel loved every day in the year. Beautiful, uplifting and happy thoughts and art work. Thank you for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your faces are made with so much love and joy, love the bright colors!!

Katie Jeanne said...

Whenever I see your art, I smile. :)

I let my husband off the hook for Valentine's Day. I'm allergic to chocolate, most flowers, and jewelry. Even my wedding rings are troublesome, and I have to take them off all the time. There's not much I'm not allergic to, really..so, the only thing he could possibly buy me is.. nothing. He probably thinks he's the luckiest man alive. lol

pauline said...

omg Giggles... i just HAD to send you a quick word to tell you that i'll be sending you a "not so quick word" over the weekend! i have so much catching up to do with your posts, and i just skimmed through this (and the past post) and OH. MY. LORD... yeah, i have WAY too much to say to fit in this tiny box with the tiny type. I'll be back over the weekend. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. Your faces are AWESOME. I am always blown away by your vibrant colours and confident brush strokes. Take care my friend. I'll be back soon.xx

Michellem said...

Visiting to check out 29 faces - great job!!
Love that Cupcake is so contented - great lesson for young ladies today. My husband surprises me with flowers from time to time from the grocery and it thrills me to pieces - I'd much rather have a small gift from the heart than something that was obligated on a certain day.

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