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Saturday, March 07, 2015

International Womans Day 2015

 Each International Woman's day I try to share this poem I wrote almost ten years ago. It's a summation  of the many women I have encountered over the years as well as myself! It's a tribute to women everywhere who's inner world propels them to better things! This is the first digital art I have done with my tablet!
 Mother, daughter, Sister, Lover

I am a woman, and I cry when no one can hear
I have huge dreams, I never share
I have fantasies, I dare not reveal
I have unrequited love, that is never recognized
I am the white noise in the home
Persistently preparing, repairing and doing at all times
I love deeply, with vision, constant hope, pride and joy
I have a relentless faith, in life, in god, in family, in future
I carry the burdens and secrets of others
Hold guilt to my heart, where empathy,
Forgiveness and optimism obstinately reside
Often suppressing passion, and creativity
I do my duties without fail, or resentment
I stand alone in my failures and regrets
I give, even when there is but a pittance
I get less, expect less, and take less, feeling like I am less
I am taken for granted, heard with rare acceptance
I am courageous, beyond my expectations
I am the unpaid teacher, waitress, homemaker, and psychologist
I am the solver of problems, and scarcely put first
I have thoughts, I feel ashamed to share
I have wants, I will never reveal
I have needs that no one will heed
I have a lonely soul, which I can not seem to feed

I am a woman, and I cry alone, about what isn’t
What will never be, what is lost, forgotten, not forgiven
Not recognized, or realized, or capitalized, I cry about
Poverty, and love forlorn, for loved ones, and love forgotten
I am a woman, resilient in majestic proportions,
I am a woman, of maternal magnificence
I am a woman, with imperial abilities
I am a unique woman, the queen of my family
And heart of my home!
  Paint Party Friday


Renee Dowling said...

A heart filled poem filled with faces of different perspectives and colour and delight!

Janet said...

Love love love the art!! And I do remember this poem from a previous year. Very powerful and thoughtful.

lee said...

Love the art and the poem how talented are you,

Faye said...

Absolutely wonderful and it says it all! Also love the paintings, especially the third one.

judie said...

How true are these words. Fab art too!

Jo said...

Amen, sister!!!

Tracey Fletcher King said...

Fabulous poem... and a great post in celebration of Women's day!!!

JKW said...

Wonderful tribute to International Women's day. I am a Women's Studies Minor (only because Illinois State U didn't have a major. I had enough courses (almost, shy of 2) for a double major. Blessings, Janet, PPF

Pia Rom said...

OMG you have touched my heart and soul with your great poem! Amazing one! And then all the women you painted they all are one in their souls for sure <3 Big hug ♥ Conny
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