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Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Desk Paint Party Friday

Websites where lovely artists connect!
Digitally color edited Colour Freak!
 You know what a winded blogger I am...well
 I lost my  whole post in one fail sweep with no
 way to recover it! Here I am rewriting it....
asking myself the question,
" What am I to learn from this?" 
The kids went to Weird Al this week and loved it so much. Beardo faded into the green screen! It was the first concert I took cupcake to when she was little!
The quick answer, because this now has to be a quickie is, 
"too much talking!"
That has always been my problem,
 blogging is no different!! Instead of sharing 
  the wonderful details about  my new desk
 that took a LONG time in the making
I will present it and leave it at that!
 Quietly praising my son in law in private!
Weird Als many costume changes!!
After all who wants to hear a bunch of my mush about my son in law 
once again. Even if he highly deserves it! Instead I will weep gently 
over what is lost and move on! Much like I have done most of my life! 
Consider this one of my quickest posts ever! Meanwhile the new
 mouse is going in the garbage since I have wrestled with it the
 whole day as it kept taking me back to the dashboard mid sentence! 
 I gladly resort to my old taped up one that I was so tenaciously 
teased about a few days ago!
Here is my gorgeous wrap around desk designed by Beardo!
All cords, printers, papers and the tower hidden from sight!
It boasts a nice deep drawer for my crap  accessories!
A few shallow drawers for Cupcakes crap sewing supplies!
Click on the photos for a more up close and personal perspective!!
Feast your eyes on the  pristine newness of this space! Goodness 
knows  how long that will last! The walls once filled with art are 
staying clear for the moment while I regroup and enjoy!
There is junk in all the other rooms that once shared this space!! 
I'm giving it an eviction notice since it hasn't been earning it's keep!
 I have been so joyful in my new space the last few days!  Pretty sure cupcake will 
love it too! I am so proud of this great desk that took Beardo all his holidays and
 days off to custom design and create from scratch with so much love! It's perfect! Everything feels ergonomically more comfortable too!
Face #5 colour Freak is the original!
The post that vanished I spoke about our healthy
eating plan where Beardo was the winner shedding
quite a bit of himself. Probably 40 or 50 pounds
but no one weighs them self in this house so
that's a guess·ti·mate. He's always carried his weight well
but seriously he is way smaller for a man six three!
Cupcake lost a few pounds and fits into her old clothes too!
It's not as noticeable on her because she's always pretty slim.
 She gauges her weight on how well her clothes fit not on
pounds anyway, and never has!  She looks and feels
fabulous being comfortable in her clothes!
Face #8 Herbie the Herb hider..... ate so many herbs his face turned green!
I feel I have been eating more than I ever have and haven't 
lost a pound. However Cupcake who is bluntly honest says my
face looks a lot thinner! When there is massive weight to shed 
of course the face is the first to go.... 
 I do not feel one pound lighter...I feel heavier...
Day #7 Lady Blue
For years I used sweet and low in my coffee with creamer....
Beardo weaned me off it replacing it with sugar about a year
and a half ago. Then he gradually cut the sugar back.
  I am happy to  say I now couldn't imagine sugar in my coffee!
 For breakfast we all have a blender drink with fruit, chia seeds,
hemps seeds, almonds, almond butter and pumpkin seeds with 
Kale or spinach on occasion. The fruit is varied.
On weekends  we have the drink made with
bananas, cocoa, coconut milk and all the seeds and nuts as
a treat or if we run out of frozen fruit!
 We graze on fruit and nuts during the day.
The kids have a salad for lunch no dressing.
The salad has feta cheese, greens, cranraisins, 
seeds, radish, cukes, tomato, sometimes peppers
you name it....
I am usually too full from the morning drink and my 
coffee  and water with a few nuts and fruit inbetween
to actually eat a lunch. 
Instead I will have my salad at dinner!


 Dinner is whatever they feel like and usually consist of
loads of yummy summer veggies done in avacado oil.
We've cut out most dairy except cheese and some 
sour cream on occasion.. They have had slurpies all
summer long because of the heat, and pizza on their days off. 
Minimal white flour.... way less meat mostly chicken
less sugar too! We are always full and we don't deprive
ourselves... We needed change that we could incorporate
into a lifestyle! This works for us!

 Beardo has starbucks only once a week now and usually
no longer  a fancy one! Cupcakes acid reflux has improved
and she has been able to add coffee on occasion to her diet. 

No sugar in my tea or coffee   and my tastebuds
have intensified again!  Things with sugar are way too sweet
for me now and I eat more regularly! It's been a wonderful
change that we can all live with! Hopefully it continues
into the winter months!
Sometimes change is as good as a rest! 
Have you made any recent changes in your life lately?
Face #6 Ms Perplexed

She started out as an old man with a white beard and morphed into 
a woman with an infinity scarf.....go figure! The powers of art!
What is the last nice thing someone did for you?


Valerie-Jael said...

Fantastic desk, lovely art.Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Christine said...

you know my husband does nice things for me all the time, we do take that for granted. Your new space looks lovely, and nice art this week! You are blessed with a loving daughter and son-in-law, I know you don't take them for granted!

sirkkis said...

WHAT A STORY! Sorry, that you lost dear things, but YOU GOT a excellant studio,
congrats!! Your post with paintings is amazing and gorgeous, love xx

Dia said...

What an ooo la la lovely renewed space, Giggles!
Fun pictures as usual! Hugs!

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab art and great new space. Happy PPF

sharon said...

Great desk and I love Face 5. I made a change 2 weeks ago, have become vegetarian again, used to be, but slipped back into meat eating a few years back. So far so good, I am hoping that it will help my immune system. Last week a friend came round and built me two raised vegetable beds because they knew I missed my old veg patch..

Miss Marple said...

Cool faces! Happy PPF - Irma

Anonymous said...

Oh, such a tidy space!!!

Color happiness in your faces!

Studio Kaufmann said...

Your diet sounds really quite yummy as diets go. It's wonderful you are all in this together! Hurrah for Beardo!
I love the green and purple face. They are wonderful colors together aren't they? Congrats on the new desk......my workspace is a pigsty
Happy PPF

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Fabulous desk - wow... wonderful art!
Happy PPF !

Linda Kunsman said...

that is an awesome desk!! I am lucky too to have someone with wood working talent (hubby). I love all your faces and the color changes are so much fun! With all those wonderfully healthy changes you too my dear will begin to see more weight loss and benefits. Everyone's metabolism works on a different level. Keep up the good work!
PS - I finally remembered the avocado oil and love it!

carol l mckenna said...

Colorful and creative faces! Beardo did a wonderful job creating your wrap around desk ~ how elegant!

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol

Kate Robertson said...

Fantastic Desk, what a great son -in-law you have. Love the ladies in the infinity scarf. I love how art can evolve like that too.


Wanda said...

What a happy and fun post. Love your wrap around desk corner. Fabulous.

Of course all your painting show so much expression.... HaHa...love the old man that turned into a lovely lady....The beauty of art. Hugs

Janet said...

Your new desk is fantastic! Great job, Beardo!! And I'm with you on the eating habits. I love smoothies made with lots of fruit and veggies (in fact I'm having a fruit smoothie right now!)

You always have colorful art and I love it. Your girl with the infinity scarf is my favorite this week.

robin lorraine williamson said...

love all the faces and great desk zen hugs have a great weekend

kat said...

What a post, and a second one at that, you really do have loads to share and it's always fun to see what's on your mind.
Such a collection of colourful faces and characters, what a show!
Your new space is great! Space and no clutter is so refreshing, beautiful!
As for last nice things, well my hubby came in with a surprise bouquet of yellow roses yesterday, I love a fresh bunch of flowers!
He's flying away to Boston now for a week of work, so we'll all be missing him this week!
Best wishes your way,
Kat xx

Faye said...

Ms Perplexed is captivating! I love the sparkling eyes. Your desk is to die for!!! Yay for Beardo! And your diet seems a lot more healthy than mine is. I also go by how my clothes fit, and they aren't fitting too well at this moment.

Deborah Wainwright said...

Fabulous faces as always hugs Debs xx

Paper rainbow said...

What a great working space you now have I'm very jealous! My space is madly crammed with everything and anything :) your healthy eating sounds like its working. I've been a veggie for over 30 years and for the last 6 have cut out most dairy bar a bit of cheese occasionally. I think I'm pretty healthy and I never worry about my weight as I've stayed the same size for all my adult life so I think more veg and mindful eating make it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

denthe said...

Wow, your desk looks fantastic! Great job he did! Looks like a womderful place to sit and do creative things :-) Your diet sounds very healthy, I'm sure the weight will start dropping off on you too (in other places than your face ☺). Just keep going!

My name is Erika. said...

So many fun faces today! Don't you just hate it when you lose a post? When it is gone, it is gone and how stinky is that!!!!! Have a great weekend!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Beardo's woodwork craftsmanship is truly amazing! Based on the way you've described your new eating habits, I'm sure you've lost a lot more weight than you think. My family and I eat in the most nutritious way possible, but my wife and I don't exercise as much as we need to. Thanks for your visit to my blog and for the wisdom of your words. Happy PPF!

Sunshineshelle said...

What a huge awesome action packed post! Love the fun family insights and also, of course, the wonderful array of faces, some are so strong, they could be transferred into mosaic or stained glass, love 'em!

Tracey Fletcher King said...

the desk is amazing!!!!! that would bring me joy as well, and the whole room looks so fresh and inviting... awesome... as for the eating plan... it sounds almost exactly what we have been doing as well. Phants has pretty much always eaten that way except for some GF bread or pasta on occasion, so we have all gone over to it and I feel like a jumping bean on steroids... way to much energy to be healthy!!! great minds and all that hey!

Carol said...

That is a beautiful desk!!! Sure beats my old door setting on top of two filing cabinets. But it works for me :) Love the art and so glad that the diet change is working for you all. I have started back on the smoothies again and cutting back on the unhealthy snacks. Haven't lost any weight yet but do feel better and have more energy. I have a co-worker who just randomly brings me plants and honey...just because she wants to.:)

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Your new space is awesome, your art a delight and life changes always give a freshness to our souls. I have made a few myself. Happy weekend to you.

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Inspiring post. My sugar intake is way too high. I will try cutting back slowly. Like all the the comments before me I love your new workspace. Think about joining What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday. I find my posts tend to be rather lengthy too. I keep telling myself I need to do more frequent short posts but never seem to make it. I think we all tend to enjoy your posts just as they are!

Nat S said...

love the first Lady blue... really well done

Karla B said...

No changes that i would say it could be relevant, my friend. Love your work and words. It's always good to be here!

Laney said...

Love seeing your paintings - Herbie the herb hider is my favorite! Your new space looks so nice! How nice to have a custom desk and someone talented to make it for you! Inspiring diet changes going on over there, too. Makes me crave a salad!!

June Walker said...

What a great desk!! You lucky thing. I love Herby the herb eater because he has such a cheerful smile!!

Indira said...

Great desk and you are fortunate to have such a wonderful so-in-law!

Awesome faces. No I have not made any changes in my life recently but planning to.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

wow awesome faces .so vibrant and fun .hugs xo

Kim Dellow said...

Wonderful faces! I've lost blog post before not fun Zoinks! Great desk :) Thanks for linking up to Show Your Face and for the shout out too. Kx

JKW said...

Your colorful ladies are a great addition. Ugh, food is an issue with me. I love fruits but have to be so careful b/c Calif/Mexico and a few other places allow Methyl Brom___ which is highly toxic. I don't think I can wash them well enough to eat. These days we have to be so careful. I don't do 'sugar' either and I never do those pretend sugar packets. Blessings, Janet PPF

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