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Thursday, November 19, 2015


In my twenties  I knew a married couple who admittedly did 
not hold each other in the same esteem! The wife was resigned
 to loving him implicitly despite the fact he did not love her! 
 I remember feeling  shocked and saddened, wondering
why that was enough for her!
  One evening we played cards  at their home. As an outspoken
 independent  woman the man of the house managed to bait
and irk  me every way possible all night long! 
I used my contemptible humour  to combat 
his ignorant comments!

The fact that he didn't love his really sweet wife the mother of his
two young children angered me! We managed to get through the 
night with me enjoying his wife's company best
It's important to imagine peace and calm!
It was a cold late night so my husband warmed up the car
while I waited at the window. The man crept up beside me and 
whispered that he wanted to sleep with me. I remember the 
shock and betrayal I felt! He was my husbands  former work mate 
  married to a sweet woman in the next room. I was furious!
We had fought the whole night. I assumed he hated me 
by nights end! Instead his words rang in my ears! 

 " Yeah that's not happening," I thought, ignoring him as I
quickly rushing out the door! I didn't have the kind of husband I
 could easily share that with. He'd would have been angered 
to the point of retaliation!   I felt trapped with my secret!
Digital #happytilerthoughts!
 Occasionally I bumped into them  at the grocery store but 
never made an effort to build a long term friendship!
 I suspect the wife knew he was a womanizer but closed 
a blind eye!

Then one day out  of the blue I read in the paper the wife had 
died after a routine surgical procedure. I felt so sad fo 
 the young children,  losing their dear mother way too soon!
Digital art...."happytilerthoughts!

The stress of losing his wife and being left
with two young children to raise alone caused  temporary alopecia.
His long thick  hair quickly disappeared and he was left completely bald 
and broken!

Sadly his wife died thinking she was unloved! He suffered
with his grief for a long time! Not sure how his story ended since
we lost touch when we moved!

Some people find it  so difficult to tell their family they love them!
I like to tell my kids I love  them every night before bed!
often blurt it out  during the day  too!
 I think it's important to say aloud! Not only for the person you love,
 but for yourself too....just in case the opportunity is lost and 
you are  forced to carry that for the rest of your life!
Over the years I have learned that you can't always choose 
who you fall in love with! Just because you love them, doesn't
mean they have to love you back!  Love them anyway!

When is the last time you voiced how you feel 
to your loved ones?


Valerie-Jael said...

Yes, this is something we should do. I wish I still had some loved ones to be able to tell them! Great post and art again, Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Unknown said...

That was quite a story. It's one of my greatest pleasures in life to tell my family how much I love them!

Kate Robertson said...

I loved seeing all those Imagine Peace Women. Such a sad story you shared, you never know about people. I wonder what happened to the kids.


Anonymous said...

Human relationships are a mystery.

I loved the lively colors in your images.

Carol Rigby said...

A very heartfelt post. Sometimes we just need a reminder. Love the artwork too. Happy PPF!

sheila 77 said...

Oh what a sad tale. Your portrait of the sad woman illustrates it so well.
The naked man - gaaaah! - and his large mouth!
A great message, Giggles, let those who mean much to us, let them know it.
Love your blog and your positive attitude and stories every Friday!

Linda Kunsman said...

Your imagine peace painting is very poignant, and takes on the sadness in the grey scale one to go with this sad story. How true and how important it is to let your loved ones know how much you love them. Happy PPF!

Sunshineshelle said...

Strong message & great artwork!

GlorV1 said...

What a story. Sad and very informative. I do say I love you to my son whenever I speak to him. He lives in another city. My husband isn't the type to say I love you every day but I know he loves me and when he says he loves me, it just makes things all the better. I too wonder what happened to the man and the children. Happy Thanksgiving next week and take care.

Anonymous said...

Such a touching story. I feel really sad for the woman in your painting. I voice my love for my love everyday.

kat said...

What a story! Funny how life can go, the twists and turns. I felt most for that poor lady's children, how hard that must have been for them to lose their dear mother so young. Your art had me going back and forth between all these great pieces, thanks for all you generously share here! I'm always saying how much I love my loved ones, it's something that can never be said enough, as well as all the little things that show it! Hugs Kat xx

GlorV1 said...

Hi, it's be again and yes I know about Avocado Oil and I'm planning on buying some. I'm not a member of Costco although I have been, perhaps I will sign up again. It's hard to find a parking there. I learned of the oil on Instagram. I can hardly wait to get some.:)

Paper rainbow said...

I usually visit your blog last in my ppf tour, this is because I enjoy taking time to read and digest what you write. Your posts are always full of a deep wisdom which I find so moving. This post in particular touches my heart for many close and personal reasons. Thank you so much for sharing.

Christine said...

What a story! So sad for that broken family.

Laney said...

Such a sad story but beautiful art. Happy PPF!

DVArtist said...

It is the one thing that I have done all my life. Is to tell ALL of my family how much I love them. It is a daily, hourly thing. I know too many women who live in that situation and I am not sure why they do. Only that "fear" and uncertainty keeps them there.

Faye said...

Such a beautifully written piece, Sherrie. I cannot imagine the torture of staying in a marriage where my love was not reciprocated.

Carol said...

Love your art in all the colors :) Your story is very sad and touching. I've always been one to tell my family how much I love them. It's always been important to me :) Have a great weekend.

Jeannette said...

wonderful face,very expressive,love this all ones.

hugs jenny

froebelsternchen said...

What a heartfelt post! Great ART again!oxo

stefanie stark said...

This was really a heartbraking story and your powerful images illustrated that in such a touching way. And I always love your colors!

Suz said...

So very sad. I had the same situation at one time but was smart enough to know it wasn't good for me. I don't know what I would have done if there had been children. I tell my family every day too.

Suz said...

OH shoot. Love your face. haha You always sidetrack me.

Julie Lee said...

I love how different the face looks when the colours are changed. Sometimes she seems to be blushing. You described these memories so powerfully. It is strange when these unexpected and not very pleasant encounters happen and hard to know how to cope. There is a lot of tragedy in ordinary every day people's lives, isn't there? Our family is quite a demonstrative one and we often tell each other 'I love you.' Sometimes too a thoughtful act can mean the same thing. I have been unwell all week and my daughter picked me up a carton of my favourite soup and a pack of Echinacea tablets on her way home from work - just because she thought it might help me feel better. I was so touched that she thought to do that. xxx

Irene Rafael said...

What a touching, sad story. I hope the woman was loved by many others. I tell my family and friends I love them often. Growing up I can say that I never heard the words so it was awkward for me at first but the response was so rewarding that I continued to say it not thinking of my own discomfort but the other's pleasures. Now it is so easy! Thank you for your heartfelt sharing.

Abigail Davidson said...

Beautiful piece -- can definitely feel the emotion in her expression -- and great message!!

denthe said...

It's hard sometimes to understand other people's relationships, it's so complicated and I often have the feeling that people don't take the time to really examine what one person means for them. We just go on with our daily lives, until some day it is too late and we are forced to acknowledge how we feel. Sad story, and I'm afraid it's one of many ...

Renee Dowling said...

I can feel the lady's pain by looking in her eyes in your art. What a horrible way to live, feeling unloved. I tell my son every morning and night I love him, lots of times more often than that. People need to tell each other "I love you" more often, I agree. Thanks for another thought provoking blog entry! The creepy guy drawings perfectly depict him as I imagined!

Karla B said...

Lovely post!I always voice what I feel.If I keep my feelings bootled up I think I am gonna die!

Neesie said...

I'm happy to say I've said it twice today.
Once to my sister on our weekly catch up phone call and once to my son.
I totally agree we should all say it and hear it frequently.
I always LOVE your work and words (hehe)
Have fun and a brilliant creative week ahead.

My name is Erika. said...

I always love to see your work every Friday. Peace is so important I wish we didn't have to imagine it.

Anonymous said...

Having been "that" woman, I understand her silent pain. However, I didn't have to stay in the situation forever. He decided that he wanted out after burning some of what should have been the prime and most happy years of my life. Fortunately, we never had children so no need for any more baggage than the personal kind. In any event, the Lord has rewarded me with a most wonderful man and his adult children are kind and very nice to me. I even have two grandsons now--I am truly blessed. :-) As for your drawing, I did finally find peace after it was final and over with him. It wasn't long after he first left me that I realized that the chaos that tortured my spirit for the most part had left with him. And as sad and embarrassed as I was, I could not deny that the whole spirit of my house changed for the better with his absence. I was finally on my rocky road to finding peace and restoration.

Lisabella Russo said...

What a lovely face! Such a good reminder to tell those we love that we love them often.

Toni said...

Sad to not feel cherished but disastrous to not even feel loved.

Our household has the habit of saying (several times a day) "Have I told you today that I love you?)

Usually the answer is, "Why, yes you did!"

Was married to my husband for 14 years and he would never say, "I love you." When I told him that I loved him, he would smile and nod. When I asked him to tell me he loved me, he would answer, "You know how I feel."

So, I left him. Moved three hours away to a remote ranch. He called me several times a day to tell me he loved me. I eventually moved back but not until he was in a much more verbal space! We have been married 31 years!

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