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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Celebrate your own way! Paint Party Friday

My kids teased that " the Singing Lady" looks like Olive Oyl meets Heehaw.They  don't like her, however, I do!  Art is like that,  sometimes characters just show up and you have to embrace them. I think she is comical, and probably a face I have stored in my subconscious at one time or another because I am such a people watcher!

 This year more than ever it  seems socially unacceptable to 
put up your tree before certain dates! I vehemently disagree.
Being Canadian affords me the right to erect
my decorations anytime  I wish!

The kids may not have had any lavish holidays, or many days off 
this year, but instead love to start their Christmas season early!
That's their prerogative.

Photo Credit Pepperpf  those lit up houses are 40 years old.
  Preferring to celebrate a longer season doesn't
 mean we have less respect for other important dates,
or other religions! We're just so grateful to have 
the rights and freedoms
to choose how, when, and what we celebrate!

Cupcake was nervous to wear her tacky Christmas sweaters
too early in the season, warding off confrontation!  
There seems to be a persnickety opinionated group
voicing appropriate dates to start the season of love and joy!
We don't celebrate Christmas in the conventional way by
exchanging gifts with each other. Instead we concentrate on
giving to others, and enjoying the beauty and fun of the season!
Our friends festive table setting. 
Yesterday we visited friends we hadn't seen in two years.
 It was as though no time had passed! The room was
filled with beautiful lights and music as
we enjoyed a five course yummy meal!
 Banana Liqueur, hot chocolate and coconut milk whip cream  Photo Credit Pepperpf
Lately there has been a huge need to shut out the nasty events of
 the world, have a special drink, and watch cheesy Christmas Movies.
We are enjoying each moment that we can with so
much gratitude, never knowing when things can change!
Dreaming of Peace

This week a mother of three little ones was called
  to have surgery next week. Thankfully she
has the bulk of her Christmas preparation done,
and so much support from family and friends! 
She 'll be incapacitated for quite a while. 
Photo credit Pepperpf
So enjoy the gorgeous sunsets!
Wear your funky Christmas or otherwise leggings!
Change the colour of your photos so Christmas sweaters
don't clash with your walls!
Buy yourself fresh flowers like we do!
Bake some yummy treats!
photo credit pepperpf
 Ride around looking at lights taking photos of the better ones!
Carrying around the sadness of the world lately
 it was this song that brought 
all my feelings to a head.
I still tear up every time I hear it!
All the artwork in this post is done on  pages in a little Christmas pamphlet that came in the mail!

Enjoy Christmas carols or any other favorite music.
Celebrate anything, any way you  prefer,
  grateful that you can!

                  What's your favourite part of the holiday season?


sirkkis said...

Lovely post. I enjouyed to see your celebratio photos. Cupkake is really beautiful with her sweaters.
Happy celebratio time ♥♥

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful art and photos, and celebrate your festivals as YOU want to. If others don't like it, well, who cares? Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

sheila 77 said...

Cupkake's Christmas sweaters are terrific, love the reindeer one. It looks especially good on her.
What a lovely happy Christmassy post this is, makes me want to get the decorations out right now.
Love your paintings, "Dreaming of peace" is just right.
I also love that you painted on a little Christmas pamphlet, nice work.
Happy all of December, Giggles, enjoy your celebrations.

Diane Baker-Williams said...

I think many people have become critical of retailers for starting Christmas earlier and earlier ever year. Hobby Lobby was putting out decorations in August! I know I long for the days when "the season" started the day after Thanksgiving. Love all the decorations! I have to side with your kids about The Singing Lady...

Linda Kunsman said...

How I love the way you celebrate with such vibrant color, fun and enthusiasm!! You have now truly put me in the Christmas spirit my dear. I do love watching the Hallmark Christmas movies because I love nothing better than happy endings. I used to read paper back romance novels ALL the time:)Enjoy the coming weekend and happy PPF!

Toni said...

Decorating the house, each and every room and the smell of the Christmas tree.

I decorate so much and am so tired at the end of the season that my goal is to have all the decorations down prior to Valentine's Day. (I usually make the goal!)

sheila 77 said...

Apologies to Cupcake for typing her name wrongly. Funny that Sirkkis did the same, maybe it was a Google gremlin being naughty.

GlorV1 said...

Go ahead and celebrate however it makes you happy. Great photos.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Lovely photos of Christmas fun! I really love your first pic too! I think her lovely white teeth are great! I adore Cupcake's Christmas sweaters - especially the red one with the reindeers. My daughter likes to wear Christmas onesies with reindeers on them! She works so very hard over Christmas, as she is in a big department store in central London, so she loves to come home; get into pjs and relax! xx

Ariel said...

Holidays are meant to be fun and that happens only when we celebrate them the way we want. Cupcake's Christmas sweaters look awesome. My favorite is the first one.RememberING the blessings we have for now is very important.
You always come up with very thoughtful posts-:)
Happy weekend

Paper rainbow said...

A beautiful post. Yes people should have the freedom to celebrate whatever festival in a way that suits them. I wait until week or so before Christmas but that is more tradition than anything. Also the tree doesn't look it's best if it's been in the house too long. I love your pink walls. ...They are so you!

denthe said...

wow, you really are completely ready for Christmas! Go girl and enjoy! Don't let anyone hold you back! Love your singing lady, she looks very dedicated :-)

Marji said...

Such a nice reminder that Christmas is about celebration. However that might be. Love the Christmas sweaters, the lights and all the yummy foods. Happy holidays to you and family. M.x

NatureFootstep said...

Interesting artwork. I love the faces you create :)

Gillena Cox said...

Celebrate in love and peace; I'm happy you dropped by my blog today

Much love...

Beth Niquette said...

I love your posts! So bright and cheery--so encouraging. ((hugs))

bellefrogworks said...

I always enjoy visiting. Your faces are so much fun. Love the coloring book photos. I guess I have just had to accept that I do will offend or outrage someone. It's their problem - not mine. As you said enjoy what is right now. We don't know what tomorrow brings. I love the way you celebrate Christmas by the way. Life is about giving to others using our time, talents and money.

Christine said...

Lovely Christmas post! I have been listening to Christmas music on the radio since last week, there is a station that is playing it all day till Dec 26! I fully agree to live life to the fullest the way you want it, tomorrow could be a different challenge.

Kate Robertson said...

LOved seeing cupcake in all those sweaters. What fun. Happy PPF.

Ayala Art said...

As long as you don't start the Christmas decorations in September.... lol
I love your daughter's sweaters, fun!! Your art too, fun fun fun!!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

It's your christmas - you can celebrate it however you want!
Great art and lovely photos of your daughter and Beardo!
Happy weekend !

My name is Erika. said...

I love how you celebrate Christmas. So authentic instead of so commercial. I know, so many people are Christmas scrooges when it comes to celebrating and enjoying. I love your piece picture the best, but I'm a dog lover anyhow. And you mentioned turning my piece into a blog title and I took your advice-looks great! So thanks! Hugs!

Indira said...

Lovely art and photos. We must celebrate holidays in the way it seems right for us. Enjoy the holiday season.

Thanks for stopping by.

Indira said...

Lovely art and thoughts. You are right in celebrating in the way it seems right to you. Enjoy your holidays.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Indira said...

The art and the photos are great. And the sentiments are lovely. You are right in celebrating the holidays in the way that feels right to you. Enjoy the holidays.

Thanks for stopping by.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Really lovely post. I like the way you and your family celebrate. Have a wonderful Sunday

Irene Rafael said...

I enjoyed your shadings on how you and your family celebrate the holidays. We all have our own special ways don't we? Enjoy yours!

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