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Thursday, January 21, 2016


Happy pup original acrylic journal page!
Goals and relationships are like flowers, 
whatever you nurture most flourishes!

This week we had a battle with some blueberries.
Only Cupcake and I ate them  and paid for it 
later. We have returned the remaining to the store
 and are waiting to see  whether there will be a recall!! 
Meanwhile our stomachs are in loud communication
with our bowels!! Can't wait until those crazy punk rockers 
settle down.  
 I'm afraid my word of the year has not been holding up
as much as I'd like it to! Seems "Improve" has been
defiant lately as my creativity ebbs and flows.  However I have
 seen a few friends I hadn't seen in a while. That's always
fun catching up! At least that's improved!
Do you manifest exactly what you want? Over the years 
I've watched many people succeed in life. They all tend 
to plug ahead in the same direction one step at a time
dogmatically until they reach their goals!  
Today I listened to a successful man say how he makes
six month, five, ten and twenty years goals and reads 
them twice daily! I always admire people who know
exactly what they want!  
This week I need to spend time defining and nurturing 
my goals. Unfortunately I have let the blueberries sabotage 
my efforts to stay on creative track! Those around me seem
to be improving...hopefully I can come back next week 
with at least one of my goals manifested!!

What is one goal you hope to manifest
 this month or next


Tracey Fletcher King said...

I am not a big goal girl and tend to go with the flow... Sort of work direction rather than specific goals... Less hard on how dodgy I am with the goal thing ... As to the blueberries ... That is shocking... Be gentle on yourself!!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Fun and colourful art, sorry about the belly aches! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Christine said...

Sorry to hear about those blueberries, bummer. Just trying to help my son find a full time job now that he is graduating college...who knows.

Nic McLean said...

Sorry to hear about the blueberries - that's bad. Was it pesticide? My sister had a similar incident with a plum in Florida a couple of years ago and ended up in Urgent Care as she was so ill - they said it was pesticide as she hadn't washed it well enough before eating it. I don't set goals as such - I tried it last year with a specific goal planner thingie but eventually never got round to filling it out - it just turned into one more thing to take up time away from painting!! Now I just tend to go with the flow and follow inspiration and ideas rather than any definitive plans! hope you and cupcake feel better soon.

My name is Erika. said...

It is interesting how different people take different approached to life. I can't imagine making goals 10 or more years into the future. Not that I don't plan, but I think goals and planning can be 2 different things. I wonder what those people do when something comes along and throws a major loophole in those goals? Great pieces today. Enjoy your weekend.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I am so sorry to hear about you and Cupcake getting food poisoned, and hope you recuperate soon. I believe improvements can take time, especially when we try to hard. The latter can be stressful, and become counterproductive in my experience. I'm sure you'll realize all your goals for the year in time. Blessings to you and your family, my dear friend!

Linda Kunsman said...

those nasty blueberries-ugh! Hope you'll both be feeling much better as the day goes. Love your happy pup, and the friends art too. I don't necessarily set goals that are too specific but I certainly do believe in manifesting your passions and desires!

Laila said...

Sorry to hear you have problems after eating blueberries, who on earth could expect something like that to happen.
I am very low on specific goals because I want to have time to do unexpected things and life feels more exciting without days filled with plans. At a younger age I were more into that goal rush. Be well soon!

sheila 77 said...

Hope you are both feeling a lot better now, glad you still came to the the party. Maybe we'll see both ladies with healthy pink faces next week?
As for goals, no, for now I try not to set them, there are so many interesting things that pop up that they would get in the way.

Dea Lenihan said...

Oh my gosh the puppy pic is so adorable! I am still fascinated how you change the colors of the image without changing the image… So cool! I'm glad you feel better. XO

Ginny said...

I am sorry you and cupcake are not feeling well. Hope you are both better soon.

I have large goals in mind but they are always flexible. At the beginning of this month I decided to write very detailed goals for each day and to see what happened. It was exhausting and I started to focus on how much was left to do rather than enjoying what I was doing.

So I am back to living mindfully and enjoying the moment. I also believe that small steps will get me where I want to go. Seems to work best for me. Large goals, small steps, acknowledge what I have accomplished and see where the journey takes me.

Susan said...

Sorry you have been puny. Although I have always been in sales, (and produced well) I have never been much for goals. I know what my job is and I do it as well as I am able. That was instilled in me long before I had sales managers. But you got me thinking...AGAIN. Happy PPF

Irene Rafael said...

Feel better soon! I am not a big goal person but have found that setting goals but not holding fast to them, they seem to permeate subtly and the goals are met. Case in point, when I was getting my masters to become a therapist, we were asked to write down goals we wanted to meet at the end of the program. The list was filed by the school and long forgotten by me. Right before graduation, we were given back our list (wish I had it) but every single goal was met. Don't be too hard on yourself by comparing to others, my friend. xo Irene

Janet said...

It's pretty scary when our food makes us sick. I had an episode years ago with apricots/pesticide. It was horrible so I think I know how you're feeling. Get well soon!

I need to be better about setting goals. I write down a lot of things but then I forget about them. You always give me food for thought.

Faye said...

Pretty ladies and such an adorable dog. Improvement comes infinitesimal bits at a time, I think. Sometimes the little bits don't show up till a number of them have accumulated.

Gloria J Zucaro said...

Hi Sherrie. Oh food poisoning is really horrible! I had it only once in my life after eating at a restaurant out of town at an art workshop! I had to stay there an extra day. I love your two art ladies, the colors are wonderful as usual. I do set goals sometimes, but it is actually more like... appointments? I join groups and they have deadlines for projects, so I am there, but that is why I join, because left on my own, I just seem to wander through life haphazardly! Next week will be better for you, I am sure.

denthe said...

That doesn't sound like too much fun! Hope things are improving .... I always plan on setting goals and sometimes I even do, but then life happens and somehow I can't find the time to work for my goals. I always have them in the back of my head though, and even though I'm not always thinking of them, I do little things that work towards them. And I try to be content with what I've managed to do instead of focusing on everything I didn't do .... One goal that I really want focus on now is making time for art daily. Right now it always comes in the last place, after I've done everything else, and most often than not there's no time or energy left for it...

~Rasz~ said...

Your artwork is so cute. I love to see the dogs or the girls with different colored backgrounds. I hope you start to feel better real soon. I got salmonella last year from the cucumber outbreak. I don't eat cucumbers so I am not sure how I got it. I DO know it is awful!

I don't do goals, I do affirmations every day. I have 13 afirmations and I write them four times every morning after I journal. Each one is an I AM statement...even if I'm not yet. That's worked for me. Have a great PPF week. Rasz #55

Anonymous said...

Oh, hope your bellies are better now!

I have no goals, I drift along. Work life was weighed with goals and achievements and all kind of awful things. Now I just enjoy not to trying to achieve something that isn't important to me.
I just look what life brings to my door step :D

sirkkis said...

What fun colourful post. Your women are always expressive and this dog is so sweet.

peggy gatto said...

Hi pooch!!! Love him!!!!!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I hope you and cupcake feel better soon! Blueberries are usually so wonderful... Lovely pup and girls.

Fuzzie Fingers said...

Sorry to hear about your's and cupcakes upset tummys. Hope you both feel better soon. Lovely artwork.

kat said...

Oh I really like this coloured furry friend! I don't know about goals, I'm not so good for that, just enjoying the days as they come really.

Julie Ann Lee said...

So sorry to hear about the blueberry disaster! I feel that being too 'goal oriented can make us disappointed in our efforts. Try not to be too hard on yourself. You are no doubt improving in ways you're not even aware of. I love your colourful and humorous illustrations every week. You have your own style which you can be proud of! Get well soon. xx

Silke Powers said...

So sorry about the blueberries! I hope you will feel all better soon! My big goal in life is to be happy deep down. How that happens is always different depending on the situations. Even when I have an off day, I still feel that core of happy in me. Any other more tangible goals I write down and then change often. :) I need variety and change and that's ok! My goals when I was in my younger years were very different than my goals are now and that's alright with me! xoxo SIlke

Paper rainbow said...

Hope the blueberry tummy has settled. I'm not a goal person. I go with my feelings and intuition. if it seems right I go with it.

Beverley Baird said...

Lovely ladies and wee pup. Setting goals and then achieving goals can be a challenge. I try but at least I do make an effort.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I love your style!
I have had a hard time figuring out some goals. Retirement was quite the shock. Sadly, I was on antidepressants and now unemployable. I found it tough going from teaching to nada.
(ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

Beth Niquette said...

I have been working on goals and deadlines today. I love your pictures--your artwork is SO bright and beautiful. It always makes me smile. Thank you for your sweet comments, my Friend. ((HUGS))

Neesie said...

I tend not to make definite goals either... mainly because if I don't achieve them, then it knocks me back and I get too disheartened.
I'm much better if I just aim towards an idea. Like this year I want to produce more art. That's it!
So far I'm doing just that... I'm on a roll and loving it.
I love your little wee dog and the faces are fantastic. Great images.
So sorry to hear about the blueberries. Typical isn't it that something that's supposed to be good for you can be so bad.
I hope you are recovering now because I'm so late visiting this week.

Mona Pendleton said...

Fantastic paintings! The cute dogs are adorable and the faces are wonderful! Happy painting :)

Abigail Davidson said...

Very sweet dog and the ladies look very thoughtful! Great style!

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