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Friday, January 08, 2016

Word of the Year!

With great ease around the middle of December my word for 2016 
came to me!!  I was so pleased that it presented itself so easily!
I quickly did a digital sketch as I have done in the past!
I find a word guides me much better than any resolutions!
In the past it has worked with with 
2013 being Focus
2014 being Glean
2015 being Bloom
So here I present you with my word of 2016....
There  are so many things in my life I need 
to improve on! Sadly much like resolutions this word
has already stopped me up a bit!
Cold Crispy Day photo Credit Pepperpf
 The cold weather contributed to a few aches and pains 
so I seriously need to get back on track! I always have 
faith and hope things will improve! As do my children!
We've weathered many a storm but always focus on  
the best parts! Friends, family, laughter, good food
creative time and a  spiritual belief all bring us joy!
Even though Cupcake has been through some stressful days she manages
to keep a positive outlook. First by turning off any  News programs then
purposefully living in the moment....enjoying what's in front of her! 
Baileys and Coffee and budding flowers photo credit Pepperpf
Sure there are always thoughts trickling in that bring worry and doubt.
And we definitely have our share of glitches in life. Last week
the heating coil burnt out of our four year old dryer! Thankfully
Beardo was able to easily replace the hundred dollar part!
However being grateful and keeping positive,while focusing 
 on the haves, instead of the have not's,  always seems to attract
nice things to us!
It was my friends Birthday this week so my kids made us a 
beautiful meal. Served it with fancy drinks and dessert! I am
 so proud of who they are as you  already know. Selling her house 
my friend brought the kids a wii fit she was disposing of 
...along with her  wii console, so now they can watch Netflix in bed.
 They were so excited!! Simple pleasures I tell you!!
 Soon after my friend left Beardo discovered he had won 
a three hundred dollar food voucher to our local grocery store
through an instagram contest!! Both kids were over the moon! 
Two gifts of good Karma after creating such a 
beautiful evening for us ladies!
So I will use my daughter and son in law as inspiration! Focus
on doing a whole lot of ugly art creating until something good comes 
forth... I am in a creative lull... We all have them, but fortunately
once it  dissipates creativity does seem  to take a new better path!
I have figured out a few pivotal things about myself recently. I don't
really like to draw much, unless it's digitally! I am an intuitive artist
I love finding shapes in the paint! No matter how many classes I 
take I tend to revert back to my own thing! Whimsical
characters full of colour!
This year I will pray to IMPROVE
where I can!

Do you have a word for the year? Is there 
anything you want to improve on? 

If my post was missing or seems different from when
you last read it, just know I lost the majority
of it and had to completely redo it after it 
was already published....a little retrograde 


Valerie-Jael said...

Have fun with your new word. I don't choose a word, as I find it limits me, I just like to live and work as it comes. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Paper rainbow said...

Improve is a great word for the year and one we can all use. I love your art as it is. The fact you revert back to your own thing after classes is because what you draw comes from your soul. That can't be reproduced and it is you. I hope the new year is kind to you and your lovely family

Laila said...

I hope your word will help you reach whatever you are searching for. I have no word, but several things to improve this year. I need to get out walking, and have made plans to make it last more than a couple of weeks. I'm changing several small things to get a healthier person. Happy New Year to you.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love coming here to share in snippets of your life. It's always uplifting! For some unknown reason tonight I can see you're words, but not your art, so I'll try again tomorrow for that treat. I do neither resolutions nor words for the new year! I trudge on to the next day and the next trying to pack in as much precious life as possible. If I'm at work, it's doing my best to help who has come in for my services, if it's my days off its doing as much art as I can muster! Enjoying time with my retired husband is high on my list too! As well as remembering to enjoy the embraces of our cat! I've learned to appreciate the brief encounters with children and grand children. And to be grateful for all I have in life. I do hope I improve everyday in all the aspects of my life. I'm no where near perfect, so there is always room for improvement! Because art has become such a passion for me I do hope my constant practice of drawing will get better this year! Maybe "Practice" can be my word!
Happy New Year dear friend! Be well!

Clare Lloyd said...

All the best with your word of the year. Happy PPF

Unknown said...

I love your word, it's great as it can be used in all aspects of life. My word is fearless. I too am behind and have not sat down quietly with it and made my year's intentions. When i do I will try to contact you with my post, hoping it might inspire you as you do me every week with your posts. Your art is you, don't change it. "Improve" it, yes; change it, no!

The Convenient Vegan said...

Happy New Year to you. I love hearing about the little acts of kindness and karma in cupcake and beardo's lives and I think improve is a great word for the year. we could all do with improving so many aspects of ourselves not just in art but in life. I don't have a word for the year although I did recently discover my spirit animal and the key word for that is gentleness which I am trying to practice more of - speak more gently (I can be very impatient), judge less, don't let the harshness of the world get me down and make me even more cynical - that sort of thing!! Wishing you the best that 2016 has to offer x

My name is Erika. said...

Excellent word for the year! I bet there are all kinds of ways things will change and improve for you-and as the word implies- all in a great way! Happy weekend!

JKW said...

Not sure my comment was sent. . . It is amazing how we try different things, but we always come back to who we really are. Love your art and your thoughts. I've been missing because my community cut down the tree in my backyard. . . which makes my workroom too hot to work. For the 3rd consequtive year it's been hot, hotter, hottest and hotterest, but I've had the tree. Even with the blinds closed, it is suffocating (yes there is a/c). It is 80s, 90s and 100s even through Dec. this year. 11 months of hottest this year (2015). It has become imperative that I move. That will be a chore, but it must be done. Blessings, Janet PPF

Linda Kunsman said...

First of , I LOVE your banner!!! And certainly your vibrant colors and characters are so you and I love that you have such a unique style and are true to your ways, along with sharing all the color changes in your pieces too. Wonderful word for the year. I had a difficult time with having a particular word come to me but I think it has (see my post):)How wonderful that Beardo won a gift voucher! Wishing you all the best this new year!

sheila 77 said...

It's fascinating how different your word/flower painting looks in the different colourways.
I so much agree with you about art classes, in the end (and sometimes at the start and middle too) I think we always go back to our own style. And why not? - it is our own, not a copy of someone else's work.
Happy PPF and Happy PPYear!

Gillena Cox said...

luv those sneakers; we should look where we are going

Happy PPF

much love...

Faye said...

I always appreciate what you write, sherrie, as well as the whimsical drawings. How wonderful to have a Beardo in the house who can do so much for the family! But what a shame that a fairly new appliance would need a new part so soon! I don't have a word for the year but "improve" seems like a good one on many levels.

alarmcat said...

Well, that sounds like a good word!! Happy PPF!

Helen Campbell said...

Wonderful variations on your word of the year. I have a few focus words this year... one is enjoy!
P.S. Your "header" with the weirdo sneakers rocks. :)

Toni said...

Great word and goal for the new year. My word for the year is YES! That is closely followed by "Open" because this is the year to say yes to new things, events and adventures.

kat said...

Happy New Year and all the best for all that needs improving your way! My word would be "soft" or "quiet" making time and relishing the quiet and soft moments, the ones that linger more than all the rest!

denthe said...

I like how you draw your word for the year digitally. And your banner looks great! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have real shoes painted like that!? I don't have a word for the year, but I do want to try to plan better and stress less, and take more time doing things I enjoy :-)

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

It's always best to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, or the inevitable downs in life will bring us down. I believe that experimenting with various styles of art keeps your work fresh, but I definitely have my own style that blends in all the time. Happy PPF, my dear friend!

Dea Lenihan said...

Well I have to say I very much like this blog--but after I saw the drink with the Bailey's in the Starbucks cup I was GONE. Can't get it out of my head now!
Anyway--I am new to the blog world and happy to have found PPF! Followed you!

DVArtist said...

Always a delight to read your posts. I like that you come back to YOUR style of art. It is fun and brings joy. Ohhh and I am with you on the Baileys and coffee, or Baileys and vanilla ice cream, or Baileys and waffles. Oh heck just give me the Baileys. LOL Have a great weekend.

Abigail Davidson said...

Improve is a great word choice! I think your whimsical style is super and looking forward to seeing more in 2016!

Christine said...

I like your word for 2016. Your art style is perfect, bright and bold! Congrats to the kids on their wins/gifts! These tend to make ones days that much brighter!

Unknown said...

Love your header and the shoes. Your word is as vibrant as the colours you have chosen to represent it. It's a guide, now a law .. so be gentle with yourself. Beautiful representation of your word .. love your lettering. First time here ... so I will eventually get to know who is who. My word for the year was drawn out of a hat this year (just for fun) and it is CHANGE ... which, when you get to know me is stunningly correct. Sudden health issues have made moving from my beloved home in Mexico, back to Canada. It doesn't get more 'change' than that .. lol. Thanks for dropping into my blog .. see you soon. hugs, Donna

Jo said...

Your new header is awesome and the shoes.... well the shoes are awesome.............. now I think you should really alter some shoes to look like that!! And you are so right it is the smallest things for some of us that make our days. I say this all the time when ever I read your posts but you've got the most awesome est family!! you let us in to your kitchen on more than one occasion and i'm with Cupcake- the Bailey's, coffee and flowers work for me. big hugs my friend.

Neesie said...

A great choice of word for this year... I think we can all improve one way or another and I love your positive attitude. I have the same outlook and always try to find the cup half full. I'm also really happy that karma has played it's role in cupcake and beardo's good deeds. I love the idea of paying it forward too.
Now as for your art... I adore your vibrant colours, whimsical designs and great quotes so I for one am glad that you keep reverting back as you say, although I'd love to see anything new if you were to give it a whirl.
I seem to be stuck with zentangles for whatever reason. I need to step out of my comfort zone and see what awaits.
Have a wonderful weekend and Happy PPF to you

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

A wonderful post Giggles, a great word for 2016, I'm looking forward too see more of your whimsical characters.

Love and hugs

Karla B said...

Gorgeous artwork, my friend!

Mona Pendleton said...

Great word choice! I don't personally choose one just try to set and achieve goals for myself. Your painting is fantastic! Love the whimsical character!

Carol said...

Another great and colorful post :) My words this year is FINISH. If I start a project I want to finish it and hopefully finish many of the in progress things laying around here :) It's cold and crunchy here today .

Julie Lee said...

I love your whimsical, colourful characters that you create and look forward to seeing them each week. I have a word in the back of my mind to guide me this year,but I don't want to get too tied down. The word is Flourish! I want to work on doing those things that will help me flourish and grow as a creative person and to do my utmost to ensure that - as far as I can - I enable others to flourish too. xx

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Hello, Sherrie. Your name conjures up French to me and I pronounce it with a French accent. I love your sneakers and of course, all your colors. My favorite combo on your "Improve" painting today is the fuchsia and turquoise/aqua. I love your drawing just the way they are. They are you, so I am glad to see them every week. Thank you for always commenting on my blog. :>)

Silke Powers said...

That is a great word to focus on for 2016. I'm always trying to improve - I think it's in my nature. Or maybe it's just that I love change. We've had a heating coil go out as well, but ours is in our dishwasher. It looks like it'll be replaced quite easily. I always love your art - bright and colorful. And I'm like you, I mostly paint intuitively, looking for shapes as I paint. My word for the year is "nourish" and it seems a good one for me. It helps me focus on doing those things more that nourish my life/relationship/home/art in some way. xoxo Silke

Nordljus said...

That is a great word, and I like your digital drawing for it, it looks very positive and encouraging. I think there's always things one can improve, in different aspects of your life and in different ways, even if they're only small. I hope your word will serve and guide you well! I've had a word for the past few years too, and this year, I try not to forget about it halfway through the year. My word for 2016 is trust, to have more trust and faith in the future, that things will be alright, somehow, and work out. It's a great challenge for me.
Love that cold crispy day photo. I'm still waiting for winter to finally arrive.

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