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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Bunnies

Pray for peace, 
far and wide
to which ever spirit
you abide
Henrietta original acrylic art journal page
Pray for friends
pray for those
you can not bear
Chubby Bunny Original acrylic art journal page
Love the ones
who need it most
Forgive the ones
who need to boast
So many lessons 
here to learn
Give the love
you need returned
Expect not,  where
 it shall come
Have faith 
the process has begun
Hogan the original acrylic Bunny!
Grant love, 
not to receive
but for the value
that you'll leave
Share love
at every turn
whether or not
it's returned! 
Give a little
Or give  a lot
  give from the heart
  what you've got!
May be words of comfort
or a laugh or two
  something you made
something old or new
 It may be pearls of wisdom, 
 thoughts filled with hope
or  simple appreciation
or special ways to cope 
 Need not be  grand 
or monetary
 instead quite to
  the  contrary

 Well thought out
with good intention
a compliment
or kind  mention
Sandy the tweeter....acrylic art journal page!
 Pray for peace 
far and wide 
to the spirit
you abide 
Pray for peace, 
kindness too
A new direction
 long overdue!  

My heart is heavy for the state of our world.
What was to be a happy post soon turned.
For all my European blog friends I have no words
I hope your loved ones are safe and you are safe!

 Bunnies for our powder room. Simple acts of silly
can make me smile when life is so sad! 
All week I was working on bunnies...and yesterday
Cupcake picked  up these whimsical towels
at the dollar store of all places... Thank you
dear for bringing me cheer!
Thank you Cupcake  for this delectable
dessert carefully crafted with love!
 Cupcakes homemade Banana  xango Photo Credit Pepperpf
Photo Credit Pepperpf
Beardo and Cupcake in their favorite colour green 
converse runners, actually makes me happy! 
Unable to find hers in green, Cupcake used
acrylic mixed with fabric medium to paint  hers!
She even washes them in 
the machine and they turn out beautifully!
Lastly I wanted to share what 
 was one of my favorite candies  as a child
Sponge toffee. 
Here it's call Honeycomb toffee,
this is an easy recipe!!
We'll be making it for Easter!! 
Since we ALL love it!
Happy Easter for all who celebrate!
May your celebration be filled with love and laughter!
May you all be safe and warm!
For those who are alone...do something 
FABULOUS for yourself! You are so
worth it!!

Tell me something simple that brought you joy this week
during so much sadness!
Spring where we live!! Photo Credit Pepperpf


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your poem on love and peace amongst humanity. That shot of the converse that Cupcake took is precious. Happy Easter, my dear friend!

Lynn Cohen said...

Your bunny drawings are delightful!!!
The poem filled with words we need to say and do!
I love the girl curled up with the dog, holding each other to get through the sadness.
I join you in sharing our friends grief, the worlds grief really.
So senseless. Mad, crazy, insane, madness!
I wish you a sweet Easter, dear friend. Enjoy your sweet treats and the loves who stand in green shoes! 💕

sirkkis said...

Fabulous post. Love your acrylic paintings, especially Hogan and his message.
Happy PPF and Easter time xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely, colourful art. And I LOVE the sound of that honeycomb toffee, I remember that from my childhood. Happy Easter, Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

peggy gatto said...

What a fun visit!!! Love your bunny art!

Kate Robertson said...

Love your bunnies, that toffee looks great. Love the kids great shoes.


sheila 77 said...

Hello Giggles.
Your poem is lovely and so thoughtful with lots of really good advice for spreading love in the world. There is one I particularly like and will use.
The bunny towels are fabulous, they would cheer you everytime you caught sight of them with their lovely smiles and happy colours, nice one, Cupcake.
I remember your Honeycomb Toffee from long ago, we called it Puff Candy.
Your paintings are fun, I love Henrietta and Sandy the Tweeter in their original colours and of course all the other bunnies and digital variations too.
Happy Easter to you and Cupcake and Beardo.

Granny Annie said...

Thank you for the beautiful inspiration in this post today.


Dorothy Donna Parker said...

What a great post. Fell in love with your delightful bunnies! hugs, Donna

sheila 77 said...

Also meant to say that one simple thing that made me happy last week was my favourite magazine arriving in the mail.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I really love this post. Even though you heart is sad you shared some happy things, like green converse and rabbit hand towels. There isn't much we can do about the evil in the world except pray, send out positive energy and live our own lives with love and kindness. My life seems to be a bit tough right now but my happy for the week was that I was able to bead and won over lupus. YAY....Happy Easter.

Christine said...

Lovely Easter post, well I had a great breakfast this morning!

Faye said...

You know what brought me joy, among other things, Sherrie? The fact that you went back and sent me a second comment wishing me a Happy Easter. That simple act moved me almost to tears. Thanks you for your heart-stirring post this week. Your colorful drawings are always a treat, but the words your shared are so on the spot. I can't for the life of me understand why people want to hurt and kill, just for the sake of doing it.

Your candy looks yummy. And Cupcake's shoes are a work of art. The color looks like she perfectly matched Beardo's shoes!

Faye said...

Me again. Forgetful in my old age but I can still work the fourth stage of difficulty in Sudoku!!! The link you wanted is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBoa8TAy65s .

GlorV1 said...

Yes it is a sad world now, but we go on some how. A little joy came my way when I decided to get back on my exercise bike and tread mill and keep up with my exercise. I loved your post today and yes we pray for the world. Thanks for being you and hey, you brought me joy today too! Take care and Happy Easter. Love all your drawings.

kat said...

Oh full of sweet bunny love here! What a great question, so many simple pleasures, but a good tea and favourite home made strawberry jam is such a sweet and simple pleasure I enjoyed today!

Linda Kunsman said...

what a really beautiful poem along with your always wonderful art! I too have been at such a loss for words over yet another senseless tragedy.Yet we need to go on by sending our prayers and love, and living our best life. And having something to bring us a smile-like those sweet bunny towels and awesome green sneakers!
Something simple that brought me joy was a phone call from a friend I met when teaching stamping classes. We don't really get to see each other but will send a note now and the. She remembered it was my birthday and picked up the phone. That's special.
Wishing you and your family a happy Easter. XO

~Rasz~ said...

Beautiful post with amazingly beautiful word. I bookmarked this post, something I have never done to a post, that is how much it touched me. Thank you for your beautiful words and colorful bunnies and birds. Hugs, Rasz

Abigail Davidson said...

Beautiful poem and cheerful art! I agree the small things can really brighten the day -- lovely post and wishing you a happy Easter!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a lovely post - full of art and fun! Happy Easter!
oxo Susi

Neesie said...

Unfortunately, I have felt completely bewildered with this last week and all the tragic actions that mankind has bestowed on each other. It seems so senseless and I really fear where it may end... but your heartfelt poem touched me.
I thought your bunnies looked sad this week and now I've read your post I know why. With adding photos of the green converse and rabbit hand towels I was able to smile and that recipe is a must.
So amongst the madness there are beautiful souls like you Sherrie. Thank you for posting your work and words.
My simple joy was chatting away to my sister on the phone. After living overseas for so many years, it's brilliant to be able to talk whenever we want to... which apparently is daily!

Paper rainbow said...

Its always such a pleasure to see your joyful art, your Easter bunnies are such fun. Yes it has been a sad week, however all the more the reason to celebrate the good things we have and often take for granted.

Mona Pendleton said...

Such a wonderful collection of sweet bunnies and photos! Thanks for sharing your creativity :) Happy PPF :)

Anonymous said...

Your bunnies are so adorable and those towels are great!!

Cozydoodle said...

Happy Paint Party Friday. Your drawings are sweet and perfect for Easter and Spring. Lovely!

Studio Kaufmann said...

Love your spirited bunnies!
What makes me happy? Lots of chocolate and fun and laughter with friends.
Happy PPF

Viola said...

Your bunnies and words just brought me fun. I love your bunnies, they are beautiful!
The film Mama Mia brought me fun. I played the song clips and sang along :)
Happy Easter, hugs from me :) Thank you for your comment also!

Viola said...

I forgot to say your heading is so wonderful!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love bunnies, yours are so adorable! I hope you had a very nice day!

Irene Rafael said...

Hugs for you, Giggles. I enjoy visiting!

What brought me joy this week? Speaking to my son about his amazing choices he has in his life right now. So proud of him!

~~ Irene

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