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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Anger Paint Party Friday

   Paint Party Friday
Show Your Face Friday

 I am not proud to say when I was young I  often  joked,
" I don't get mad I get even!"   I have a very long rope but
 if crossed I would wait for the perfect timing to assert 
cutting words!
 Truth be told I rarely get outwardly angry. Yet I'm  easily
 churned up by the  mistreatment of children and
 animals. Bravely standing up to anyone daring to abuse 
the most vulnerable. Witnessing abuse and saying 
nothing would have made me  party to that 
unacceptable behavior!

    I probably suppressed and ate any  feelings of anger 
 for years!! Other times I'd write poetry or in journals pages
 to lay out my pain!! Seriously though in all my six decades, 
with my thick skin I've been  outwardly angry less
 times than most.
When I did exude anger I handled it with a very cutting wit... 
one that people feared. Also something I'm not proud of! 

 As I read one of my favorite bloggers speak of her stirring 
anger I couldn't help but think how her anger often provokes 
such powerful writing! How anger if placed in the right 
 hands can make a huge difference. Even change 

A few song writers risked retribution during our election 
when they wrote some very powerful words.That music 
surely changed a few minds! Garnering great results 
for our Country. 
 Anger is a powerful ugly emotion. However we can
  show different perspectives and turn it into a positive 
message! Especially when it's in the hands of  those
who are respectful not to incite violence! 

Comedians, musicians, writers and artist can make a huge
 difference when they place their anger in the right place! 
Making it colourful, melodic, humorous, and articulate! 
I have written many poems to express anger when I knew it 
wasn't  safe or fair to emote  around my child!! Sometimes what 
we say with colour, words, and music is so powerful it can alter
perspective to something really gripping and positive!
Cupcake at the Tulip festival this week!
I've noticed a  change in the mood of our country. 
People seem kinder, less cutting, or  snide. Of course there 
will  always be municipal problems that need resolution
  and angry trolls that stalk the internet. But the 
overall air of the Country is more peaceful and kind!
Kona original acrylic
I can't help but wonder when the media reports a story
of late if they don't think what will our very hands on 
leader think?
Personally I don't like being angry anymore. It zaps my energy, 
stirs me up so bad causing sleepless nights. I have enough
 sedated past grief and anger to last a life time. Even
 though it's waned over time,  I feel safer to write it down
 after sitting  with it for a while. Once I've  explored 
my partmilled over my reactions, and watched 
the resolve.
Being intuitive I notice changes on the street when I'm 
driving. I notice changes in mood of those I live with. I notice
 everything... and I think a kind leader in any home, school, 
church, Country makes a huge difference to others!!
What makes you angriest? 
How do you handle your anger?

More cupcake at the tulip festival!


Paper rainbow said...

You are right, getting angry about issues rather than with individuals can if well directed have meaningful results. To often it is used just to fuel bitterness and that is a very negative attitude. I try not to get angry with individuals, preferring to talk over issues before they become a problem, although like everyone I do have a breaking point when my temper gets the better of me!

Valerie-Jael said...

Fun art and post. No room and time to write about what makes me angry today! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

ArtbyNicolaMcLean said...

There's a quote I often see on vegan facebook pages along the lines of 'I went vegan for love and now I hate everyone' - this sums it up for me. I get angry at the state of the world, they way we treat animals, the way wildlife is going extinct before our very eyes and the vast majority of people are blissfully ignorant because they are more interested in what the latest Kardashian sister has posted on instagram or where in the league their favourite football team is. While I want to believe that people are inherently good, the more I see of the horrors in this world the more I believe that actually most people are inherently selfish and the ones who step up to make a difference are the exceptions to the rule. Those things all make me angry. On a more simple level, not being able to get a signal on my mobile phone or the wifi continually dropping out in our house which it has been doing for weeks now - those things make me angry but only in an impatient irritated way. Inanimate objects - those I lose my temper with very easily but generally it's the bigger picture things that make me most angry because I feel so helpless to make a change when the governments are corrupt and the corporations pull their strings. WOW. That was a bit heavy for a Friday morning!! On a light note - I love your dog and teddy bear paintings this week - super cute!

My name is Erika. said...

I bet the tulip festival was gorgeous. And I love your pieces this week. The silly smiling dog is my favorite, though those teddy bears are pretty cute. yup, I think people re trying to be nicer- I think some of it is all the turmoil in the world and all the displaced people-maybe its shown us that being stuck up or rude isn't worth it. But still, none oft hat has probably really gone away. happy weekend and PPF!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I am very concerned about the rhetoric in this year's presidential campaign in the USA. There is only one candidate in my mind that appears to have the dignity and consciousness to be an impartial president. However, this candidate is not doing well on the polls. Voters appear to be leaning to the extreme candidates, as well as those who spread hatred and lies. May God have mercy on us.

Laila said...

I'm not sure I've told you how much I love your art like the first photo in this post. This unique style and the mix of characters and words makes it very interesting. And, of course, your lovely use of colors makes it attractive as well. Please keep doing them.
Life it too short to be angry, but it's hard not to be when watching all the world leaders not taking action against any kind of war.

Linda Kunsman said...

Lovely Cupcake amongst the fields of colorful tulips! Great varied colors and faces reflecting your thoughts on anger. Whether or not one wants to admit it I think anger is a natural feeling and it rears up on occasion and differently for everyone. It's all how one assesses what brought it about in the first place and then works it out in a constructive manner. Not always easy though. Another thoughtful and inciting post. Happy PPF!

sirkkis said...

I must confess that I now and then loos my temper...
Love your fun and cute painting.
Happy weekend 🌸

GlorV1 said...

Love that high jump your daughter made. Awesome. Hi Sherrie, hope you are doing good. I love your work on IG as well. Very nice work on your post. Anger....heck, I'm tired of that word. I don't want to be angry, I don't want angry people around me. At my age I want nothing to do with anger as I'm like you-sometimes it's hard to handle without blowing a gasket. Well on to better things like hopefully it rain and I promise not to get angry if I doesn't.:DDD

Kate Robertson said...

What fun art. The tulip festival looked like fun. Happy ppf

Christine said...

nice art to go with your 'anger' topic. I have had things happen to me over the years that still anger me thinking about it. Mostly to do with mean or rude people. Sometimes I think I should've lashed out instead of keeping my cool. Hmm. There is always Karma.

Mari H said...

Art has been, and will always be a way to channel our feelings, including hatred, love, anger or happiness, and can use hands or the word to achieve it is fortunate that they have the most people .
You continue working in peace and love.
Saludos desde España.

Carol said...

Love the art today ♥ And those photos of Cupcake at the tulip farm are fantastic ! I don't anger easily or even show my anger often. If you're the unlucky person who has pushed the wrong buttons though "LOOK OUT WORLD" cause once the lid is off the pot , there's no putting it back until all the steam is gone. Has come close to getting me in trouble a couple of times even if I was justified at being angry . :(

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful post,, you made so many wonderful points,, the art work as always is stunning,,

cup cake is such a beauty too!!
I am the slow to boil person,, then I can't find the right words until after the fact and wish I had said so many things,, except when it comes to someone attacking my children,, then I can tear off a strip a mile wide,, no problem,,lol,,

Özge Başağaç said...

Making art takes my anger away.The words i can not express out loud flow into my pages, get covered up. Or they appear as colors, textures which sooth me in the long term. If i can't get these feelings out i burst like a crazy insane woman.I guess liars make me the most angry.I can't stand cruelty, like you said, especially targeted towards animals and children. But also cruelty to women and other people who are underprivileged. Life should not be this unfair.Hope you have a beautiful weekend Giggles :) I like your art :)

Faye said...

How wonderful to have all those beautiful flowers near enough to visit! Cupcake looks like she enjoyed the tulip fest. I've tried to think about when I was last angry and I can't come up with anything specific. I did feel some anger and embarrassment when a contractor took advantage of me by not doing what work he was hired to do. I usually write emails or letters to those who do such or write to BBB, which I did. Anger used to be a constant companion but not now. It is more an emotion of the young and impatient.

pauline said...

oh, i love this. First of all, your 2nd art piece is fabulous - the Picasso woman face. They're all good, but this one jumped out at me. Secondly, your words about anger & the triggers are so powerful & true. The older I get, the more i believe anger IS rooted in fear. Writing and making art have always helped me deal with my own anger, although i usually don't hesitate to express myself (sometimes not so diplomatically, i'm afraid). Like you - the abuse towards animals or children or any living creature, really - drives me insane. Sometimes, it takes a lot for me not to become the anger. I absolutely love that pic of Cupcake, jumping in the tulip field. Tell her I think she's beautiful... in more ways than one. :) xx

NatashaMay said...

Love those teeth. :) And cupcake is beautiful!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What sweet, colorful art! The tulip festival looks amazing. Anger can definitely be a powerful emotion.

Neesie said...

An interesting post and great artwork as usual.
Also fantastic photo's of cupcake. She looks so happy and full of life... she's a credit to you.
As for what makes me angry... well I used to be so patient and even tempered it used to be commented on, but as I get older I seem to have a shorter fuse to all the injustices in the world.
I find I'm voicing my displeasure more frequently.
The tulip festival sounds interesting.
Happy PPF to you

Laney said...

Great post! Love the first pic on the post - it's so colorful and really engaging.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to anger. Anger makes one bitter, it's not beautiful.

But your colorful works are beautiful and I love Cupcake flying!

Zafaran Art Gallery said...

Happy to be visiting you again, and the lovely pics accompanied by powerful words...yes, anger is a potent weapon with many uses, but I prefer to keep it away because it messes us up and like holding hot coal, burns the hand that holds it. Well, easier said than done, but I do try keep my anger down.

sheila 77 said...

I like what Gloria said. At this stage, I don't get angry very often. Things that happen outside my control are to be ignored.
The animals in your painting look a bit worried. Hope all is well with you and your family.
Thanks for the happy photos of Cupcake.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Anger is natural, it is the matter how we cope with it and how we transform and express it. Thank you for sharing beautiful expressions in words and pictures.

Nordljus said...

Love your dog and teddy! So sweet. And that tulip field looks just gorgeous! And how wonderful about the changes you notice in your country! I'm not sure if I can say the same about here, but I certainly wish for it. Anger can be a great force, but also soul destroying. A lot to think about here.

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