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Thursday, May 26, 2016

60 Things I know at Sixty!

Saturday is my sixtieth Birthday. This year I have asked not 
to celebrate! I felt the same at thirty. I would like this day to 
smoothy ride by without fuss! My choice. I've heard from 
 another friend it's quite common. I have a few lunch dates set
 up with individual friends here and there over the next few
 weeks!  Other than that....easy does it for me!!

   My mother would be horrified at how long my hair is at sixty.
 As a hairdresser she always said women should never
 have long hair past fourty!  I wear it up most days because it's 
easier. It's straight, thick and coloured...good enough! She'd be 
even  more horrified if she knew I secretly would love dreadlocks,
 except I am afraid they will be too heavy and hard to colour!
So I will settle for long, thick, straight and dyed!
 For now!
I'm sixty I can do what I want .....right?    
I love Kallees coat and wish there were coats like this in my size...
 I was pretty surprised at how fast I created this list of sixty things
I've learned over the years! I'm sure there could be a long post
with each lesson learned ...but I'll spare you!  
I'd wear Hopes Jacket...but orange is not a colour I can wear!

 1) It’s not always important to be right, time proves who’s right
2)  Enjoy every god given moment with your children
3)  Be generous, often 
4)  Make time for your Children,
5)  Find, and make time for your passion…schedule the time if need be
6)  Only answer the door if you want to
7) Guard your alone time…it’s as precious as gold
8) Buy yourself flowers when no one else does! You’re so worth it!
9) Do what makes you happy 
10) Ask yourself what truly makes you happy
Janelle original
 11) Simplify your life sooner than later
12) Find joy in small simple everyday moments
13) Don’t over indulge…..enjoy smaller portions
14) Ask yourself why you are doing anything you do
15) Know your children are here to teach you more than you will ever teach them
16) Have eye contact with babies all the way up to adulthood
17) Listen to what is being said between the lines
18) Practice delayed gratification
19) Save for things you want
20) Always find the best prices for everything

21) Pay your mortgage or rent first
22) Never buy, or settle for a place with things you don’t like,

 it always gets worse with time
23) Stay away from bad energy at all costs
24) Stave off the energy vampires and their drama
25) Be very selective of your friends

I could wear this jacket if it was a little longer...swoon!
26) Teach your children to enjoy things that don’t cost money
27) Play games with your children, 

teach them to win and lose graciously
28) Read and learn daily until you can't!
29) Be a person that can have a meaty flexible conversation
30) Don’t worry what others say about you, it’s none of your business
Faunty original!
31) Love what you love with conviction and without apology
32) Stop feeling guilty about everything, it’s wasted energy
33) Do good things all the time
34) Be thoughtful and kind whenever possible,
35) Never raise your voice unless there is danger.

Why don't they make coats like this for older women...darn it!! This is so me!!
36) Be very careful who you trust with your children
37) You never truly know the extent of a persons sexual desire, be wary of that
38) Laugh lots daily,
Laugh at yourself, especially when you're older 
40) Stay current, know what’s happening, it will keep you young
41) Enjoy young people, try to learn new things from them
42) The older I get, the less I know
43) Don’t waste food, use it wisely
44) Know that youth is beautiful, worry less how you look
45) Find your very own style, rather than a trend

46) Go by taste, rather than price when it comes to wine and other things
47) Always have a stash of back up money in your wallet for emergencies only
48) Never lend your car or your spouse
49) Value everything you have with love and gratitude daily, 

especially children and partners
50)  Do something thoughtful and nice every single day for those you live with

51) Know some arguments aren’t worth it, walk away 
52) Keep those at bay that make you feel bad about yourself
53) Don’t always give a reason why you do things….it’s no ones business
54) Buy yourself time before accepting invitations… so you don’t have to renege
55) Inform young children what’s happening in the moment, in case of cancellations! 

56) What you put out into the world comes back to you...sometimes ten fold!
57) Life is a roller coaster with so many ups and downs, enjoy each moment you can
58) Learn to love solitude, focus on good, prepare for complications, but don't expect them
59) Listen for whispers of intuition
60) Create a lifestyle you love, even if others disapprove
And a few more for good measure!!

Do for others without expecting a return!
Help others but not at the expense of your family
Change the timbre in your voice to command respect
When in doubt question those in authority
Don’t make your children mother deaf by nattering
Never assume you know a persons life
Judge less, love more

 I'd like to thank you all for your love and friendship 
reading my often wordy posts!  I feel so blessed 
getting to know so many amazing kind
 loving people through PPF... You all inspire me 
one way or another! You're one of my favourite
things  about being sixty! 
What's one your favourite thing about being your age?


Valerie-Jael said...

Happy 60th birthday, and enjoy yourself and do what you want and like as long as you can! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Christine said...

Happy 60th Giggles! It is 3 years away for me and suddenly that doesn't seem so old like it used to! Nice art, stay young at heart.

sirkkis said...

Happy, joyful Birthday to you ❤❤
Thank you for your great advices, it's hart to follow all, but lets try... Your selfies are wonderful.
Happy PPF, too 🌞

Lynn Cohen said...

Okay dear friend listen up! Be very happy you are now 60! I vaguely remember it, but I do remember it was around the time I really started to take life seriously! Every day we get is a blessing! Be glad you've made it this far! Every day and every birthday is a gift! Do not take them lightly and do not just let it just slide by! Celebrate your life! It was around 65 when I realized I wanted more to life than just my marriage, motherhood, grandmother hood and career! It's when I took that quilting class and became an art quilt artist! Seventy was a shocker ! But my kids gave me a party and my son surprised me flying down from Oregon! A year later I started drawing! Now I'm comfortable calling myself a drawing artist! Around 72 I stopped coloring my hair and love my now silver gray head! At 73 I stopped wearing bras! Next month I turn 75 and I will party with my kids and some of my grandkids again! These milestones are both frightening and exciting! Scary because it's a given I won't live another 75 years! Exciting everyday I wake up and realize I get another day! I think the older I get the more I appreciate life! I no longer just take it for granted! My aunt Mimi told me at age 94 the year before she died that age was just a number! It is! So get that orange coat and have fun wearing it! Or dye it green! Wear a party hat! Blow a noise maker! Skip down the street and yell if you feel like it! E happy you are still here and able to do it! Sixty is just a number! I'm excited getting ready to reach 75! Happy sixtieth to you!!!! Happy, happy Birthday! Live it up!

ArtbyNicolaMcLean said...

Happy 60th Birthday! I love your list of things you've learnt and I love that you still have long dyed hair and just don't care! I remember getting mine cut into a bob when I was 25 (25!!!!) because I thought I was too old for long hair, lol. I think celebrities have made it more acceptable and normal to have long hair much later in life. I'm was determined to grow mine long enough to tie up one more time before I'm too old (I'm 45) but maybe after reading this there is no too old and I'll just grow into an ageing hippie and be damned!! I wish you the happiest of days and I absolutely think you should celebrate - you only turn 60 once (At least in this lifetime!) Enjoy every second and thank you for sharing your interesting posts with us every week! xx

My name is Erika. said...

Happy birthday. I hope it is quiet and calm and fun for you. Your list is wonderful. I would say your 60 years have been very successful if you can come up with such a good list so fast. And as usual, I love your colorful pieces. Happy day. Hugs, Erika

Faye said...

What a fantastic list, Sherrie! Congratulations on turning 60; it is a milestone many do not get to. Your list is so good I'd direct my son (going to be 60 in 3 years) to read, if he would only do that. The classes you had in "the school of hard knocks" has given you much wisdom. It has also given you a kind heart. I wore my angel necklace this past week, the one you gave me when Alan died. Such unexpected deeds of kindness speak loudly to your real character. Your drawings this week are lovely.

DUTA said...

Lovely pictures, good list of advice! I would add one item to your list, and that's : listen to your body, have a dialogue with it, learn its needs.It will save you doctors and meds.

Not wearing long hair is part of 'simplify your life', it's easier to manage short to medium hair. It's also easier to manage a house with light furniture; get rid of heavy wooden items that need polishing and are hard to move.

Happy Birthday to you, and many , many returns of the day!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this,, first because I always love to see your art, its always so imaginative and brilliant in color,, and secondly, I turn 60 in two weeks,, lol,, your list is amazing,, perfect,, thank you for sharing this,, happy birthday to you!
Oh and I remember being told that about long hair ,, I have had long hair but have kept my hair short now for 35 years only because it looks better on me, deep down I miss my long hair, but it really doesn't suit me, unless its put up and I found it gave me head aches up all the time, so its short for me,,I think long hair looks beautiful on some women and it matters not what your age is,

Karla B said...

Happy Birthday my friend!I wish you health and piece.

Much Love


Susan said...

Happy Birthday to you! Treat yourself and reread Lynn Cohen's comments. I share her age and philosophy. The only difference is that I still work full time. Embrace opportunity! Really enjoyed your artwork this week.
Enjoy your day and PPF wishes to you.

Nordljus said...

A very happy birthday to you! I hope it will be exactly as you wanted it. I love your list! And the fact that you have long hair and dye it. It don't think that age has anything to do with what haircut you have. It's whatever suits you and whatever feels most comfortable that is right for you. What's my favourite thing about being my age? You've given me something to think about there... Have a wonderful day on Saturday!
Beautiful artwork too!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday. The 60s are actually pretty nice. You have the spirit to stay young and I think you mom would love your hair. Your willingness to share, to be a strong thoughtful woman comes out everyday in you. Wishing you a wonderful new year.

SLScheibe said...

Absolutely fantastic list! I love, love, love it! And happy quiet birthday! Beautiful colorful art as always. :)

Ginny said...

Happy birthday. I love your list. It's such a great reminder of what is important. I hope that your birthday and everyday will be just as special as you. I am sure that you will enjoy each and every moment.

I always love reading your posts and looking at your art. You always leave me with something to think about. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us.

Linda Kunsman said...

Happy, happy 60th birthday to you dear Sherrie!! What a super duper post chock full of fabulous art and a great list too!!! I'm finding that the older I get the less I care about what others think -and if I decide one day I want red or pink hair (always been blonde)I'm just gonna do it! Hope your day is all you wish for. Birthday hugs to you!!

alarmcat said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm just a couple years behind you and I heartily agree with the list you have here!! Over the years, I've adopted many of these life lessons. Enjoy your day :)

minnemie said...

A happy, happy non-fuss, wisdom-filled birthday to you! I love your list, your coats and your elephants!

Kate Robertson said...

Happy 60th. I'm 62 and feel its a privilege to have al these years. I know a lot of women who died in their 50's. Love the list you made. I'd love to see you in dreds.. Yes you can do anything you want, it gives you a real sense of freedom.


Indira said...

Happy 60th! Enjoy the year and keep your hair long forever. I have long hair too never cut it. Love your art and keep adding to the 60 things.

Anonymous said...

<3 <3 <3 Happy Birthday Sweet Sixty <3 <3 <3

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the 60! Happy art as always!
oxo Susi

June Walker said...

Happy birthday!! Superb list!

Studio Kaufmann said...

I hear you: Stay away from the energy vampires! Don't be afraid of a new hairdo. There is a ninety year old water aerobics instructor that buys unicorn swimsuits from the kids dept and dyes her hair pink and purple. Looks fab! I say go for it.

carol l mckenna said...

All your creations are wonderful ~ great composition, color and creative!

Also like you philosophy about turning 60 ~ Yes you have earned the right to do exactly as you want ~ Happy Birthday to you ~

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

Sandra Cox said...

Many happy returns of the day.
That list is wonderful. I love your positive attitude.

peggy gatto said...

Happy Birthday . Enjoy your new decade!!!
Gosh I so enjoy your bright and charming paintings!!

kat said...

Ah wonderful post and a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!
You don't have to do anything big or extravagant, but fill it with all the special things and people you love...or just that wonderful time alone that is so precious as you say! Do what makes you happy and you'll have a beautiful day! I like to find the 10 year old inside me at all ages!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Happy birthday to you! Your advice is wonderful. I love the animal art in your post especially.

denthe said...

Happy birthday dear Sherrie! Hope you'll enjoy a wonderful day, even if you have decided not to make a big fuss of it. You're sixty, you have the right to celebrate it just the way you want it :-)Just the other day I read a great article about what women over 50 "shouldn't wear". Here's the link: http://www.grandmagazine.com/2016/05/not-wear-age-50-final-say/ in case you want to read it :-)

Fallingladies said...

Happy birthday! Love your wonderful list, especially 23, 32, 50 and 51. When i turned 50 2 years ago i dyed a strip of hair blue, but the person dyeing it didn't do a good job, even though i paid a lot so it was hardly noticeable in my long dark hair. I may try again. Half the people i work with hated it and half loved it, but it only mattered that when i looked down and saw it, it made me happy!

Miz Katie said...

Haaaappy Birthday!! What a great post! I was nodding my head in agreement as I read through your list. I hope you have some tasty luncheons with your friends. I had long hair, too, until recently when I chopped it off. I have far less headaches, and neck pain now, so I haven't regretted the decision, luckily. I was afraid I would. Hope you had a great birthday. :)

Beth Niquette said...

Happy 60th birthday! I will be turning 58 on Flag Day--so you are only two years and a couple of weeks older than me. Heehee...as always I totally enjoyed your post and wonderful pictures. You are amazing. ((HUGS))

Julene said...

Your art is delightful...as usual and the list is over the top great!
I love being over 60 and yes, you can now do what you want!!
Enjoy life to it's fullest! Happy Birthday!

Abigail Davidson said...

Lovely works this week, especially that elephant -- so cute! Hope you had a fabulous birthday :)!

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