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Friday, November 04, 2016

Nippy November

This is my November digital banner! Hat and
ear muff weather as the temperature drops!
 I keep erasing my blather. The abridged
version of my thoughts this week are more
Water colour filter over an acrylic journal page portrait!
 Why do so many people repeat in cult like fashion,
verbatim  what they hear politically? Do all the buzz
words just stick in their brains. Is that the plan?
Just brainwash them all!  It's shocking
the lemmings that don't do their research,
and  don't speak authentically.   
 It's sad and scary.
To divert my mind from
the nonsense, I've  been painting.
 The above pattern is a sneak 
peak of a few items  Cupcake asked me to revamp.
This is part of the upcycle too....
Locally, a horrific school tragedy was recorded 
and placed on social media. I have refused to 
watch or look at any images pertaining to it!
A young girl lost her life, her friend
 struggling to recover. Teens witnessing
this act will be  haunted by images
  for years to come! So sad!
Media outlets that released the video are 
 thankfully being scrutinized as a family 
copes to grieve! 
 Is there so much information being flogged 
at us that  ethical decisions are being skewed?
  Are we completely desensitizing people
  to the point their sensibilities are impeded?
 Why is it so hard to make a respectful
 choice not to upload an offensive video 
that  repeatedly  devastates many?
Original acrylic portrait
If nothing else I hope this terrible circulating video
 brings about some much needed change. 
For now people are expressing their
outrage by unfollowing certain media outlets. 
Kudos to the stations who chose not to air or post it!
 We're subjected to ugly things in our world
that can't be avoided. Society needs to be 
more vigilant about what  it allows to penetrate
it's soul! It's never okay to see gruesome
  things thrown at us on social media. There 
don't seem to be any rules. In a perfect 
world we could police ourselves!
Unfortunately even some of the top dogs
  can't get it right either!
My stomach still hits the floor when I see something
offensive online!  I truly despise violence of any kind so 
it's especially upsetting for me. I like to stay current,
however I want accurate properly researched news
with ethical, compassionate discretion in place!  Lots
of warning too.....so I can turn away!

Social media is our new normal,
with many wonderful resources.
Of course with that comes the 
negative side too! 

Are you content  with what's
thrown at you on Social media?  


sirkkis said...

Impressive banner! Your art is in retro colours and style, I think. It's nostalgic and nice.
I'm not in social media. Blogging is just enough to me. I'm retired from busy advertising world and enjoy now live quiet and easy.
Have a happy, inspiring November xx

Faye said...

I often feel there is TMI (too much information) floating along the internet waves. Even acquaintances feel like they have to unload bad stuff in emails. I like your simple designs this week. And your header banner is great.

sheila 77 said...

Hello Sherrie, your blogposts are always so refreshing and thought-provoking. I very rarely watch the news and don't click on "bad" headlines (unless I'm really intrigued). You are so right, why would people want to do that, to have that in their heads.
I like the way you have interspersed your words with soothing flowers, I love all the flowers. I'd like a mug with the second last pattern, the pink flowers.
Your header is brilliant, so life-enhancing and happy. The different hats and ear-muffs are terrific, so colourful. If I ever need cheering up I'll come and look at your header.

Valerie-Jael said...

Yes, I sometimes think the news is worse than X rated films, it gets harder and harder to cope with it all. Here it is cold, wet and windy, too - winter is coming closer Hugs, Valerie

Anonymous said...

your talent is amazing for your art and for words, well said,
I think its sad we have become cold to such violence on tv and computer. The media just becomes more and more bold, nothing is sacred, its gone to far and something needs to be done.

Christine said...

nice art, it's a new world we are living in and we somehow have to adjust and protect ourselves.

Linda Kunsman said...

First thing that caught my eye was your wonderful new header even though I don't like the thought of having to bundle up.Ok, I will admit I am watching Hallmark for all the Christmas movies which began last week. I love a good romantic and magical movie:)
Your male portrait is fabulous!
I'm with you Sherrie in that I SO despise violence too and stay away from it as much as I can- whether it's news, social media or movies. I refuse to get caught up in it. Only wish more felt the same way so by not "clicking on" or subscribing to certain things it would eventually start to go away...
happy PPF and have a super colorful weekend!

denthe said...

oh, your new header looks great. I love how your figures always have such a friendly, kind face. They look like fun people I would like to meet ... :-) Your acrylic portrait is so beautiful too, and I like the effect of the watercolour filter. I think the internet, and social media, are great inventions, but you're right, there seem to be no rules, and it's scary the things some people put on there. I have already banned some people from my newsfeed, because they kept posting gruesome pictures. All for a good cause, f.i. to protest against animal cruelty, but I just can't get those images out of my head and I don't want to see them without warning. But right now I am reading a lot of things abot the election in the US, and sometimes there are really great insightful articles that I wouldn't have read if someone hadn't shared it. I guess for now we'll have to take the good with the bad ...

Susan said...

Bright cheery banner (have loved them all so far). And I totally agree that we are desensitizing our youth by showing them dark things that before they only thought about. When they see someone else doing it, it breaks that mental barrier. But that is the view from the north side of 70 years. Happy PPF

Gillena Cox said...

Have a good weekend; luv the new faces on your banner

much love...

Terri Heal said...

Lovely work on the acrylic portrait :-) Keep it up!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Social media has helped me reunite with friends and family around the world, whom I haven't seen in years. However, with the current negative state of affairs these days, a lot of hatred is flying around. May God have mercy on us, because we don't know what we're doing.

Carol said...

Love the new banner ♥♥♥♥ I just had this discussion with another soul earlier today... the world of news media and social media has gone amuck!!! Evil and negativity have always been present through out history. Now it is thrown in our face 24/7 as if it's the only thing happening. Nothing positive or good is mentioned as if it doesn't matter at all. When in fact the positive and good things are what carry us through the other muck that they want to focus on. The muck pulls in the attention they strive for even if it is bad or unwelcome attention. The blight of human nature.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Love your banner and all of your art work. Have a wonderful Sunday.

riitta k said...

I love the happy faces in your banner - cool! Your other pictures are fine too... I don't use social media (FB) so much, it makes me tired and eats up my time...

Irene Rafael said...

Your November banner is wonderful. Even if everyone is facing cold weather I enjoy their cheerful smiles. As for the news, I rarely watch, listen or read it. I have given up on the lack of digression that newscasters use in deciding what and how to present information to the public. I am grateful that I had art to occupy my psyche. I know being an ostrich is not the best approach but sometimes...
~~ Irene

Fallingladies said...

Love the new banner. I agree with you, too much violence. It makes me too sad, I avoid almost all of the news anymore but you still can't get away from it

kat said...

I love that November piece with all the ear muffs and hats! It's definitely the month to get those out, especially your way! We felt the temperatures drop since yesterday even down here in the South of France, we can tell when snow is not far, with the hills and mountains nearby.
As for all that social media, I really rarely watch the news....I'm bad for keeping up with current affairs, so miss out on a lot of rubbish that gets said....there is too much bad stuff going on and I would rather not see this every day.
Much better to art, create and enjoy visiting blog land!
Best wishes

June Walker said...

Lovely portraits, giggles. Also nicely interspersed with flowers. I never watch the news so it doesn't bother me. I am an ostrich!!

Neesie said...

Fantastic new banner that immediately caught my eye. Totally appropriate attire right now.
I couldn't agree with you more on the current media coverage. I try not to watch so many kinds of video's because I get so upset and the images stay with me. I even struggle to watch the evening news... I prefer to keep positive and find as much good as I can out there.
So let's keep the good, positive, artistic, colourful images out there :D

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love hats and your hat piece is lovely. Social media is definitely a game changer...

Indira said...

Great banner and a thoughtful post. I agree with you. In the US we have been so much ugly stuff this election. It is depressing.

Katie Jeanne said...

Love your new banner..I noticed it right away, and it made me smile. :)

How horrible about the video that's circulating. I just wrote a blog post about a plugin or addon you can download for your browser, so you can block things like this on FB. I used it to block political posts. I hope you check it out...sounds like you need the plugin, too. We all do!! It's sick and morbid to post videos like this. You shouldn't have to look at it. :(

Andrea Priebe said...

News is no longer news .. it is a fight to get the most viewers and the highest ratings. Truth has no part in our media coverage and whatever laws we had to protect us from this onslaught of lies, have been reversed. We have been become puppets of a media that is being used by the rich to dumb us down so they can continue to manipulate us. As you see it has worked ... Look at who we elected as a President. It would seem the ugly and gory is what the public want ... and those of us who are appalled by it all seem helpless to stop it. It is all very depressing to me ... so when I come to see you, I see beauty, uplifting pictures and intelligent conversation. You are a blessing ... Thank you be being you and for being true to the values we all grew up with.

Andrea @ From The Sol

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