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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Carrying the Lessons

My daughter was shocked at how easily this piece manifested! 
I find it's quite telling considering the state of our world of late! 
Some women seem  more concerned than others!
 Rightfully so!  The older ones know the political strides
gained over the years and probably would prefer not 
to visit those issues once again! However in 2017
so many are left in wonder!
 Mandatory  skirts or dresses in public schools 
instead of pants during freezing temperatures 
were just one of the silly requirements/judgements
 of days gone by! So many difficult choices women
 made because of circumstances beyond their control.
Have we even talked about those times enough
with the younger generations  I wonder?
Times where neighbour hood teen moms were forced 
to secretly give up their children, only to panic years 
later as they frantically searched  their whereabouts!
A time where people worried what everyone was 
doing to keep the moral compass in check. 
Consequences that often scarred people for life!
Women have always been held up to a bright
 light of scrutiny. Sadly they still are but in 
different ways now, like Mommy and body
 As much as some of us may crave a simpler
era. Each generation faces different issues,
some more disruptive than others! If we 
weigh it all who the heck would want to go back!
As much as some may not want to admit it
there have always been those in positions
of power who dismiss ethics
 completely unfazed by repercussions.
Our memory has a great way of protecting 
us from constant internal strife.
  Over time grief and pain can dissipate. 
We learn to cope, forgetting some of the
details! Hopefully remembering more joyful
moments! I think it's probably the best way
to cope. It may even fool us into thinking it was
better than it really was! It may be the reason
we don't dwell on lessons of the past enough! 
Personally I'd love to cherry pick the best parts
of my youth and leave the rest behind. Unfortunately
it doesn't work that way. Each era has it's own
issues to overcome! Some harsher than others
especially when we don't acknowledge 
or carry history's lessons into each new era!
Old curtain panel found at a thrift store years ago!
  Cupcake and Beardo both carry a respect for
the past by upcyling things that can be restored! 
Recently Cupcakes creative mojo has been 
running rampant! She's been sewing so many
 projects that have spent years dormant
in her sewing box!
Recently she made a quilt from an old curtain
 found in a thrift store years ago! For pennies 
it turned out so cute! Even the colours are
 vintage! I love the adorable childrens
This little quilt inspired the completion of many 
more projects. As she sewed at one end of the room,
Beardo up-cyled an old desk into a wonderful
new piece of furniture that we love at the other end!!
 He took my old oak desk, discarded drawers
destined for the work dumpster during renovations,
and upcyled them! Very little was purchase for this
great new piece of furniture. A bit of oak laminate for
the drawer faces, wood to frame the inside and 
completely cover the back! Plus he saved the landfill
from a bulky bunch of drawers, and six hundred 
  dollars worth of drawer slides. No one ever thinks
about how expensive a good drawer slide is!
My upcyled old oak desk! Below is a super speedy video of the process!

Surrounded by all this glorious creative energy 
can only inspire! I did manage to create a few
digital pieces and started spreading some paint 
around too.

What old school traditions do you value most?


Clare Lloyd said...

Happy PPF. Great colours.

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely post, great recyclng projects, too. The world around us is changing rapidly, and it's scary. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

sirkkis said...

Love what Cupcake made as well as Beard, too. I think we should use and tune more old beautiful things. You are right, the world around us is changing since old days: there are too many wothless things to puchase.
Happy PPF xx

Sue (this n that) said...

I like what you have to say Giggles. Your paintings are gorgeous too. My favourite is the last ... "some days you just feel like slouching", so nice to march to the beat of ones own drum. Happy PPF :D)

Linda Kunsman said...

Oh how true all that past history is about women. Amazing when you look way back at how things were-and how very strict. LOVE all the swirling creativity flowing in your home. That quilt would keep me smiling for sure, as would your colorful paintings! And of course what a gift to be able to recycle pieces like that desk. Happy PPF!

Faye said...

Good morning, Sherrie. It's too early to think deep thoughts but you've done a real good job of reminding me of those hated swimsuits in college, and the fact we couldn't be seen outside the dorm in pants. Some got by with wearing nice bathrobes over their pjs when they went to get their mail. I don't remember that as hardship, only what the rules were. It seems silly in today's world. I never felt deprived or mistreated because I was female. Without some rules and regulations we'd have anarchy. I see today's problems stemming from lack of respect for those in authority,(respect not because the particular person is wonderful, but because of the office and position they hold.)

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Fantastic post and thoughts , a fabulous quilt and great paintings and it's a gift to have Beardo as a son in law Sherrie!Fabulous!
Happy weekend!

Lynn Cohen said...

Oh how I love your people are! Expressions, body shapes and bright colors! This weeks bird reminds me of "as the caged bird sings".
I'm very nervous and fearful of the back sliding DT might allow or create! Loss of women's health care at Planned Parenthood, loss of the Affordable Care Act, loss of rights for the LGBTQ community, no safe abortion rights, Roe vs Wade, our school system going backwards instead of improving, NATO, Preexisting conditions, kids on parents insurance policies till 26, parents having affordable health insurance policies, women's rights, Safety and stability for Muslims, Mexicans, African Americans, Jews, etc! Immigrants safety, the list goes on and on and on ... hands on a Biscuit that can start a Nuclear war, the rich getting richer, everyone else drowning in poverty, no new gun laws for all our safety ... I try to hold out hope, but it looks ugly and frightening,

Enjoy your day!

carol l mckenna said...

Such colorful and creative artwork and recycled work too ~ thanks,

Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

My name is Erika. said...

I think its easy to be nostalgic since no body remembers how bad the bad parts were. Great art today and wow-that is an amazing desk transformation. Hurrah for Beardo.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wonderful post as always. I like the phrase "cherry pick" Made me smile. All the recycled items are fantastic. I enjoy that as well. Have a great weekend.

Christine said...

They seriously could start a business from all the stuff they upcycle, great work!

denthe said...

I'm glad to see you found your mojo again :-) Love your digital pieces ♥ That quilt is so cute, and that up-cycled desk is amazing. You have a very talented daughter and son in law....

Jan said...

I love recycling and I love your colorful and beautiful art!!!

Happy PPF~

June Walker said...

Lovely drawings I like the little bird! The quilt is so beautiful!!

Tammie Dickerson said...

You always have such thoughtful posts! I love your little bird!!

~Rasz~ said...

Wow! Cupcake and Beardo created a couple of GREAT upcycling additions to the house! Your words hit me in my heart...especially with your first picture and the words about singing our heartsong, love that! Of course, as always, I love your pictures and wonderful words that you blog! Right now I cannot think of chidhood rules that I would have to go back 40ish years to recall. Happy PPF and have a wonderful upcoming week. Hugs, Rasz

Carol said...

Great art and words today :0) Love the up-cycled projects!!! I love that my parents taught me the value of not being wasteful and that many things can be re-purposed in something more useful than it's original intent. I value hard work and honesty and the importance of knowing how to grow my own food. All old school values which are stilt as important now as then.

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

Wow Cupcake sure has a gift and Beardo too! The up-cycled art are awesome!
Love you colourful, fancy characters too!

Gillena Cox said...

luv the quilt, I have a lot fabric scraps , from my sewing days, I just cant muster up the strength to throw them out. I did start a quilt and abandoned the idea, thinking just maybe I should attempt a patchwork project again this year

happy weekend

much love...

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

We can't take for granted how far the women's rights movement has come, or we will regress. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and family's creative endeavors. Blessings!

Gloria J Zucaro said...

I moved a lot because my father was in the Air Force. One time my first day at school I got sent home because, "Young ladies do not wear pants." I had on pedal pushes and my former school had allowed them.

Things I used to love, but now not allowed-leaf burning in the Fall. Saturday morning Westerns, lying on my back and star gazing in the Summer, catching fireflies on Summer nights and the tradition of sending and receiving thank you notes! I still send them, but even most of my generation does not! And when they do-it is "Thank you for the gift"- no description or thankfulness involved!

Laney said...

I'm late this weekend! PPF has become PPSunday lol. But I'm glad to finally get around to linking up and visiting your blog. I LOVE the upcycled desk. Creative projects like that are so much fun to see and it's such a bargain, too! Fun to see your art as always. Have a great week!

Faye said...

Sorry but I forgot to tell you how impressed I am about the quilt - so beautiful - and the updated desk. What a treasure you have in your kids!!!

peggy gatto said...

I always enjoy my time here, it is a colorful happy place!

Mona Pendleton said...

wonderful works of art Giggles! So fun and colorful! Happy PPF :)

sheila 77 said...

Hello Sherrie.
Beardo is a wonderful treasure and I know you appreciate him. He always looks so cheerful (not at all like your ladies who all look very grumpy about something, although the one bottom right has a super hairdo).
I don't remember getting too fussed about school, it was just something that was there and I enjoyed being there. We all had to wear the same uniform so in retrospect I value that.
I do like your new so-colourful paintings - the lady playing hearts-music and the other lady with blue spectacles and green jogging pants having a nice rest.

JKW said...

I would have no problem re-living the first 5 years of my life. The art work with this piece is fantastic as always. . .Thank you. Blessings, Janet

Nordljus said...

That quilt looks wonderful! What a great job she did, and the upcycled desk is really impressive. I love old things too, although I wouldn't be able to transform a piece of furniture into another like this. One of my treasures is my grandmother's set of silver cutlery. I use it every day.
Wonderful artwork too, I like your ladies, they have so much expression.

Granny Annie said...

I did not burn my bra in the 70's and I did not march this past weekend. I believe that my perseverances as a single mom who also continued her education and worked full time kept me busy enough. In the process of making those strides for myself, raising fine children and achieving a very successful career, I made a difference for the women's movement.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

The world is definitely changing... Your art is so full of lovely colors.

NatashaMay said...

Did I miss something? Is she expecting? :) This looks like nesting to me. Anyway, great colorful artwork as always!

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