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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Make Room for New things!

 Missed my last yearly post due to illness!! Although Christmas 
dinner was a bit of a bust because Cupcake was under the 
weather too, the rest of the season was  full of festive delight. We
 all enjoyed it immensely and felt truly blessed. Not exchanging
 gifts took the pressure off  so we could appreciate the
 true glory of the season!
 Painted trees and snowman on a digital background!
Several friends blessed us with little surprises.
 Cupcake as per usual, being the winner that she is
 managed to win very expensive Hockey Tickets,
  and a hundred dollar gift certificate to a mall!
Cupcake looks so much like my mom in this photo I can't even believe it!!
No matter how much we give away or put into the universe 
seems to make it's way back to us ten fold, just like mom
 always said it would! Cupcake even found these very 
pricy brand new Doc Marten shoes  for five bucks!  
They look smaller in person!!
Here is the secret. If you're feeling a little fiscally tight
after an expensive holiday season start purging! 
Give things away without expectation! We give at 
least one or two bags to charity monthly on top of
any food,or monetary donations to others! It 
actually makes room for beautiful things you
 may need or have a secret desire for, 
 to enter your life!!
The kids built this the last day of 2016!
Way before Christmas my friend gave us a very 
generous gift certificate to start off our season!
  The very next day while at the beach walking 
 on the pier a local radio station handed her
  the very same gift certificate as a promotional
 give-away! She was flabbergasted at the unusual
  circumstances, yet not completely surprised!  

Jan 1, 2017 These two Celebrated 15 years officially dating!! Married almost 9 years!
Another secret to attracting what you need
is to keep your entrance way clear. It works
well for us! January is always a great month 
to clear the clutter to start anew! 
Ask yourself,
1, Do I need it?
2. Does it serve a purpose?
3, Do I love it?
4. Would I buy this today????
If not, consider letting it go!
Any old art supplies can go to local schools.
We have loads of snow, icy roads and more snow on the way! Cupcake took all the photos!!
 I also heard some good advice for making changes with
your diet... Do everything in ten percent intervals!!

Eat ten percent less sugar
Eat at restaurants ten percent less
Put ten percent less on your plate
Eat ten percent less meat
Eat ten percent more vegetables
Drink ten percent more water
Move ten percent more
I thought these were all sensible
changes to make it you don't
want to disrupt your life too much! 

What else could you apply the
ten percent rule to make subtle
changes in your life?

Ten percent more time for art?
Ten percent less time for facebook?
First day of the year a cotton candy sky....photo credit Cupcake!
Not much was accomplished creatively the last few weeks!
A few unfinished posts, unanswered emails, and
a lot of rest was required! Lets hope this
lull in creativity moves on quickly! 
In the meantime I am going to format and
revamp some of my art and poetry while
making a creative plan for the year ahead!!    
A digital card I made for my friend who is a huge hockey fan!!
I really enjoy combining my acrylic paint work with some 
digital work!
Beardo and Cupcake on New Years eve!
Happy New Year to all of you!
Wishing you love, peace and
creative abundance in the
 year ahead!

So sorry to those I owe email to....I'll get back to 
you hopefully sooner than later!! 
Any new creative plans for the year ahead?


My name is Erika. said...

Happy New year! Loving the pinkish snowmen. And all your fun holiday photos. But I love this post's theme even more . I love the positive spin you put on purging, and since purge is my word of the year, I think I got some good hints from this. I like your list about do you love it, would you buy it, etc. Hope you are feeling better and have a wonderful new year ahead. Hugs-Erika

Carol said...

Seems that lots of folks were under the weather over the holidays this year. I fought it off until after the big day and then went down for the count. Feeling much better now with meds and steroids. Love your post this week. SO up beat and positive and I love all of the tips you shared. Hope you are well on the road to recovery and look forward to all of your amazing art.

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful, bright and colourful post Sorry you were feeling bad last week. I LOVE those Doc Martens! I take a lot to the thrift store, and buy there, too, if I can. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

sirkkis said...

I love your happy new header. Thanks for a smil it gave me.
Gratulations to Cupcake for good luck! She looks so happy and beautiful with her lovelie.
You gave very wise advices concerning old things at home. I've tried to gave them charity, but should do that more often. And the list of improve ourselves is great. I think I should exercise more nordic walk and other activities.
Your art pieces as well as Cupcake's photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
Wishing you and yoursa healthy and good year.
Happy PPF, too xx

sheila 77 said...

Hello Giggles, yes I missed you, glad to hear that you are on the mend.
Your snowmen are terrific, very wintery and a bit of snow for those of us still without it.
Great advice on decluttering, a fascinating subject. I especially like number 4, would I buy it today, that's a useful tip.
I always love your stories on the law of abundance - give without expecting to receive. I think it works
And I always enjoy seeing your photographs of Cupcake and Beardo, the picture of happiness.
Happy New Year,

studio Lee said...

love your header ..aww the snow man sooooo cute .
hugs xo

Linda Kunsman said...

I just LOVE your new header! It makes me so happy :) Sorry you had to get sick during the holidays :( Sounds like an otherwise wonderful way to celebrate. We did very few gifting this year and it felt so much better and yes-les stressful. Your post about giving away is perfect fro me as my word for this year is "cleanse". And almost daily I have been going through things and getting them in boxes to donate or discard. I think the 10% sentiment is a wonderful way to make some changes too. Happy PPF and happy New Year!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

So sorry you and Cupcake were under the weather. It does sound like you had a wonderful Christmas. Ohhh those shoes are awesome. LOL I love how you are adding the digi art. Your snowmen are fun and happy art. Yes I agree with you, purging is a good thing for others and it is freeing for the purger. Your photos are gorgeous. Wishing you and your family the very best this year.

Mascha said...

Funny snowmans and a lot of lovely moodful holiday pictures.
I often use the days after holidays to clean the basement or wardrobe and I donate many things. Here I wrote last week:
It's simply a good feeling to let stuff free...
Happy PPF and new Year and get well soon (I had a bad flue some weeks earlier)

Gloria J Zucaro said...

I hope you are feeling better today. What an inspiration you and your family are, showing priorities for a happy and giving lifestyle. I really might try the 10% on giving away "stuff" and on improving my lifestyle. Not too intimidating in a small dose. Have a restful and lovely week. Great photos!

Faye said...

Happy New Year, Sherrie. I hope all of you are enjoying good health now. How horrible to be sick when everyone else is celebrating! I like what you said: 1, Do I need it?
2. Does it serve a purpose?
3, Do I love it?
4. Would I buy this today????
If not, consider letting it go!

It inspires me to get after my closets with more determination and commitment. Thanks for the list. I think it will help, especially #4, which I had not thought of before.

BrownPaperBunny said...

Happy New Year! I love love love those shoes!!! Happy PPF!

Gillena Cox said...

There is so much fun in your art and wisdom in your words

happy PPF and Best Wishes for this New Year

much love...

Laney said...

There you are! I missed you last week. Sorry you were under the weather. Love the snowmen and the 10% idea is really something to consider. Beautiful photos!

denthe said...

omg, that sky in those pictures is so gorgeous. I could keep looking at it. I will keep in mind those 4 questions to ask myself :-) And the 10% more art as well ... Hope you're feeling well again, and that 2017 will be full of creativity! You're already off to a good start with making a creative plan!

carol l mckenna said...

So much creativity here ~ love the snow people creation and Cupcake and her husband make a handsome couple ~ Glad you are feeling better ~

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year ~ ^_^

Tracy said...

Glad you're feeling better now! I agree with the whole generosity thing. Those who are easily able to let things go seem to find they have more to give. Plus the moderation stuff - changing 10% is easily achievable and you can keep it up. Lifestyle change is what's needed more than diets!

Christine said...

sorry you were sick, enjoyed your post today, Happy New Year to you all!

Tammie Dickerson said...

Love your holiday snowmen! I made your shortbread cookie recipe again this year - and the family loved it, especially my dad! Wishing you all the best for the new year :)

Tammie Dickerson said...

Love your holiday snowmen! I made your shortbread cookie recipe again this year - and the family loved it, especially my dad! Wishing you all the best for the new year :)

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

Happy New Year Sherrie!
Lovely and thoughtful post...fun header pic...great advice.
So true, there's much to declutter at regular intervals. And what you said about 10% is thought provoking as well.

Silke Powers said...

I'm so sorry you and cupcake were under the weather over the holidays. That's no fun! OMG, I love your art so much! It's happy and fun and makes me smile every time! Please tell cupcake that I think she is simply gorgeous! And it seems extremely lucky on top of it! :) What you say about purging is so true. I am a fan of doing so regularly. I always think our home needs room to breathe and - as you said - it makes room for new things to come into your life. I hope your new year is filled with health and happiness and much love and art! xoxo Silke

peggy gatto said...

Hope you are feeling better!
Love your happy faces!!!!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

My wife and I truly believe and try to live our lives by the same philosophy. We give generously to our church and help charities as well. We purge through our stuff regularly and give it to a local charity that operates a thrift store. We always shop on sales, clearances and even an occasional thrift store. We drive our cars until the wheels fall off. Because of all the latter, we are not in debt and live comfortably and very happily within our means. We do splurge on nice restaurants and other indulgences sometimes, but we plan very carefully to pay it off at the end of the month. We've passed that on to our girls, who are now doing the same as adults. Life is to precious to live in the stress of debt. Happy New Year, my friend!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Fantastic art as always and great advices! Thank you for being such an inspiration always!
Good that you feel better meanwhile !
They are such a wonderful couple- wish the best for them both and their love!


Sue (this n that) said...

Hi there, your art is so colourful and full of fun... so smileworthy!
When we used to travel around Australia in our bus we had the rule, something in then something had to go out. Kind of stuck to that now that we're in our little home, but not really ;D) Your wise words have inspired me to really look in the cupboards. Cheers now !

Granny Annie said...

I loved the questions asked about letting things go and I could ask them of myself after the fact. I have a closet full of old coats that I had planned to donate but never got around to doing it. This week I carried them outside and put them metal boxes for the cats. Now they are tucked in safe from the chilling cold.

You painted snowmen on digital background are my favorites:-)

NatureFootstep said...

love your artwork and the shoes :) I think I want a pair of those.

Lynn Cohen said...

IT's always such a joy to come to your blog. Your kids, are such a handsome couple. I am sorry you and your beautiful daughter were under the weather for Christmas, but glad you were able to enjoy it anyway. Those are very cool looking shoes~ I love your art and your creative lettering! You always have good advice and I appreciate reading every word you write.

I wish you a Happy and Healthy new year. May many good things, tangible and otherwise come your way.

Katie Jeanne said...

OMGOSH..your daughter is so cute!! Love seeing her in the video. So sorry you guys were ill over the holiday. I missed you last week, so glad you're back!! :)

Funny, I'm doing your 10% list already, just didn't realize it..I quit sugar several months ago, and I started out gradually by cutting a bit, then a bit more. I even stopped putting honey in my tea, which is kinda crazy, but it started tasting too sweet to me. I didn't enjoy it anymore. I don't eat in restaurants, ever. I don't eat meat, ever. hm..10% less on my plate..I recently started doing that about 3 weeks ago. I could definitely do better drinking more water, especially in the winter months. 10% less fb is super easy for me..I'm hardly ever there as it is (I try to like and care about fb, but ugh. I don't).

Yup, got this! Sounds like an easy plan when you put it this way. I'm definitely going to remember this, and apply it to other areas of my life where I need it..like maybe 10% less art/work, 10% more life outside the studio. We'll see.

pauline said...

Sorry to hear you were all a bit under the weather over the holidays... :(
I see it hasn't dampened your spirit one bit. Love that about you. There are so many great photos here... the snow, the sky, Cupcake & Beardo. :) And that card you did for your friend Helen who likes hockey - omg, hilarious! I love it. I also love your 10% thing. Yes, sounds like a fine plan to me.Take care my friend, and here's to a healthy 2017 filled with loads of making ART! xo

Neesie said...

I know I'm a little late but I'm hoping you'll forgive me... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU (and Cupcake and Beardo. Loved their video and just perfect with the addition on snow) I hope you are all recovered by now and the new creative plans have already begun.
I'm in favour of the 10% especially 10% less Facebook and 10% more art.
Cupcake certainly seems to be a lucky lady. My daughter would love those Doc Martens. She's bought a pair of black boots not so long ago and loves them.
I have to clear some of my stuff but I thought I'd wait for spring. I'm now thinking after reading your post that I should start right now!
Great art and photo's. Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

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