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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Foot in the bath syndrome!

When my daughter was little I had a huge oval bathtub.
 I would relish any moment I got to spend alone in that
tub. I'd sneak out of the room while Cupcake was 
  engrossed in a television program. She always 
  managed to find me a few moments later.
I have so many art journals I am trying to finish up!
 She would beg to come in the tub with me. Most times
the answer would be yes. On the off time I said no
she'd take one sock off and dangle her foot off the
edge of the tub..... a few moments later she would
take another sock off and dangle the other foot.
My alone time was now defunct as she chattered
away feet dangling in the tub.
Before I knew it she had all her clothes off and
 popped into my bath. She's always known how
to get what she wants!!  This was a constant 
 almost laughable scenario. Until she
 turned about eight and decided SHE
 needed more privacy! Thank goodness. 
  However I was never truly alone in there,
since my two dogs, the hubby and her would
descend on me for some much needed
conversation they felt just couldn't wait!
 What started as baby and me bathing to
save time, turned into a lifetime of bath
Irma relaxing on the couch! A drawing I did ages ago and  just added paint to it!
 To this day I cherish each quiet moment 
of bath time  with such gratitude!
There was quite a stint when  Cupcake
phoned me  without fail, just as my
 butt  hit the water! Of course it was always 
something important! I started taking the phone 
with me during my bath.I swear that girl had
  Tubby time radar just as she did when she was a kid!
  She still does at times!!
I've had more uninterrupted tub  time 
in recent years. However now it's my reading
and writing time that gets interrupted!!
We can spend days together, yet alone
in separate parts of the house doing our
own thing! 

It's probably the only way
 an adult child  could tolerate living with 
a parent. Definitely the only way I could
handle it. I revere my alone time 
and have since early childhood!
Don't get me wrong I am a social
being, but unlike some, I enjoy time
alone to read, think and create!
 Lately Cupcake has had " Foot in the Bath"
syndrome. Every single time I am half way
through reading something on a video,
or  writing a blog post, or doing a digital piece
  Cupcake interrupts me!  It's becoming a 
comedy! I can be  doing something totally 
nonsensical and there is no sigh of her! 
The moment I hanker down to create something 
specific ....oops there she is!
Consequently I have a lot of half finished projects
incomplete writings, and dissipated ideas!
My attempt to fill up four different incomplete art journals!!
Although this is not my best work
as I am furiously trying to complete
about four different sized art journals
and a few blog posts! 
I thought you might enjoy a small
peek in my creative world
where "Foot in Bath syndrome"
has been frequently sabotaging 
 my creative mojo of late!!
  On a side note, Cupcake giggling,
wants me to reiterate how she 
never comes upstairs empty handed,
  usually bringing me a drink or snack
  before asking me to rub a sore
  muscle on the back of her leg!   
 What are some of the craziest interruptions 
you've had sabotaging  your creative time?

To be fair Apparently I have "tell a story when I'm in the bathroom
and can't hear you" syndrome!!  See a pattern here Payback!!  
Insert big loud roaring laughs!
Just preparing her for children!!   


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wonderful story. I think every mom goes through that. LOL. I love your art work and enjoy your blog post so very much.

Valerie-Jael said...

Bathtime is ME time! Cupcake was a determined little girl! Lovely art, as always.Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

BrownPaperBunny said...

What a fun story! I feel that way about my cats....I can't even go to the bathroom without them sticking their little paws under the door and meowing to come in. And we have a daughter on the way in a few weeks...I guess private baths are a thing of the past. ;) Happy PPF!

Clare Lloyd said...

Super art

Sue (this n that) said...

I was about to say how cute your dear (drink or snack bearing) Cupcake is, but actually ... you're both so cute!
Adorable paintings as always. I love your ladies' expressions - they do tell your story so well.
Oh, and I'm totally loving your new header - gorgeous!
Thanks for all those smiles and chuckles as I worked my way down your post.
Happy PPF!

sirkkis said...

Thank you for this fun and fabulous post. I always love your expressive people and animals here. Your style is so unique and creative.
Have great weekend 😃

Susan said...

Great story! My youngest son was a frequent bath visitor...he had a captive audience. Your new header is so "YOU". I think your style has become so familiar that if I saw that somewhere else, I would think of you.
Happy PPF

Linda Kunsman said...

First of all, yet again-I ADORE your new header!!! What a great storyteller you are with all your accompanying art too. Wonderful post Sherrie.

Christine said...

Lovely vibrant art! You and Cupcake are so close, such a wonderful relationship. Thanks for sharing!

Faye said...

I love your art and your stories, Sherrie. You put so much humor, wisdom, and hominess into your blog. I think everyone needs alone time. Some people try to fill up their blank time with busyness because they can't stand inactivity. But I think the human soul needs a time of reflection, peace, and quiet every now and then. I know I certainly do. Thanks for your timely thoughts this week.

SLScheibe said...

Cute story! I always tell my family in advance when I'm heading into the bath so I can sit all alone and read my book. No interruptions unless there's blood. :)

Super cute art! Is the art that you make in an art journal or are these all on canvases? I've often wondered.

Carol Rigby said...

Lovely colourful post yet again. 'Foot in the bath syndrome' Love it!

Gloria J Zucaro said...

I love the new elephant up top! Elephants are currently my 9 year old grandsons favorite animal. Yes, you are right I remember when my children were young, I thought the bathroom was the only place to get away for a few minutes. But 2 year olds especially must interrupt you if you dare to close a door between you and them! I love your colorful people today, you imagination is unique. Have a good week.

Studio Kaufmann said...

I enjoy being alone but I think it is because I am used to it from being an only child, even though I did have a lot of imaginary friends. I used to have baths a lot when I lived in UK because it is so cold but not so much here in USA. We have a jacuzzi bathtub but it takes too long to fill it up!
Happy PPF

carol l mckenna said...

Another great header created ~ your artwork is so happy and colorful ~ you add delight to my day ~ thanks,

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

carol l mckenna said...

Yet another greater header ~ so whimsical, creative and colorful ~ lovely creative work brings delight into my day ~ thanks,

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

Jan said...

Fun and beautifully colored art!!!
I love the story of your daughter, hubby and the dogs :D

Happy PPF

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

LOL! The wonders of being a loving parent. My wife, as the female primary caregiver, had a lot more interruptions from our girls than I did. However, I had my share of them too. My studio has been my haven for years, because that's where I read, study, meditate, write, and create. Therefore, my girls new exactly where to find me when they needed something. I even remember them setting up their "work" are under my drafting table when they were very little. I miss those days, now that they're on their own. Blessings, my friend!

denthe said...

Oh, I can very much relate to that! I really need time for myself every now and then, and get especially frustrated when I'm interrupted while making art. That's why in school holidays and weekends I hardly get anything done art wise. I just love the characters in your digital pieces. So fun!

Tracy said...

Oh yes, that "I'll just sneak a few moments to myself" time is usually interrupted! I have to admit that I ignore the phone - we have a machine to answer that! - and lock the bathroom door, so I can have a little bit of control over the interruptions. Although, apparently, I am good at interrupting my daughter in her reading when "it was just getting good." Oh, well.

peggy gatto said...

You are such fun!!! Love Brody from last week too!!

Tammie Dickerson said...

So sweet! At least she brings gifts! Perhaps my craziest interruption was the time I was painting in a very remote cornfield, at the rugged edge of a steep creek, when a large snake slithered up the bank and within a foot easel as I painted! I am not afraid of snakes, but when he would not scare off, I froze and let him pass me. Then, I heard another one coming up the bank....and I packed up and hiked back to the car!! I draw the line at TWO SNAKES!! :)

sheila 77 said...

Great bath stories and we don't get many of those.
Your new header is magnificent with all the colours, but I am wondering why the elephant looks so sad. I think he is getting some counselling from the little bird and the other four birds are discussing how to cheer him up.
Your last piece is so true and compassionate. The lady with the stick looks very young (no wrinkles) so hopefully she will get better soon and will have compassion for slow and old people.

kat said...

It's been great browsing through your posts and catching up with all your fabulous art and stories! That precious alone time is so good. I'm really careful about making my creative moments special and with no interruptions possible, usually Lulu is either in bed sleeping or at her grandparents and the men of the house know well to leave me alone when I have my peaceful, creative times. I like your funny stories and the way you tell them make me smile, Cupcake and you sound like you are so close, that is precious!

stefanie stark said...

Wow, I LOVE your new colorful blog header! It makes me laugh and it makes me feel happy as well as the lovely story about your daughter and your "private tubb time" :) It's phantastic how you have illustrated this blogpost!

NatashaMay said...

Loved reading this. :) It's usually meditation that gets sabotaged for me. If it's not the baby waking up then it's the cats meowing wanting something and irritating me.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a fun story!
Adorable art and post as always dear Sherrie!
oxo Susi

Mona Pendleton said...

Always a pleasure to visit your blog Giggles! I enjoyed your story and all the fun and colorful artwork! Happy PPF :)

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What wonderful art! I too cherish quiet time. It's lovely how you express yourself so beautifully.

Serena Lewis said...

Loved your art in this post and also the story you told....ah yes, the joys of motherhood. It was certainly hard to find some 'me' time with five kids when they were growing up. There was always one wanting to chat with me. haha My alone time was mostly in the evenings after they'd all gone off to bed. Happy PPF!

Have a lovely week ~ :)

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