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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mothers Wedding gift

Painted an old summer sketch, mounted digitally on a painted acrylic background!
Once divorced my grandmother took her two young girls
to live a province away from their father! A brave feat back
   in her day!  Years later my mother masqueraded as a young 
 woman from a good family.
 She dressed to perfection and held the highest
  ethic in every way! Behind closed doors, her mother
  on many occasions, berated and demeaned her during
her  alcoholic rants! Still mom held her head high!
Sketches done in the summer, painted this week and added a digital background!
Growing up mom heard disparaging remarks
  about her father. He was no fiscal help, and
 one Christmas the girls shared an orange as 
their only gift! Most days there was little to eat, 
but my Nana was a gifted cook who could 
make something from nothing!
Another of the unfinished sketches done in the summer... added  a digital background
 For years Mother had terrible resentment against her
 father! Curious at thirteen, my aunt demanded to 
see him. At seventeen mom begrudgingly accompanied
her younger sibling by train to visit their dad. 
Birds trippin

Even after that visit mom still did not warm
to her father! She was angry her little
sister had  gone without. Angry he 
made no  effort  towards them! 
 While his step daughter
 had all her needs met and more.

Birds in the corner
Vowing never to marry, mom met a kindhearted,
fun, fabulous dancer. She fell passionately in
love and married my father in her early twenties.
  My grandfather finally acknowledged her with
a beautiful wedding  gift. A full bedroom suite!
  It opened the door to a new relationship with his
  his estranged daughter!       
As mother rekindled a relationship with her 
dad she found so much of what her mother
had said  untrue. My grandpa was a gentle
kind loving man. He was a talented fiddler 
and woodworker and very funny! Everyone
loved him. He had a big generous kind
heart and in fact gave so much credit to
those in need that he lost his corner store!
Photo Credit Cupcake
Over the years mom had a better long
term relationship with her dad than she
ever had with her mom! She learned his
language which her sister never spoke.
  I only remember him as a loving jolly generous 
wise grandpa who always gave us kids hugs
 quarters and giggles! I loved his European
 accent and can be known to mimic it to this day!

I loved his visits, Mom was always so happy
 when he came to town! They'd talk into
 the wee hours, many nights in a row!
 My aunt  complained that grandpa wasn't
 getting enough rest! To which mom would retort,
"He'll sleep when he's dead!"
Photo Credit Cupcake
Mom held a lot of guilt about the anger
 she felt towards him as a child. She was 
 broken when he passed!
Sanded off layers of white, pink, orange, brown, and purple then primed and repainted!
When I was a little girl my father cut 
up the vanity table from their wedding
suite to make me two side tables.
For the past fourty four years I have
carted those side tables around with
me to every house I've lived in!
 72 year old piece! Once used as childhood bedside tables, New hardware and paint job....

They have been multiple colours over 
the years to match each home decor. The 
last few years I considered replacing 
them.  Even wondering why I
kept them so long. They were such
an integral part of my childhood.
With my parents having  passed
so young I think it may have been
a way to keep a part of them with
 Before, painted purple for 15 years.....painted tray on top for a larger surface.
The mere suggestion that I replace
  them with something more current 
was rebuked by both kids! Who instead
of covering them  with another layer of paint
took them down to bare wood and
repainted them yellow!
Refreshed Family room side table repainted yellow, eventually we'll get a black couch. 
We all carry many layers, some less flattering 
than others! We can't just sand them off, or
paint them over! We can however refresh our
 attitude and perspective. Once my grandfather
made an effort to acknowledge his daughter
she was able to forgive him!
That forgiveness bought her more years of joy
than her childhood pain! For mom it was so worth it!
For us kids too!  
My two favourites dressed in green for Saint Patrick's day last week!
 Do you carry things around you 
should have left behind years ago?


Jan said...

Your art is happy and colorful...you photos wonderful and though this story you have shared takes many twists and turns, you seem like a happy person and I am happy for you.
Please keep smiling and keep painting...I adore your art~

Happy PPF!!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Good story,, fun art and love the remakes!Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

sirkkis said...

Thank you for a great story which have a happy end.
Love this post, Giggles and hope that you all have a wonderful time.
Happy PPF, too xx
P.S. your link there does not work.

Granny Annie said...

There are two sides to every story. You have shown that here in your excellent telling. Love the story and love the illustrations you have shown with it. I have too many things that I carry around with me and wonder how I will ever get rid of them.

Jenn Jilks said...

Amazing post.
Your art is inspiring.
Yes, I was adopted.

Susan said...

So many layers...and you have said it and illustrated it just beautifully. Happy PPF

inkslinger said...

Wonderful artwork and very thought provoking words. I think we all carry around baggage we would be better off without, but lots of folk find letting go so very difficult. I try not to carry unwanted burdens, and go with the flow of life whenever possible.

Linda Kunsman said...

what a story entwined with your wonderful art! I have learned to NOT carry things since I was young, and I think that was what gave me the strength and courage to get through the difficult times. Of course, my friends always lifted me up too:)

Carol said...

Love the art and your family story is touching. I have furniture from my grandparents too and wouldn't give it up for anything. ♥

Christine said...

Wonderful life story Giggles, I would keep those tables I would. I couldn't pull up your PPF link fyi.

Katie Jeanne said...

Another thought provoking post you have written. The yellow side table is so suitable for your home and matches your personality well.

Christine said...

Oh found your corrected link now.

Lucy said...

just love and moved how you used the layers of paint to coincide with the layers in a relationship. those little tables are just precious and you should DEF not part with them. YOUR mom ( in many of your beautiful stories about her) was a strong lady and I am so so glad that she came to know her true dad.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I find it very interesting to hear the stories of our elder's lives. Thanks for sharing yours and your beautiful art. Have a great weekend.

Janet said...

I have a small oak china cabinet that belonged to my maternal grandmother. I have carted it from Illinois to California, kept it in storage for almost 10 years, and now have it in the upstairs hallway of my home. But I recently decided to donate it because it really doesn't fit in my home and I'm only keeping it for sentimental reasons. I love your bright yellow end tables, and the story of your mom and her parents was very interesting. I look forward each week to your posts.

Sue (this n that) said...

Such a lovely family story, it's so easy for misunderstandings and mis-directions to occur in families isn't it. I'm really glad that, in the end, the happiness more than compensated for the sadness.
Your artworks are gorgeous Giggles, all throughout this post... and Cupcake's photos are great too.
I love your side table and can certainly understand your emotional attachment to it. It's many colours have been sweet too :D)

Faye said...

Interesting post, Sherrie. the longer I live the more surprised I am at what other people have endured. I thought everyone lived the blah, ordinary life I have lived. No one ever divorced till my generation, and one of my sisters did. Everyone was expected to have respect for the elders and to get punished if we had physical fights with kid sisters. We had very little luxuries and had to work in the fields every day in summer. Christmas was usually a stocking with an orange, an apple, and some raisins and a few nuts. Gifts were usually undies and one nice gift like a doll. All my uncles along with my dad would have rather died than strike a woman or cheat on her. I guess I have lived a more blessed life than I ever imagined. I really think that being people whose lived centered around the church and following the golden rule made all the difference in the world.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Beautifully healing and touching post. Thank you for sharing!

Lynn Cohen said...

You are such a story teller, as I hang on every word, every twist and turn of your true life stories. You are right, we are all made up of layers of life experiences that effect who we were, and who we became. I love that you kept the dressing table drawers and even your daughter helps in bringing them to life anew, with fresh layers of paint! Your art just adds more life to the stories! Glad for the happy grandpa ending. Wondering where he came from, which country/accent! Love the beard.

riitta k said...

What a touching story, sad but in the end comforting & happy. To forgive isn't easy, but if you succeed it takes away the anxiety and releases energy. Yellow goes so well to your bed side tables! Happy Sunday!

Tammie Dickerson said...

What a wonderful tribute to the evolution of a treasured relationship! Love your sparkly birds, too!! Have a great week!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I'm glad she came to have such a good relationship with her father. I definitely keep stuff with me, but I think it's good you've kept and redecorated the pieces. I think the past can be beautiful.

denthe said...

You seem to have been in a mood for coffee last summer ;-) Love your colourful "sketches"! I'm so glad your kids made you keep that side table. Are that drawers in there? I'm having a real hard time letting go of things that my dad made. Even if I have no use for them anymore. I always think it's terrible when parents get divorced and tell their children bad things or even lies about the other parent. That must be so hard on the kids, because they're usually loyal to both parents. I'm happy that your granddad and your mom found each other again and were able to make amends.

Kate Robertson said...


I love the coffee woman. You art continues to make me smile.


Laney said...

What a lovely story! And lovely colorful art, too. You have such a great style. Hope you have a great week!

Karla B said...

Powerful post my friend. Love your colorful art!Life is strange huh but I do think that the best thinh we can do is to forget.Hope you have a magical week my friend!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I totally agree with your statement about forgiveness and living with a refreshed and new perspective. Living in the past and with resentments can only weigh you down. Blessings, my friend, and thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Tammie Lee said...

Such a wonderful story. Although I am sure the painful times were not fun at all. I wish divorced parents would be careful how they speak about their X in front of their children. I guess there pain is bigger than their wisdom. So charming how you illustrated this family history!

Thank you for your lovely blog visit and your kind messages.

NatureFootstep said...

a wonderful post and artwork.

A lesson learned. Deside for yourself!

Nordljus said...

I love all your characters! They certainly seem to enjoy their coffee. And that side table looks gorgeous! How wonderful that it accompanied you for so many years.

JKW said...

Amazing story. . lessons learned and you are wise enough to share. Your paintings are always fun and colorful and feels good. Love your daughter and hubby picture. I have one or two items of mom and my grandmothers furniture and it is a great feeling b/c when I look at the pieces I think of them. Blessings, Janet

Studio Kaufmann said...

Thanks so much for your story. Yes I have a similar one. I was estranged from my father to some extent as a child and my mom never stopped berating him but when I got older we became better friends.

Joy Murray said...

I so enjoy seeing these bright paintings and hearing your story. We are like a collage of all our family stories and your post expresses that so well.

Renee Dowling said...

You are very good at showing emotions in your art. Once again, your post is heartfelt and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

Ilona Heimböckel said...

I'm visiting your blog via Facebook, where I get in touch with artsy people mostly…
This is the second post I read today, the first was "I cry more now" - your words hit something in me always. I should come here more often and get my own thoughts recognized in your writing <3
I really miss the contact through blogging, but my work and other occupations make it difficult. But of course it is a choice.

Have you published your first book already? I would love to know, when you do!!!

Wishing you all the best!
Hugs from Ilona

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