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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Luckiest Mom

  Paint Party Friday

 This is how my children make me feel!!
Oh what a week this has been! To my surprise, for Mothers Day and
 my upcoming birthday the kids decided to paint my bedroom and
  all the furniture! Imagine the excitement and upheaval that caused!!
I was amazed at how after seven years of the kids nagging me 
to choose a colour. This blog post orchestrated  a conclusion 
and a solid choice was made!  My version of a neutral, dark teal,
already painted throughout my loft and hallway!
Afraid I may change my mind the kids rushed to get the
room started!! Giving me the respect of changing my 
mind waited until  preparations were done before grabbing
 the paint! I assured them Adriatic Sea was the colour, 
still they asked several times!  I'm truly impassioned 
about colour so a final decision never comes lightly! 
Digital card with  bits of my older paintings used for my nieces card!!
 Very particular when making decisions. I always start with my 
favourite colours in the moment! In this case every choice seemed
 to have some sort of deterrent! First it must  withstand the test of 
time since I no longer have the capacity to paint my own walls.
The work needs to be done by others. So many deciding factors,
 yet it was in front my nose the whole time! The colour
that I stare at daily! It was too obvious to acknowledge!!
The mirror has been removed so Beardo can mount my tv in this dresser!
As my room was being painted it forced me to reevaluate what to 
keep and toss!! A few emotional moments occurred while reading
  through several old bits of writing! I'm being very selective about
 what stays and what goes into my renewed space!
Now loving my old highboy dresser!!
The majority of the walls upstairs in the loft and hallways 
all match my room with Benjamin Moore  Adriatic sea
  paint! What a glorious surprise the first morning sun shone 
in my room elevating the colour to a new daytime beauty!
With different lighting it changes to a rich jewel tone!
Where as the loft stays darker receiving light in a 
different way! It's been such a thrill to enjoy the new
walls even with the room incomplete.

This old Highboy dresser has gone from eyesore to cutie patootie!!
 I'm going completely out of my box to have crispy
 white curtains not yet purchased!! Totally unusual for 
me.  I have always veered far away from beige
or white in decorating, except  for appliances
and bathroom fixtures! However  I have a revered 
white pitcher for flowers  that is a favourite!
Plain appliances are the only way to go since
 the harvest gold debacle of the seventies!
Which took me only a year or two to regret!!
Now the thought of white, suggested by Cupcake,
excites me!! Even though some apple green ones 
tried to naughtily entice me!! White is my new 
joy and will enhance the room and my spirit!
  Just a sneak peek Benjamin Moore Adriatic sea colour! 
Here is a sneak peek at the colour, which in actuality  is  
prettier  and brighter in person. Cupcake tried her best to 
capture the  shade to share with you!  My kingsize bed 
is in the midst of being painted!!  Cupcakes extreme
 allergy outbreak during sanding is making for a slower
 completion than predicted! However it's amazing to wake
  up in a new room! Admittedly I am spending more
time than normal there  because I'm so in awe of the
 I can't even express how grateful
I feel to have such amazing kids!!  
Last week these two  enjoyed their
Christmas and birthday gift concerts!
Three in a row all in the same week,
and still made time to paint too!
The kids met a punk Legend Chi Pig at  Me First and the gimme gimmes concert!
I love "Me first and the gimme gimmes"...they take songs of 
old and make them New and fun!! Interesting how this old guy
has never deflected from what he loves even when so many
outgrow certain music tastes! Not hard to see he's an artist too!
So glad my kids have such eclectic artistic tastes!! It keeps 
me current and open to all things new! 
Cupcakes favourite  exercise as a child and still is!!

I am truly blessed to have a daughter who treats me with
such love and respect! A woman who cherishes the value 
of a dollar, knows how to appreciate what she has, and 
enhance it! A woman who knows how to find joy in 
simple silly moments like getting a photo taken on a
huge costco chair!!

  I was so blessed the day she brought Beardo 
home to join our life! He has  treated me 
with love and respect from the beginning and 
continues to do so daily! By all accounts  
he is my child too!! Having this wonderful 
couple in my life, making sure I'm comfortable
and well taken care of makes me the 
Luckiest mom ever!! These two bring
me love, joy and laughter daily, as 
my two best friends!! Thanks guys 
for all the amazing things you do for me!
I love you both more than you will ever know!
I LOVE my new room too!! 
I hope you have a blast at Mumford &  Sons, and  U2 this week!

What is right in your face that you need to 
change but haven't in way too long?

Would people recognize that you're an
artist by the way you present yourself 
to the world?

Thanks for all the amazing meaty comments last week! Every word
is revered and often sparks new posts! Happy Mothers day to 
all women who make a difference in the world as caregivers to all!
Whether you're a mother to children, parents, friends or animals you 
are to be loved and respected for your dedicated effort and  sacrifice!! 
Appreciate the beauty that is you!! 
Do something wonderful and special for yourself, you deserve it!!
Love Sherrie 


riitta k said...

Motherhood is tough sometimes :) I love the interpretation how you feel! Paint makes wonders. Happy Mother's Day & Birthday!

Clare Lloyd said...

Great, love the dresser

Valerie-Jael said...

Love how the furniture looks after the makeover. You have a wonderful family, enjoy! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie


I absolutely love the relationship you have with Cupcake and Beardo - the love just shines through from ever word you type. As for your room - I love that colour, it's beautiful and your furniture - wow, what an amazing difference the paint has made!! I love the funky handles and it's really given your furniture a whole new lease of life! I hope you'll post some photos when it's all finished!

sirkkis said...

You got a great loving present from your lovelies. You must be a happy mother with them.
Have a happy Mothers Day and congratulations on the Birth day xx

denthe said...

what a transformation Sherrie! I always find it fascinating to see how a simple lick of paint can change something so much. Your furniture is looking so fresh and crispy now. I think the colour choices were perfect. So sweet of Cupcake and Beardo to do that for you, you are blessed having these two (and I'm sure they are blessed having you too!) Enjoy your new room! Hugs ♥

John R said...

Wonderful post. Being a parent can be hard work, but it does have it's rewards, too. Sounds like you have a 'second-to-none' relationship with Cupcake and Beardo. Your furniture looks awesome and your artwork is so creative. They'll have a great time at the U2 gig. I saw them back in day. One of the best gigs I ever went to.

Linda Kunsman said...

First of all I love how Cupcake's top matches the new -and fabulous!!! painted walls. Very dramatic, and the new white furniture just goes so well with it too. My hubby is such a naturalist where wood is concerned so he'd totally freak if I covered anything with paint. Really lovely Mother's Day/ birthday gifts for you! And how wonderful to have the varied talents under one roof. Wishing you a very happy Mother's Day and birthday and sending hugs from afar! Happy PPF too!

Christine said...

Happy Mother's Day great job on the furniture repaint!

Susan said...

Your "new room" is wonderful and proof of what a coat of paint can do. You are reeping the rewards of seeds planted many years ago. Happy Mother's Day and Happy PPF

SLScheibe said...

You're very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter and SIL! I think they did an amazing job on your furniture. What a huge difference! It looks soooo good now. Happy Mother's Day weekend :)

DUTA said...

Your after makeover furniture looks superb. Kudos to your daughter and SIL for their great work!

Faye said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sherrie. Your kids sound so solid, confident, and caring. I love the color of your new bedroom paint job. Wow! To wake up and seeing that each morning must be wonderful. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Be careful if you wander into the countryside. I hear ticks are everywhere now.

Irene Rafael said...

Wow! What a gift. I love the change but most of all how loved you are. Nothing could be better than your child's love coming back to you. It is a reflection of the mother you are. Congratulations and happy Mother's Day!
~~ Irene

Tammie Lee said...

I am so happy for you and all the love you share with them!
Wow, a make over! Lucky you!

Your art is charming and a joy to see.
Happy Birthday to you!

artbyjune said...

The furniture looks great. Fresh and new! Lucky you. A great mother's day gift.

Gillena Cox said...

What an absolutely awesome post. Happy Mother's Day.
My granddaughter four years old Luvs bouncy castles.

Happy you dropped by my blog this week

Much love...

Viola said...

Such a great post, flowing love and warmth! I am so happy for you!
Your furniture was transformed into the most beautiful! I love the Adriatic color! And white curtains and flowers will make the eye rest, I think.
You have great kids! :) ♡

Viola said...

and a happy birthday to you! ")

carol l mckenna said...

What wonderful adult children ~ such a gift and then to paint your room ~ they are talented like you ~ Happy Mother's Day ~ thanks for coming by ~ ^_^

Happy Mother's Day ~ ^_^

DVArtist said...

First happy birthday and happy mothers day. Over the years of reading your blog I have seen how much you care, love, give, and hope. You are so lucky to have kids who are the same. Who feel that life is a place of fulfillment. I know you cherish every moment.

Claudia W | ImagesByCW said...

Such a genuinely beautiful and happy post! Thank you for sharing your happiness with us, it is infectious - in a good way, of course. I honestly am not a 'blue person' even though I love the ocean so, so much, but - I do love color.a.lot. I can imagine how hard it was to make the color decision, and that you are loving the new room.
To answer one of your questions: I don't think the world would recognize me as an artist (as I also have a day job), however, my hairdresser noted that my latest choice of hair color was brought by my inner artist (you may see a rare pic of me here: http://www.imagesbycw.com/fascinating-world-of-whimsical-2/

Laney said...

Oh I love the blue walls and the white furniture - gorgeous makeover in the works! I also love reading about the love in your family. Happy Mother's Day!

NatureFootstep said...

love the first image. Wish everyone would agree.

Lisabella Russo said...

Happy Mother's Day! What wonderful family you have in your life.

froebelsternchen said...

Fantastic art and the furniture looks amazing again now and you can really be proud of your lovely family!

sheila 77 said...

Isn't it great when we paint a room and it looks so different and we wonder why it took us so long to get it done. I love the way you have painted the dark furniture; I think many of us used to like the dark furniture but now we want it light and bright. That's a great colour in your room. Top marks to Cupcake and Beardo,
It's funny the way some artists present themselves. Some dress like artists and others look really dowdy even although their art is colourful.
Enjoy your new room!

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