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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Happy Canada Day 150 years!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian Friends!

This year in particular I'm feeling so blessed to have
been born in this beautiful rich Country!

Again I reworked old characters to celebrate this momentous occasion!!

A prouder Canadian, I could not be
I wave the flag, in front of me
A liberal land, freely diverse
Varied languages to converse
Countless cultures of every race
Amicably exist in once place

Written by Happy Tiler


Valerie-Jael said...

Happy Canada Day, hugs, Valerie

Jennifer McLean said...

I love your celebration of our country's birthday! I have to paint a flag or something to celebrate! Happy 150th!

Susan said...

Wishing you a Happy Canada Day! My husband's birthplace so we have spent a couple of weeks out of almost every year of our marriage exploring your beautiful country. The people are wonderful and as we age we appreciate that we feel very safe out and about. This is a beautiful portrayal of the citizenry. Happy PPF

Christine said...

Wonderful tribute! Happy 150 years!

Faye said...

Happy Canada Day!

denthe said...

Oh, these celebrations of Canada are so cute! love your three happy women, and all the diversity shown in your other piece. Canada is on my list of countries I'd like to visit! Happy celebrations!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Have a fun and safe Canada day.

Christine said...

Happy Canada Day Giggles, here's my Canada 150 flag that I posted today http://cmlk79.blogspot.ca/2017/07/canada-150.html

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