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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Who knows you?

Who really knows you? It's interesting how many people 
we can talk to over the course of a lifetime, some never
 really know us! They may think they do, but never seem 
to inquire about  anything of substance! 
So how can they truly know us?
I recently surprised my  goddesses friends by showing up 
unexpectedly at their morning breakfast soiree! I was a little
 verklempt on my country drive at the prospect of seeing 
them all! The joy and love on their faces was beyond 
what I could have imagined! It warmed my heart so much!
My mobility often makes it difficult to get around the
 way I used to! This one Sunday everything aligned
 perfectly so I showed up!  I felt loved and welcomed, 
it was as though we hadn't missed a beat!
 It was wonderful to see all my friends of over three decades!
  They know me, and I like to think I know them!
   We're all so interested in hearing the  details of each others
  lives! The goofy parts about aging as well as the
as the  blunders and joys that we experience! It's
always such an authentic loving group with an 
amazing life long bond whether we show up or not!
Then there are the phone calls with relatives, and
although you speak for a long stretch of time
 they never  inquire about your life! You hang 
up slightly perplexed, left wondering if you even
matter to them.
I have known some extended family for over 
twenty years, they  still don't know our
story. They never even asked the basic
 daily questions for conversation!
Funny thing is, a lot of Beardos large
 family doesn't  know him either!! 
Many have never heard  the music
 he's written, they have no idea how
  many instruments he can  play.
They've no  idea his other extensive talents either!!
They haven't a clue what his interests are,
 or what his opinions are! He is
a bit reserved and  unlikely to tell
 you much if you aren't interested enough to  ask.

Truthfully I prefer those types of people don't
know our story anyway! However I find
it interesting that they've never attempted
to find out more about us! Or to 
build an intimate relationship that's
more than one sided. Especially
after years of being around them!
  We know every intimate part of their
stories in detail!
Recently Gypsy goddess sent a very
old friend a special poem she had written for her.
Something she had never done before.
Her friend responded by sending her back
  a photo of a gorgeous painting she had painted. 
Neither had known each others 
special talents all these years!!

Here are my questions to you! 
Who truly knows your authentic self? 
Who in your circle do you need to know better?
Are you asking the right questions?
Who do you wish knew you better?


Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely shoe paintings. Not many people really know me, and I am quite happy that it is so! Happy PPF, Hugs, Valerie

Susan said...

Such delightful shoes! And another thought provoking post. Nothing is better than time with "old" friends.
They remember the kid in us and we remember their "kid". Tme together feeds our souls. Happy PPF

Faye said...

I loved the quotes as well as your quirky shoes this week, Sherrie. I have kept up with friends from elementary school (75+ years) although we don't see each other. The internet is really good for this. My family reaches from coast to coast, literally. I wish some of my closest relatives wanted to tell me about their lives, but they are very closed in that respect. I keep sharing with them what i am doing.

Linda Kunsman said...

I was going to email you if you didn't show up for the Friday party. Wonderful post! I love your shoes and the quotes are awesome too.Hubby and I have family like Beardo's, but we cherish the few who really do care, and count our friends (who have been dear friends mostly over 30 years too) amongst those who care and know us best and vice versa. Happy weekend and happy PPF too! True friends are THE best!~

artbyjune said...

Beautiful and stylish shoes!

denthe said...

I enjoy your shoes and of course the quotes that go with them. I often wonder how come that (some) people seem so indifferent to each other's stories. Maybe they already have too much going on in their lives, maybe they want to keep things simple and on the surface, maybe they feel they are being nosy, ... There can be so many reasons why people don't ask more "intimate" questions. And of course it can also be that they're simply not interested. I think most people only have a few very close friends that know them well ...

Christine said...

Fun shoe art! I am a private person so maybe only a few really know me.

carol l mckenna said...

Came to see your lovely and colorful creations and got wonderful inspiring quotes too!

Gillena Cox said...

Art to delight (im a shoe junkie), and to ponder. Happy you dropped by my blog Giggles

much love...

Irene Rafael said...

I am glad to hear that you felt up to giving to see your Goddess friends this week. Gatherings with those who really know you can fill your heart for a long time. I am lucky enough to have my core family and blessed with long time friends who know me. I was a therapist in a previous lifetime and love to hear people's stories. Your shoes are delightful!
~~ Irene

SLScheibe said...

I love shoe art; I even collect it! So it was a joy to see your fun and whimsical shoes! I'm pretty quiet in person, an introvert so I'm shy talking to people and asking questions but there are a few who know me well and I treasure them :)

NatureFootstep said...

relations is a hard thing. I can relate to what you re saying :)

Mandy said...

greta post...I have people like that in my life too, and then those unexpected friendships that happen, where someone really cares enough about you to KNOW YOU...love your little saying on your art...xx

pauline said...

Aw....love this post Sherrie. Love the shoe art (aren't shoes fun to paint?) and the whole "who knows me?" question. I tend to think that we don't ever know anyone completely, nor does anyone know us. We only know about others what they choose to share of themselves. And some people prefer to keep part of themselves hidden from the world - for whatever reason. Maybe it feels safer for them? Maybe they're afraid of rejection? Or feeling too vulnerable if they put ALL of themselves "out there"? I've had a few people who have known (or know) "my authentic self" and still like me. :) Those are the relationships I carry close to my heart. xo

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